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My wish list goes to hell.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2007/12/26 - Updated: 2007/12/26 - 1801 words - Complete


  • you can keep my brother

    (#) hopeanne 2007-12-26 11:13:09 AM

    OMG! that was so unexpected!!
    I mean the beginning was hilarious thats how i knew something bad was gonna happen.
    I know youre blend of comedy/sadness! Im on to you! bahahaha.
    But seriously. that was so fucked up. I actually covered my mouth and gasped a little. The best line was when she said he declaring out love invalid! aw that hurt me. that was good line. And Billys all no just the marriage but yikes. thats painful. Cause thats something I would think too.
    I dont think Gerard did it on purpose. I honestly dont think he knows either. I think it just goes to show yet again how immature they are.
    But it also makes sense how none of the stalkers/teenies out there found out about it. So in that plot line aspect it works out nicely. Im also thinking how hard its gonna be for sky to have to tell him this. Or mikey or any of them for that matter. Like shes just gonna be all I found this out and theyre gonna say how and shes gonna have to say that she went looking for a divorce?? oohhh thats bad...
    But you know what. I bet G may already know. I mean now that the 'secrets' out I bet the manager looked into it. I mean she said how the drug shit was all over. thats how those people are controlling and shit.
    But damn thats gonna hurt her too to have him say it cause then she'll know he looked into it too...
    Fuck. theres no way this is gonna turn good...

    oh and just fyi- the last oh 7 items on Skys wish list are on mine also!

    Author's response

    Aw well it's one of these things when she's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) cutegirl12356 2007-12-26 03:11:13 PM

    OMFG....MORE....You are such an awesome fucking writer!

    Author's response

    Aw stop! I'm blushing blushes
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) winnie_55 2007-12-27 01:32:41 PM

    Ouch. That had to hurt. Poor Sky, it's like one thing after another for her. This story keeps taking totally unexpected twists and turns. But why does she automatically assume that Gerard and Mikey must have known and kept it secret to hurt her? She thinks so little of herself. Her upbringing really screwed her up.
    I can't wait for the next chapter, I wanna find out if Gerard knew! Sorry I didn't review for ages. My computer died, totally this time, so I had to get a shiny new one. yay. I missed your story so much and really enjoyed catching up on it, I left reviews for all the ones I missed! I love your story sooo much.

    Author's response

    You're back!!! throws glitter at you I read all your reviews and I appreciate how you took the time to comment on each chapter, it really means a lot to me!
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) _cranium_ 2007-12-28 07:52:16 AM

    woah. i'd love to say i saw this coming, that i knew it already back when they got married but nah. i should've known this though, ofcourse you need a fucking marriage lisence to get married! and the witnesses! my god i feel stupid. it's a perfect chapter though, this little confusing and frustrating twist fits the story perfectly. oh and i loved the driving licence thing haha so much fun... i agree with hopeanne, all this mess shows just how immature they are after all. they took a huge step when the got married (or thought they got married) ..maybe everything did happen too fast..
    right now, i see trouble everywhere. does gerard know? will he know? will he figure out just how she found out? how's sky gonna take the invalid shit, for all i know she could hunt down that priest and feed him to hungry wild horses. she's not happy about it. when she was gonna divorce her husband she found out they were never married to begin with. damn that's gotta hurt. especially if you happen to be this girl called Skyler. maybe it makes no sense, just like billy said it'll just save her from the paper work but we all know skyler and my guess would be this is gonna tear the girl down. invalid marriage, invalid love (smiling sadly at that one). gees.

    Author's response

    Too much question I can't answer cause that pretty much kills the entire plot but I loved the ideas you give me...hungry wild horses..That will make one hell of a chapter..

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