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Chapter 12: Doragon Tournament.

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There is a tournament being held at the Doragon Empire.

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It's been two weeks and the Xiaolin Monks have yet to hear of Jack or Vendettadrake. They have obtained 3 new Shen Gong Wu with no ones
interfearence. Although this is a good thing they can't help but feel uneasy about it.
"I wonder what happend to Jack and Vendettadrake?", Omi asks himself outloud as he walks toward the training grownds
with the rest of the Monks.
"What?", Raimundo asks Omi while slowing down his pace so Omi can catch up to him.
"It may sound like a weird question to ask but-"
"But what?", Raimundo interrupted.
"If something happened to them; what makes you think something bad wont happen to us?"
Omi speaked the truth. If something happened to Jack, when he has been protected by The Great Vendettadrake, something must really be wrong.
This began to worry the Monks and Master Fung. they felt helpless, not knowing what to do or what to expect. All they can do is wait and hope for the best.
Exit Xiaolin Temple
Enter Chase's

Chase has been meditating since Julie's and Jack's disappearence. He has yet to hear anything Julie and this troubles him greatly. He fears something has happened to her, but he doesn't know where to start
to look for her. He has already checked Jack's lair and has traveled ffar with his jungle cats to find her but it's as if she has disappeared from this planet.
"Where could you be, Julie?", Chase asks himself as he stands up and walks toward the entrence of his house.
Wuya is no longer with Chase but she has yet to be seen with Hannibal Bean. Could it be that she is having second thoughts? Perhaps she just decided
to butt out of this quarrel. What ever the reason, she is no longer Chase's "pet". Chase doesn't really care. He's actually a bit releaved that he no longer has to keep an
eye on her. Chase is now outside of his door with his jungle cats right behind him. He sighs a big sigh.
"C'mon. We're going to look for her once more. This time we visit Hannibal Bean.", he tells his cats as he makes his way toward the edge of the cliff.
The jungle cats obey his order and follow him down the cliff to find Julie.
Exit Chase's
Enter Doragon
Even though it's only been two weeks since Julie's and Jack's dissappearence time has passed by very quickly for them.
It's been a year since The Empress's arrival in Doragon. Both Jack and Julie's body and mind have matured a year.
How is this possible? It's only been two weeks! It's simple, really.
Doragon had been sent to another demention were there was a time warp. The time warp caused time to stand still. That is another reason why
the Doragonites were able to survive without their Empress's power for so long. She perposly sent Doragon thru this portal to save them. Since her return time has been
trying to catch up; which is causing everyone to age much quicker!
Much has happened since their arrival: Jack no longer screams like a girl for everything; he is much more serious. He has learned a bit of the ancient language. He can't speak it but he understands much of it.
He has also made a new friend, Shadow, a black Dragon. Although still huge, Shadow is one of the youngest dragons. When Jack isn't with Julie he's hanging out with Shadow. Jack may not speak the ancient language of the dragons nor does Shadow speak english,
but they still understand each other. He's been the only other friend he has had outside of Julie. He's kind of like a brother to him... a very huge and deadly brother. Jack found out from Shadow that all of the royal family except for Julie were murdered. when Jack found this out
he then realized why Julie shuts herself off, but he feels as though there is still something else he doesn't know. He decided not to ask any questions and just leave it be.

As for Julie she has been helping her people catch up with everything that has happened since they lay dormant. With the help of Jack they have been able to learn much of the new earth. Although the city was underground Julie lifted the city out of the ground and placed it underneath a very beautiful greenish purple sky.
This may be a different demention but it has the same principles as Earth.

There is a tournant being held at the colosseum. It is a test of strength and endurance. Although this is a dangerous tournament it is only for fun. It is a playful commpetition between the strongest Dragons. This time Shadow has quilified to
enter the tournament. The whole city is really exited about him entering the tournament. Besides that it is his first time, he is the youngest
Dragon to ever enter the Tournament!Jack had watched Julie train Shadow for weeks! He was always defeated by the Empress but that didn't stop him from trying. Jack really admired his courage and dedication. After going to so many tournaments Jack had decided to ask Julie to train him also.
He tried really hard and quit a few times but Shadow convinced him to keep going. Now Jack is a Martial Arts Master! He wasn't really expecting to become a Martial Arts Master but Julie and Shadow gave him to choice! Now it is Shadows turn to show what he is made of and win the Tournament!

"I can't wait for the Tournament to start!" , Jack exclaims as he finds his seat in the Empress's box. "I know! Shadow has really come a long way!", Julie says as she begins to get up to announce the start of the tournament. Julie stands and transforms to her Dragon form. Because of her dramatic
change in size she had them move Jack's seat far enough for him not to be squished when she changed size. "May I have your attention, please!", Julie calls out as she leans forward. "This months tournament is about to begin!" With this said the crowd began to cheer. Of course this was no normal cheer, it was
more like roars. Jack was already use to these sounds, he just clapped in approvement and smiled. Julie begins to introduce all of these months participants. "And I would like to introduce the youngest Dragon to even enter this tournament, SHADOW!" The crowd roard and stomped as Shadow made his way to the center of the colosseum.
"Let the tournament begin!" The warriors take their places and get ready for battle. Their armors shinning under the bright orange sun. Shadow's stood out from all the others. Jack and Julie had custom made it just for Shadow. Jack made any prototypes to get the perfect style and shape to cooporate with Shadows movement and strength.
Finally Jack got the right one and Julie and he got to work on it right away.

The out come:
1.Black steal armor weighing over 40 tons!
2.A blade placed at the tail of the armor to use as a weapon.
3.Spikes over head and stine to make it hard for the opponent to get a good grip on him.

Jack and Julie are really happy with the out come of it all. It came out both sterdy/strong/durable and went with both their tastes in fashion, gothic.
Jack stands up to get a better look at the battle as they blow the horn to begin. The ten warrios run full speed at each other and begin the fight. You can hear the armors
clanking and craking from the blows that they were receving. Soon one or the Dragons lost and was taken out of the arena. Once your armor is penetrated and breaks you are
disqualified and must be taken out before you get even more hurt than you already are.

"Go, Shadow! One down, 8 more to go!", Jack shouted at he rised his first in the air. Julie also cheered Shadow on by roaring and spitting fire into the air. BOOM!
A fire ball is shot at Shadow and it sends him flying! He hits the walls of the arena. "Get up Shadow!", Jack shouts at the top of his lungs. Shadow shakes off the blow and
dodges another fire ball before it hits him. "That's it, Shadow! Take 'em down!", Jack yells out. Shadow runs toward his opponents and jumps the one who shot at him and begins
to claw at his armor. The opposing Dragon bites on Shadow neck. Shadow can't shake loose! This armor is being scratched at and it's taking a lot of damage! when all hope seems
to be lost for the youngest warrior Shadow remembers his built in sword and takes a shot at the opponents armor and penetrates it! The opposing dragon drops him and heads toward the exit;
he has been defeated.

The battle goes on and there are only 2 more opponents left for Shadow to take on. Fire was being spit out by the three opponents. Astoroth, the undefeated champ, rammed right
into the other Dragon and broke a piece of his armor. That just left him and Shadow. Shadow had been avoiding him as much as he could since the begining of the battle, now he had no where to go.
Astoroth took a shot at Shadow. Luckily Shadow dodged in time and did a 360 back kick and hit Astoroth dead on! Although it was a good hit it didn't do much for Astoroth. He spinned and
hit Shadow in the face with his huge heavy tail. It sent Shadow down to the floor. Dust rises from the ground where Shadow fell. Astoroth roared as he walked closer to Shadow. "No!!!", Jack screames out.
Astoroth jumps into the air and begins to slam down onto Shadows armor. It's over. How can Shadow win? The crowd is silent. You hear Astoroth hit the floor but there was no sound of claking armor!
The dust settles. Shadow was gone! A roar is heard from the sky. There! Shadow had slipped away from Astoroth!

Astoroth gets some momentum and begins to fly after Shadow. He shoots a fire ball at Shadow. Shadow spins and dodges it. Shadow flies toward him as he spins to get speed. They collide.
Both don't seem to be backing down. Astoroth bites down on Shadows unprotected hind leg. Shadow lets out a roar in pain. Astoroth sunk his fangs into Shadows leg! You can see blood dripping from
the wound. Astoroth takes his chance and throws a right hook at Shadow. Shadow reacts quickly and hits Astoroth on the back with this tail. The hit stuns Astoroth for a bit. Shadow grabs him and begins
to fly back toward land at full speed! Astoroth won't give up, he throws bites at Shadow as they begin to plumit to the ground. Shadow shrunk his wing span to get even more speed! "He's gonna kill himself!"Jack shouts,
but there is nothing they can do! Everyone is silent. What will happen? Both Astoroth and Shadow begin to roar as the get closer to the ground. Shadow lets go of Astoroth and extends his wings to lose momentum and pulls up.
Astoroth hits the ground! Dust rises. no one is able to see with the thick cloud of dust. Shadow flies down toward Astoroth. The wind his wings are making get rid of the cloud of dust. Astoroth lays on the floor with
his armor broken and dented. Shadow lands and helps him up. Astoroth smiles and lifts Shadows' talon, "Our new champion!!!", he calls out. The crowd roars. There is a new champion!

"Woot Woot! Oh yeah! I knew he could do it!", Jack says as he does a little victory dance. Julie stomps her tail and jumps out of the box to go and congradulate Shadow. "Hey! Wait for me!", Jack calls out and takes out his new and improved
heli-bot. Insted of being propelers they are now Dragon wings!"You have really come a long way, Shadow.", Astoroth says as he bows down to Shadow. Shadow bows down also, "Thank you! It means a lot coming from someone as strong as you, sir."
Julie lands in front of Astoroth and Shadow with Jack not far behind. "Empress, you have tought him well. It was time for me to be defeated. I'm glad to see that our youth is becoming strong.", he tells Julie as he bows to show respect for the Empress.
"Astoroth...", Julie asks.
"Yes, Empress?", Astoroth answers.
"Was this not the last tournament you were to participate in?"
"Yes. It is time for me to retire. I'm growing old and weak."
"You are one of the best warriors this Empire has to offer. Even though you have aged you are still as powerful as you were when you were young."
"Thank you, Empress. You are very kind."

Jack lands next to Shadow, "Oh Yeah, Shadow! I knew you could do it!". Jack pats Shadow's arm.

"All that training really paid off, huh?"
"Of course it did! You think Julie would have worked your ass so hard if she thought you couldn't do it?"
"Heh. I guess your right. Hey! You know what this means?"
"oh yeah..."
In unison: "Party!"
Julie enters the conversation.
"Oh yeah! It's going to be huge! As a matter of fact, lets send out the invite!"

Julie flies up to the middle of the colliseum. "Attention everyone! There will be a huge festival is honor of our new champion, Shadow!"
The crowd roars in appoval and begin to fly out of the colliseum to get everything ready. Julie transforms back and lands beside Jack and Shadow. Astoroth
was already gone. He decided to help with the festival also, but first he had to wash up and tend to his wounds. "C'mon, lets go to my place", Julie says as she takes out her wings
and begins to fly toward the palace. Jack and Shadow follow her.

Julie lands outside the door and waits for Shadow and Jack. 'Why do I feel so scared?' Julie asks herself. Just then the pendant around her neck begins to glow red. 'Gasp' she grabs on
to the pendant to hide the light. She starts to breath heavily. She shuts her eyes tight. 'No, no, no! Stop it!' she whispers. She looks down at the pendant and lets it go. It stopped glowing.
She sighs in relief. She looks up and sees Shadow and Jack are getting close. 'I have to hurry. I don't have much time left, but...I can't tell them yet.', she thinks to herself as she gestures them
to come in the palace with a big smile on her face. She opens the door and heads in. Jack and Shadow land and follow her.

Julie takes them to her room. "Ok! What do you want to do, Shadow?", Julie asks as she sits on her bed. Shadow walks into her room and sits on the floor. "I dunno?", Shadow has no idea what kind of party he wants.
"C'mon, Shadow! You get to choose whatever kind of party you want!", Jack says as he sits on the chair next to the window.

"Hey! It's harder than you think!"
"Oh wait! I know what he wants!", Julie blurts out.
"Yeah, what DO I want?"
"Not really what but who.", Julie teases.
"Ahh! Now I know what he wants.", Jack goes along.
"What are you guys talking about?", Shadow looks away and blushes.

"C.mon, Shadow. If you don't choose I'll choose for you!", Jack says as he stands up and walks toward the bed. Shadow has an idea but he doesn't want to
tell them. "Alright then, Shadow. Jack will choose for you.", Julie says as she stands up and points to Jack. "Wait no!", Shadow calls out. "Spill it!", Julie demands.
"A Ball! I-I want a Ball, not a festival.", Shadow says as he looks at the floor. "Good choice! I'll get everything ready. Go clean up and get ready for your Ball.", Julie says as
she walks him to the door. "Umm, Jack?", Shadow asks.

"Can you help me get ready?"
"Sure! When I'm done with you all the girls will be drooling at your feet!"
"Don't worry, Sardonyx will love it!"

Shadow blushes and runs out the door. Sardonyx is the daughter of Porthro the blacksmith. Shadow has had a crush on her since they were Jack's size! What Shadow fails to realize is that Sardonyx likes him too.
She's just waiting for him to make a move but he is too scared to do anything! Jack and Julie decided to play match-maker and get the two love birds together. So far it's going pretty well! "Don't worry, Shadow! I'll make sure Jack doesn't do anything stupid!",
Julie yell to Shadow. Jack stares at Julie. she notices. "Why are you staring at me?", she asks. "Was I staring? Sorry. I didn't mean to.", Jack answers as he heads out the door. "Wait, Jack.", Julie calls. Jack stops and turns back at Julie. "Yeha?", he asks.
"I- umm...", Julie strugles. Jack walks closer to her. "What's wrong?", Jack asks. Julie looks into his eyes. Jack could tell something was bothering her but he can't make her tell him. "Don't do anything stupid, ok?", Julie says with a fake smile on.
"Oh. alright.", Jack says as he walks out the door and goes after Shadow.
'Why does she block so much? I want to help her but I don't want to butt in. What did she want to say to me?', Jack says to himself as he walks to Shadow's.

Julie shuts the door. "Ah!", she lets out a cry and grabs her chest. She falls on the floor. 'I need to do it today. I have to get them ready. My time is running out.' Julie says to herself.
She begins to breath heavily and shuts her eyes tight. 'I can hold it for a few more days, but... I need to get them back.'she says as she forces herself up and heads to her room to get ready for the Ball.

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