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The journey to america and all that jazz. gerards house....stuff like that

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Chapter 6: America

Finally the day of departure had arrived. My whole family had decided to come and see me off. I was a nice thought but I knew it would make me late.
When we arrived my mum was faffing around with my bags and checking everything 3 times. She even asked a woman working there to talk to one of the airhostesses and have her assigned to me, luckily that didn’t work out!
When my flight was announced, mum started to get tearful.
“Don’t worry, I’ll call as soon as I get a chance I promise!”
“Yes. Well you better…. got everything…. good…. one last hug…ok…. everyone here…and you Archie…right well safe journey…love you-bye!” She said faffing around a bit more.
“Love you too. Bye everyone!”
Sitting in the plane by myself (next to the most annoying man EVER) I began to get nervous. This was it.
When I arrived at the other side, my anticipation was growing. I got sweeprd along with the crowd and found myself in the luggage area. I found my bags and wandered around look for an entrance. Should I ring Roxy again? I rang her before I left.
As I was deciding what to do I saw someone waving vigoursly at me on the other side of the airport. It was Mikey!
“Yay!” I waved back and made my way over to him. In the hurry I accidentally tripped over my suitcase and toppled over completely. Acting as if it was the most normal thing ever I tried to stand up, but completely lost my balance again. Wow, this was embarrassing I really need to learn how to walk.
At this point Mikey was by my side, and he managed to get me up-standing straight.
“Hi Ashleagh. Good to see you. Maybe I should take this yeah.” He said picking up the suitcase I fell over…. which happened to be the biggest. Worried I could land myself in hospital before I got out the airport
“Thanks….” I mumbled
“No problem.” He said smiling. “How was the flight?”

“Yeah it was ok…. except for the most annoying guy EVER to grace the planet. I swear. It was 3 chairs in a row, and he took up two, and he must have farted at LEAST 12 times. What's worse is that he kept blaming them on me! THEN when he thought I wasn’t looking he would wave the fart air over to me, and then laugh evilly. He also ate loads…. more than my whole family put together, and he chewed SO loudly…. man it was disgusting!” I said this all in one breath, then took another long breath when I finished. Mikey laughed, and led me over to his car.
“Man, I wish I was there to see that,” he said smiling lopsidedly. I slapped his arm, and stopped at a car, then tried opening the car door, but it was stuck.
“Ashleagh, what the hell are you doing?!”
“Trying to get in…Mikey the car door is stuck.”
“Yeah, that isn’t my car!”
“Oh…. wow I’m actually mad!” I said
“Yeah, you got that right.” Mikey replied, “But um….time to go. Like now.” As there was a very big man running towards us shaking his fists (thinking we were trying to steal his car) Mikey grabbed my shoulders and tried to steer me away, but I looked closer at the man. It was fatso plane man!
“Let me at him!!! I wanna kill him!!!” I screamed trying to charge at him, but Mikey was holding me back.
“Ok, Ashleagh, let me make this clear. He is big. We are not. I think that’s all I need to say.”
“Whatever” I said, but I turned away.
I followed Mikey to his REAL car, and after I had thrown my stuff in the boot, we both got in.
“Hey Mikey?” I said, as he was backing out. “Where am I staying-like I understand if nobody could take me cause my parents gave me money for a hotel-”
“Oh hell no. Your not staying in a hotel-we’re not THAT mean. You’re staying at Gerard’s. Max and Roxy are having some major building shit happening at their place, so their usually sleeping on sofa’s or at ours. And out of the rest of us, Gerard owns the biggest flat.”
“Oh. Cool. Ok”
Holy crap I was going to be staying with Gerard Way.
The rest of the journey was pretty normal and accident-free. It did take a while though, because Mikey insisted on driving the exact speed limit, no matter how many times I pointed out how many other cars were overtaking us.
“Please, just let me drive Mikey!”
“No. I’m sticking to the law…. there’s nothing wrong with that!” I growled and leaned back in my seat.
After a while we started talking about bands
“Mcfly. That shitty English pop group!”
“Hey, they are kinds rocky!”
“Ashleagh. They are an insult to rock music!”
“Ok what about, green day, msi, queen, Beatles, clash, Ramones, killers. Stuff like that?” I said looking up at him.
He nodded
“That’s more like it,” He said smiling.
“I grinned back at him
“You sure do have a lot of teeth kid.”
“You sure do have a lot of” I quickly tried to think of something “…. cd’s.” I finished lamely, eyeing his collection.
“Great comeback!” I stuck my tongue out at him. “Ok we’re here.” We just pulled up outside Gerard’s place. I jumped out the car, and pulled my bags out clumsily, and then Mikey and me walked up the front porch.
When Mikey knocked on the door, after some moments, I heard loud footsteps coming down the stairs, and then Gerard opened the door, pulling a t-shirt over his head. He looked as if he had just woken up. I loved it. His eyes looked tired, and his black hair dishevelled (more than usual) I could just imagine running my hands through it…Ok stop it! I thought to myself!
“Hey guys. How you doing Ashlaegh; journey ok?”
“Yeah fantastic!” I said quickly smirking at Mikey, while Gerard looked confused. He opened the door and we stepped in.
“Still sleeping are we brother.”
“Yeah, Frank kept me up for ages talking about some chic that interviewed us the other day.”
“Oh the m-” Mikey started but I cut him off
“Wow. Mikey, you said this was a flat. Its huge, and there are two floors!” they both laughed
“Well the people selling it called it a flat, so so do we. But I guess it is pretty big.”
“Course it is. Round my area, a family of five would be living in this kind of house!”
“There’s a lot more space in America, plus, there’s always someone sleeping round most nights, so he’s not really alone a lot.” Mikey said chuckling, “I’m gonna head off now guys, see you later.”
“Bye Mikey. Thanks for the lift.” I said hugging him.
“No problem. See you Gerard.”
“Bye mate.” Gerard said, just before he closed the door.
Gerard grabbled 2 bags from the floor, and I grabbed the other one, and he led me upstairs.
“The tours in just under a week, ok.” He said, turning back to look at me.
“Yep, that’s cool!” Gerard stopped in front of a door, but I kept walking, I’m not really sure why.
“Ash. This is your room!”
“Oh…. I knew that.” I turned back round and walked into it.
“Ooo wow it’s huge!” It was defiantly a lot bigger than the one I had at home. I ran into the room and threw myself onto the bed, which I instantly sunk into. “Thanks Gerard,” I said, lifting my head just high enough so he could hear me.
“Sure, its no problem.” I heard him close the door and go downstairs. I grabbed my new phone (because my other one broke at the show) from my pocket and rang my house phone.
“Hey Nells (7-year-old sister) is mum there…i miss you too…. oh, hi mum. Oh am I on speaker, hi everyone…you won the fashion show, well done Archie! (5-year-old brother, I’m sure he will be gay when he’s older.)
Yeah I know it’s a weird ending to the chapter but my bum was really hurting. So I hope all you guys had a good Christmas and all. REVIEW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! They keep me going!
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