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Fixing this needle can't be wrong

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When i got to the bus stop i noticed the same boy I'd spoken to earlier was there. I think his name was Mikey or something? Anyways, i smiled as i passed him and he shiftily looked away. I think his brother might have had something to do with that. I shrugged and walked to the other end of the bus station to sit down. I stared at the other side of the street and watched everyone go home and watched people getting lifts to the diner and stuff. Suddenly i felt an arm round my waist. I stood up and turned round to see Gary. I sighed. What about earlier didn't he get. He looked at me all innocent and said, "Thought you had plans with the girls." I moved back from him and looked up at him. God he was tall. I'd never really relized how tall.
"Yeah well i haven't anymore." I lied quickly. He looked at me wierdly.
"Thats not what Candy told me...." He said, "she said you had no plans. I think your just trying to avoid me and i want to know why?" I walked around him so i could see the road incase my bus came.
"It's see Gary..i don't really like you anymore! I want to break up.." I trailed off when i saw the look in his eyes. I could tell he was mad. More then mad. I could tell he was livid.
"Who is he?!?" He shouted. I looked at him in puzzlement.
"Who's who Gary?" I asked started to get a bit scared. He stared at me.
"The other boy that you went off with during french! The one your breaking up with me for??" What? Me cheating?? Was he mad. I think so...
"Gary you know i would never cheat on you...I was in French all last period. You can go check i st next to Gerard Way all lesson! Go ask yourself!" I said starting to panic slightly as he came towards me.
"Gerard Way? Of all the boys in the school you chose that freak??" He shouted at me. This time louder than the last.
"I never said that!! I said i sat next to him in french! What are you? Deaf?" I knew instantly that had been the wrong thing to say. He pushed me back against the glass of the bus station. I relized that people were staring but that was the least of my troubles at the moment. Gary roughly held me up my collor.
"Ow! Gary get off me! Your hurting me! Ow!" I kicked out at him and scratched at his hands trying to get him off of me.
"Nobody breaks up with Gary Bootstrap! Understand? Nobody! Well at least nobody who gets to tell the tale." He stared at me Menacingly and raised me a bit higher as though he was lining me up. I struggled even more.
"Gary i am breaking up with you and now let me down!" He let out a frustrated scream. From out of nowhere i saw a small blonde guy tackle Gary to the ground punching him in the side as he did so. Since i was in mid-air when Gary let go of me i ended up falling onto the hard pavement. The blonde guy was on top of Gary and had him by his shirt. "No one ever treats a lady like that! Don't you touch her! Got it? Huh? You got it?" He shouted everyone took a few steps back from this scene. Gary whimpered under the weight of this guy. "Yeah I thought saw!" He said and got off of Gary. He came over and lifted me up. "Are you ok?" He asked me. I looked up into the brownest eyes I'd ever seen. I relized that it was Frank Iero but he had dyed his hair again. I smiled at him.
"Thanks I said." He smiled all happy with him self.
"No problem. He was being rude!" I giggled at him. Gerard came round the corner at that point, waved to mikey then saw Frank holding me up. He walked up to us.
"What's the matter Elle? Couldn't get into my brothers pants so decieded to go for his best mate instead?" He spat at me. I stared at him coldly. Frank let go of me. I tried to stand but couldn't therefore ended up sitting on the bench/seat thing.
"Leave her alone Gee. He lad was being a bit rough with her." He said. I looked up at them.
"Thank you Frank but i do have a mouth plus he isn't me lad! What you think the whole thing was about? I was trying to break up with him! Plus Gee is it? I didn't try to get intop your brother's pants i was mearly asking him if he had a lighter. It turned out he didnt and i was going to leave him alone until YOU showed up and Frankie here just helped me and was helping me stand since i happened to have twisted my ankle by being dropped when Frankie tackled Gary. Is that understood? If so good. If not then i dont want to waste my valuble time with you!" Gerard and Frankie both stared at me.
"Damn it gurl! You have one hell of a mouth!" Frankie said all girly. I laughed at him again. Gerard was still staring, i saw a that faint smile again then it turned to a frown.
"Well come on Frank. Lets not bother her anymore!" He said and started to stalk off.
"No way man! She can't even walk. The least you can do is give her lift home. If not for her for you wickle Frankiebean!" He said in a mushy voice. I almost laughed again but restrained myself. Gerard shrugged, held me up on one side with Frank on the other and took me to his car where i got in a nd fastened up.
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