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But I Wonder, Where Do We Go From Here?

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Most of the car journey was in silence apart from the odd bit of small talk. Elle had felt really uncomfortable sitting up front with Gerard after most of the day's arguments and the whole little brother thing but decieded just to live with it. The car stopped infront of a small cosy-looking house and Frank got out saying bye to them all and telling Gerard he would go round his later. Elle waved bye to him and watched him go into the house. Gerard put the car into gear and started towards her house.
"Hope your not getting any big ideas about you and him in that head of yours." He said glancing at her then looking back on the road.
"And what sort of ideas would them be?" Elle stared at him hard. He chuckled and shook his head.
"You know what sort of ideas. But all i have to tell you is you better not cause i don't like seeing friends used."
"Oooh them sort of ideas. Well don't worry cause i don't use people and i also think you shouldn't talk to me like that unless you know me!" He glanced at me again and this time full on laughed.
"Look who's talking." He said then paused. Elle didn't know what she was meant to say to that. She just smiled and nodded her head. "And when i point that out she doesn't know what to say." He looked smugly back onto the road. Elle looked up at him. She not only felt insulted but also extremly upset. I suppose she never really made it known that she liked him by the way she treated him. Maybe she could have been a bit kinder and more helpful. She promised herself that from then on she would be kinder to everyone.
"Well it's not like you've always been that nice to me neither. If i remember correctly you started the whole thing between us during 1st Grade so don't go blaming me on the whole thing." She huffed at him trying to hide a small smile as she remembed that day. She had just drew a picture she was extremly proud of. The apple was an exact circle AND it looked like light was shining on it the Gerard had came and said it wasnt very could and apples weren't really a circle then demonstarated over her own work. Ever since then Elle had not liked him then they just both went they seperate ways. She with Candy and him with Frank.
"Just cause you can't forget the past!" He muttered.
"Hey! I was proud of that drawing!" I mean now I would probally laugh at it but it was good when i was that age!" He shook his head disbelieving.
"You really are one wierd girl." he chuckled.
"Damn right." Elle said smugly. He snorted when she said that causing elle to laugh hysterically at him. It ended up with him having to pull the car over cause he couldn't concentrate on the road for laughing. When they finally calmed down. Well, when they had stopped much they decieded to go to iHop for some pancakes. elle started to walk on her foot a bit but still needed a bit of help though it was feeling much better. Gerard chose a booth in the corner and sat down. The waitress came up and asked what they wanted. Elle ordered a strawberry milshake and blueberry pancakes and Gerard ordered a chocolate milkshake how he likes it [He must come her often elle had decieded] and a double portion of Lemon pancakes. Gerard and Elle were acctually having a good time when Elle noticed someone walking in the door. It was Gary.
"Oh no. Here comes trouble..." Elle muttered as Gary spotted her and started walking over with that glint in his eye again. He already had a bruise forming on his upper lip and who knows where else! He stood over the table and looked from Gerard to Elle.
"Oh so it was him you left me for was it?" Gary spat. Gerard looked midly angry as elle looked at him but not too bad. She shook her head, no. "Yeah. That's what you said at the bus stop!"
"Gary please just go away..." She pleaded. He grabbed her wrist but stas soon as Gerard stood up he let go.
"Hey you leave her alone. For gods sake she's not seeing me were just friends," He glanced at Elle as he said this and she gave a small nod then he continued. "And we would like to eat in peace aswell so if you wouldn't mind moving away from our table before you get hurt. Although i think Frank already did a pretty good job of that!" Elle tried not to giggle at that but failed. Gary gave her a death stare.
"Find something funny?" He asked her and Elle quickly shook her head. "Well i just don't know what's came over you bitch! Fist that Homo Frank comes to your rescue then this vampire freak! I knoew you always had a crush on him but i never thought you'd leave me for it! Well you can hang out with your new boyfriend and his freakpals but don't come begging to me when you find out that they all really gay and wouldn't want you..." He had gone to far with that insult because Gerards fist came out of no where. Elle stood up wincing in pain and pulled Gerard back telling him not to. Telling him it was not worth his time or effort. Gerard backed down and they both went back to the car. Gerard was still steaming by what Gary had said about them being gay but tried not to show it. Elle could tell though... She just could. So when Gerad asked her if she wanted to come round his and hang with him and Frankie was caught totally of gaurd.

Authoor's Note Hii all those who still read this even though i havent updated in FOREVER! lol. I'm thinking about changing my style of writing so that it's in 1st person cause i dont really like writing in 3rd person but tell me what you think.
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