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You're Pulling The Trigger

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“Someone’s gonna die tonight… you’d better choose wisely.”

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Welcome to The Sharpest Lives.

The first part is here:


Title from "Time To Dance" - Panic! At The Disco

Frank’s gloved fingers gripped the cement ledge as he precariously hung from the edge of the hotel building just above the first floor, his black and red sneakers scratching against the wall as he struggled to keep his hold.
Scanning the street beneath him, he licked his lips hungrily.
“Time to get me my man back…” he giggled, finally spotting his target down below in the crowd of people entering the hotel.
So he jumped 10 feet down to the sidewalk below. He felt nothing but the pairs of eyes all suddenly on him, ignoring the jolting shock through his legs.
He landed in a crouched position; one hand splayed on the pavement, the other reaching out toward his prey as he stood, beckoning the man closer.
“Oh, Gee-baby…” he sang, walking toward the person.
The man appeared to only be a few years older than Frank, his just as thin, but strong form a good 3 inches taller. A black leather blazer fit loosely over his shoulders, unzipped halfway to reveal a worn, one size too small Anthrax shirt.
“Don’t you remember, baby? All those nights you’d tell me that I was the only one and you’d never leave me? Well look where it fucking ended up,” Frank growled, shoving Gerard back to the glass doors, “Someone’s gonna die tonight… you’d better choose wisely.”
Gerard’s eyes widened as Frank reached into his jacket, the sound of a gun being cocked reaching their ears. He pulled out the weapon and pressed it to Gerard’s mouth tilted downward.
The gunshot sounded out around the streets, echoing off the buildings and windows; the whole of New York must have heard it.
Gerard slumped to the ground, crimson dripping from his shattered jaw, splattered on his dyed black hair. Blood smeared behind his head on the glass as he slid down.
“Oh no, you’re not getting away that easy,” Frank said, blocking out the terrified screams from behind him as he dragged Gerard’s body into the hotel.
As soon as they were inside he pressed Gerard back up against the wall.
“…liar…” he whispered in his ear.
Gerard reached beside him, ripping out a foot long metal pole from the stair banister. He pushed it halfway through Frank’s middle. Frank stumbled backwards long enough for Gerard to stagger to the other side of the lobby only to fall against the opposite wall.
Frank laughed, descending from light giggling to almost maniacal laughter, not bothering to remove the post as he limped to Gerard, blood flecking his lips.
“Wh-Who are you?” Gerard sneered, his broken jaw slurring his words and resting almost on his neck.
“I’m yours…” Frank answered, his breath shallower.
“You’re not the Frank I used to know…” Gerard said, standing up shakily and turning around so Frank was against the wall. Gripping the pole in Frank’s stomach, he kissed him forcefully, slamming the object the rest of the way through so the other end came out of his back, more blood spilling from the wound.
Frank made a choking noise into Gerard’s lips, clutching instinctively at his bloody, impaled torso, giving up after a moment and kissing back just as roughly. He gasped and pulled away from Gerard, his mouth smeared red.
“Good ch-choice G-Gerard…” he whispered, smiling for a second before falling forward into the man’s arms, liquid leaking out onto Gerard’s chest and shirt, “I kn-knew you could d-do it…”
His eyes were milky and blank, staring up at Gerard as he took his last breath.
Gerard glanced around the room, the puddles of blood around him swimming in his vision, tunnels of black invading his eyes.
The police were outside the hotel coming in.
Gerard choked on the fluid from his mouth, sharp teeth cutting into his jaw as he collapsed on shaky feet.
Everything went black.
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