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Chapter 13-Best Friends?

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Kristina's in for a shock...

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One day before the all-important school dance...

It was Thursday, and Alicia was still sick. At this rate, she's not going to be able to make it for the dance tomorrow. I thought she might appreciate it if I went down to visit her. So after school, I got off at her bus stop instead of mine, in my hand homework papers for the past two weeks. My mother wouldn't mind me going if it was just to drop off homework. In fact, yesterday, she was the one who suggested I should do this. I knocked on the front door. Mrs. Mayer's slightly plump figure answered the door.

"Hello Kristina!" she said in her cheerful voice.

I smiled, "Hi Mrs. Mayer, can I go see Alicia?"

"Of course, sweetie, you know where her room is."

I nodded and made my way to Alicia's pink-walled room. She was in bed, watching television when I stepped in. I thought I would never live to see a day when Alicia wasn't pretty but she looked horrible. Her nose was bright red, her eyes were glazed, her hair was all over the place, and her mouth was turned into an ugly scowl.

"Hey Alicia, I brought you homework! You missed a lot!" I tried to smile but it was hard with all the dirty looks she was throwing.

"Good to know you remember my name," she said unpleasantly.

I cocked my head, "What are you talking about? You're my best friend, of course I remember your name,"

"Oh, oh...don't give me the best friend thing. I've been suffering for two weeks now and you didn't even care! You didn't even think of dropping by until now, and for homework! If you were my best friend, you would've cared enough to call and check if I was okay. But /no/, you were too busy with your new boyfriend weren't you? So busy that you forgot all about me!" her whole face was red now.

"Alicia, of course I didn't forget you...I'm grounded because I was playing soccer instead of getting a job, I couldn't come to visit you or call you or /anything/."

"So you can sneak out to see some stupid concert with a guy that used to be your worst enemy until last week but you can't sneak out to see your best friend?"

My jaw dropped. How does she know everything? "I'm sorry Alicia, it's just that I didn't...I didn't..." I had no excuse. I completely forgot about her.

"Get out, Fink," she said coldly.

"Oh come on, I-" I started.

"GET OUT!" she yelled.

I gave her one last look and then turned to leave, feeling like a total bitch. She's right...I'm a terrible best friend.


I lay in bed guiltily. I had two choices. One, get up now and sneak out to the dance with Pete. Or two, stay at home and think of a way to make Alicia forgive me. Despite how much I hated myself for thinking this, I wanted the first one so badly. Without feeling any less guilty I got up and went to the closet to pick out something to wear.


Author's note:

This story is almost over, I've planned out the ending and everything. I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE who reads my stories. Esp. MidnightBlue, Jill, Bev, miss_pretty, kissbetweenstars, jewsicax, fobgal1,and dflip07 who reviewed most of my chapters! If I left you out, please let me know, you will get a special mention. I love reading your reviews, they really do make my day. I know I've said all this before but I just feel like I need to repeat it. I less than 3 you guys!
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