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Chapter 11: The Empire

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Begin Chapter

Enter Xiaolin Temple

"WHOA!!!", The ground is shacking beyond believe, "what's going on?", Raimundo asks struck with wonder form the
strangeness of it all. "I don't know.", Kimiko answers while trying to keep her balance.
"Wh-wh-WHOA!", she cries out as she loses her balance. Rai grabs a hold of her before she hit's the ground.
He pulls her toward him but they end up too close. They stare at each other for a second and push away. Both blush and act as if nothing happened.

Dojo comes out of the Hall screaming and slithers up Clay's hat. He holds on to Clay's hat for dear life, "What's going on here?!", he exclaims.
Just then Master Fung comes out of the Hall as well. "Master Fung!", Omi calls out as he runs toward him. "What is happening?", he asks.
Master Fung answers, "I'm not sure, Omi. But something tells me it has to do with Vendettadrake."
Gradually the shaking begins to minimize until it comes to a complete stop.

The Monks all gather around Master Fung. "Young Monks, you must figure out what the torn page contains!
I'm sure that when we figure it out we will know what to do to stop The Great Vendettadrake!", The Monks nod in approval and all begin to scatter into the library.
Hopefully they figure out at least a little more of the contents of the torn page.

Exit Xiaolin Temple

enter Chases house

We find Wuya freaking out and runs to Chase for refuge. "What's going on?", she asks. Chase seems more serious than usual, " Just as I feared. She's been awakened sooner than I wished."
Wuya once again knew nothing of what he speaks. "Wuya.", Chase calls. "Yes, Chase?", she answers obediently.
He stands up from his chair and turns to Wuya, "It is time you choose sides."
Wuya's eyes widen, "What?", she asks as if not to know of what he was talking about. Chase walks toward her.
"You really didn't think you had me fooled, did you?", he asks mockingly.
Wuya takes a step back, "If you knew all along, why didn't you DO anything about it?", she asks.
Chase turns around and walks toward the waterfall. "I didn't want to spoil your fun. Besides choosing is really up to you...", he answers as he turns back toward her.
Wuya and Chase both stay quiet and stare at each other.

Exit Chases house

Enter Doragon

The statues begins to crumble even faster. "WTF???? Whats going on",Jack asks Julie, but she does not respond. He looks at her and sees that she has her eyes shut and begins to smile. He gets a bit
creeped out, "Julie?", he calls. Just then she opens her eyes which were now like that of a reptile! Jack lets out a little scream. Julie lets out a piercing roar and lifted her hands to the sky. As she did this the statues
began to reveal that which was inside...Dragons! As they were revealed they fell to the floor and lifted they're huge heavy bodies off the ground and began to walk toward the roar which awakened them.
They opened their eyes and saw the Empress. All began to rejoice and run toward Julie. Julie smiled and ran toward them while Jack stayed behind screaming and taking cover from the flying debris.

As Jack looks back at Julie and the rampaging Dragons he witnesses something incredible! Julie was transforming! Jack stared and was speechless. Julie began to gradually grow in size and change shape. Wings, scales, horns, claws
all began to for and she soon took form of a dragon. She ran on all fours and roared as she got closer to her people. The dragons roared back. They met and gave each other huge hugs that would easily break a human like a toothpick! All though Julie had changed form Jack could still
"see" her and he felt her emotion, happiness. He never saw her this happy, he himself began to smile and feel happy. Just to think how long it had been since she had been with her kind, her friends, and family.

"Your majesty! We have long awaited your return!", a dragon exclaimed as he bowed down to Julie. "There is no need to bow, Mordon. I-I am no longer ruler of this land.", she answers as she turns the other direction.
You hear a dragon in the background," Was it not you who saved us all from sheer destruction? We owe our lives to you, Empress.". Julie's eyes began to water. Jack could not understand what it was that they were saying, he could not understand the language they spoke, but he used his heli-bot to get to Julie and defend
her from them.

As he got closer that dragons noticed an outsider was present and began to growl and got behind Julie and began to spit fire at Jack. Julie turned around and jumped in front of the flames to protect Jack. She held out her arm and absorbed the flames.
The Dragons were a bit confused by her actions. "Why do you protect this outsider, Empress?" Mordon asks. "He is with me. His name is Jack Spicer. He is an ally of the Doragon Empire.", Julie answers as she looks at Jack.
He flies closer to her and stares deep into her eyes. "Even as a Dragon she is still beautiful!" he thinks to himself. The Doragonites smile and bow down to Jack, It has been a while since the Empire had an ally. Malice steped up and began so speak to Jack but he didn't understand what she was saying.
Julie turned to him and translated, "Malice bids you welcome and apologizes for the attack." Jack smiles, "Tell them that it's ok and Thank you.". Julie turns and translates.

Soon Jack will be part of the Doragon Empire and will finally be able to figure out a bit more about Julies past. I guess it is really a good idea to have friends in high places.

End Chapter
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