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EMOtional fairies.

by darkviolet 4 Reviews

I can't always just forget her but she could try...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008/01/02 - Updated: 2008/01/02 - 2589 words - Complete


  • you can keep my brother

    (#) hopeanne 2008-01-02 11:59:17 AM

    Okay ummm I so dont know what to say to this chapter...
    anybody want pie? lol.
    No but seriously. Im gonna break this one too.
    First off -Billy. I know he comes of rough in this chapter but I still like him. In fact hes even more appealing to me now. I know he was all marching around grumbling at her and shit but I think its sweet. Hes stressed. I think he needs a good - nevermind, you wont write it in, lol.
    But um. I can feel Billys frustration with her. Skys and Gees relationship has been rough for a long time and Billy is concerned for her. I can see him getting her upset that shes gonna run back to him, especially since they hadnt settled anything. And I can totally get why Billy is so mad at Gee. I mean Gerard was suppose to be taking care sky as her husband. The whole situation is rough.
    As for Frankie. Im sorta surprised that sky didnt ask about Gee but then again Im not surprised. I mean thats the kinda relationship they have. I like the references to the past. It gave it a nice feel.I loved Frankies concern for her. Somethings never change! The boys are always gonna worried about Sky.
    And I know that Frankies gonna tell bob whos gonna tell ray whose gonna tell Mikey whos gonna tell Gee.
    Ooooh I hope its Gee at the field!! But I dont know. It was a great cliffhanger!!!
    As for the whole middle part.
    the date was great! I loved the garlic breath part.
    mmm rob will review you seperately later. (I know you cant wait)

    Author's response

    My great cliffhanger patts cliffhanger and you wanted to ruin it! Evil woman!
    I don't know if there's anything Billy could do to make you turn on him, besides growing a beard...But he won't so don't pout!
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) _cranium_ 2008-01-02 01:30:30 PM

    aahhh a cliffhanger! that's brutal. how am i gonna be able to sleep?
    stupid skyler for wandering around in jersey at night. i she out of her mind? i would so ground her if she was ten years younger and my daughter.
    i wonder who it is... or,psycho shower killing scene music, what it is.. a pink elephant? oh i wish. they're not as dangerous as some creeps on the streets (and deserted football fields) in jersey..

    skyler is so evil, bu then again, this is the side of her i've missed. the whole garlic thing and being all like "you don't wanna get to know me, i promise" attitude.

    i really liked this chapter. it was different. skyler's depression seems to be replaced with hm.. i don't know. determination? it's like she's tired of being a push over. maybe she still doesn't know what she wants but atleast she knows what she doesn't want.

    Author's response

    Well yeah you can stay depressed for only so much, at some point sadness turns into different emotions...
    after 4984090 chapter you still ask if she's out of her mind? Should I really answer that? lol
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) hopeanne 2008-01-03 05:22:21 AM

    Now I see why she didnt want me to read this. Deny it all you want Miss my story is pure fiction and there are no hidden subtexts. There was clearly a point you were trying to make with this.
    And I gotta say Im disappointed. A chance to have "skylar" say whatever it is her little black heart desires and thats the best she could come up with?
    Her defense for not labeling people is to in fact label them back by calling him a fairy? shame shame shame.
    You have better arguments then that. I know cause Ive heard them.
    -you know who

    Author's response

    I'm obviously inspired by certain people and events but if I wanted to make a point, I would've done that to your face, and not have Skyler say it.
  • you can keep my brother

    (#) winnie_55 2008-01-04 11:51:07 AM

    Grrr...I hate your cliffhangers! But I kinda love them too!
    This chapter was good, I liked the way Sky stood up to Ryan. That's one of the things I love about her, she always stands up for her friends.

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