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Training and Rants

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Naruto trains and snaps at two members of his team.

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A/N: OK I'm having trouble deciding what to make Yvonne's second form. So I'm going to let you all give suggestions.... Here is what you can choose from: A full body armor that allows Naruto to fly and wield a smaller stronger bow, Just a different stronger bow, a different weapon all together(if so what weapon) or something else altogether. So give suggestions. As for pairings, if I recall right, it's a tie between Kin and Tayuya. This is a short chapter for now...and has Naruto a bit out of character, but I'm going with the 'mask' theory. Naruto isn't a super genius or anything, but he isn't the super happy hyper kid he acts like, that shows here. Here is chapter two. And as always please leave reviews.

Chapter 02: Learning Archery

Naruto grunted as he slid down the length of the tree he was attempting to climb with his feet. It was close to nine hours after he woke up. Kakashi had quickly taken the three genin out to the woods to give them a chakra control exercise. Naruto had been at it all day with only a short lunch break. He was able to make it about three quarters up the tree he was using and decided to call it quits. He still had to meet with Yvonne. With that decision he picked up his kunai and put it in his pouch and turned to head further into the forest.

“Finally given up looser?” Sasuke questioned with a smirk from a branch near the top of his tree.

Naruto stopped and took a deep breath to settle himself. He turned around and looked up at the smirking Uchiha. Naruto made eye contact and lifted his left hand so his index finger was pointing right at Sasuke's head.


Sasuke flinched back as he unwillingly recalled how powerful the blond's weapon had been against Zabuza. He immediately cursed himself for flinching as he saw the blond chuckling. The dark haired boy frowned as he watched Naruto turn back around and continue walking away. He just barely made out the blond's last words as he left the area.


Sasuke growled as he slammed his fist against the tree, causing a small cluster of bark to fly off.

“I wont let some nobody loser pass me up!” He swore to himself as he went back to climbing his tree.


Naruto was still chuckling as he walked through the woods. The shuck up Uchiha was a jumpy thing. It was quite amusing to see his bad ass mask slip. He'd have to do it more often, in front of other people. Yeah, that would be even more amusing.

Smiling to himself Naruto found a large tree and sat down against it in the lotus position and closed his eyes. He focused on the clearing where he first talked with Yvonne and felt a light yank on his body. He opened his eyes to the see Yvonne staring at him.

“It's about time you came here. I've been waiting all day.” Yvonne grumbled with a frown.

“Well sorry! I had training my sensei assigned and besides, you said to come when I could and I have.” The blond grumbled back at his companion.

“Whatever.” Yvonne said with a roll of her eerie eyes.

“We're here to discuss your training in the use of my bow form. Now something you need to know is that the burst numbers I gave you before, the shot of fifty I told you is really more of a generalization. With your chakra control as it is now it's easier for you to gather chakra for a burst of fifty than say, a burst of sixteen. With better control comes a better ability to manipulate the number, size, and speed of the arrows you fire.” The red head explained as she fingered a manifestation of her bow form.

Naruto listened raptly. In truth he was a good student, if the teachers had bothered to do anything other than hinder him they would've seen it. It was too late by the time Iruka got him, Naruto had already decided he wouldn't learn anything useful at the academy. He was paying attention to Yvonne and drinking up the information about his new powers.

“Now I've got a plan on how to speed up both your chakra control and your skill with a bow. Do you ever notice anything different when your shadow clones disperse?”

Naruto blinked and stared at her with a raised eye brow.

Yvonne sighed and hung her head.

“I thought not, too bad you're not more observant.”

“Hey!” Naruto growled out.

“What? It's true. You're not an observant person Naruto.”

Naruto just glared at her as she shrugged.

“Anyways, if you paid attention when a shadow clone disperses you would've noticed what I did. When a clone disperses you get its memories and experiences. This fact, added to the amount of shadow clones you can make, is very good for speed training.” Yvonne said with a smile as she imagined the prospects.

Naruto's eyes widened as it dawned on him.

“I could get weeks or even months of training done in days!” Naruto shouted excitedly.

Yvonne grinned and nodded.

“Indeed, but what you need to remember is that your brain is going to have to gain and process a large amount of information when the clones disperse. It would be wise to train your brain to handle the process and build up the amount of information you can process without gaining chronic headaches. I would suggest about twenty to start. Split them up with ten doing your tree climbing exercise and the rest working on archery with you. Once you get use to processing the information increase the number of clones by twenty. Do that every time you get use to processing the information and experiences.”

Naruto grinned and nodded as he understood the need to build up his brain's processing ability.

“I'm glad you get it. Now I want you to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening splitting the clones up to do those two things. When we return to Konoha there will be more tasks and smaller groups, but for now stick to the tree exercise and practicing with the bow. Do this everyday during this mission when you can find the time.” Yvonne instructed as she stood and grinned.

“Alright. I'll go now and start training. I'll come back here tonight and we can discuss my progress.” Naruto said as he too stood.

Yvonne nodded and waved farewell.

Naruto closed his eyes and focused on returning to his body. He felt a push and felt himself return to his body. He opened his eyes and grinned. With this clone method he'd get strong way fast.


Naruto smiled as he watched his clones set to work. Thinking about how much he was going to advance with this method of training was exciting. With a nod to himself he set to work himself.

Naruto lifted Yvonne, loaded an arrow, and aimed. His goal wan to learn to control the speed at which his arrows traveled. He shared this goal with two clones. Three more would be aiming to learn to control the number of arrows that could be fired. Two others were working on aiming at moving targets while two others worked at aiming while moving. The other ten of his twenty clone training force were working on chakra control with the tree exercise.

Naruto spent several hours training before he went back to Tazuna's house. It was well past sundown when he entered the house and was bombarded with questions from Sakura and Kakashi.


Naruto rolled his eyes in annoyance as Sakura and Kakashi kept questioning him while he ate. They kept asking him the same questions even after he told them to let him eat first.

“We need to know what that bow was Naruto. If it's some sort of new bloodline then I need to know so I can report it to the Hokage.” Kakashi said as he stood next to the table, for once without his book out.

“Look, I don't feel like having to go over this twice. Yes, It's a bloodline from one of my parents. I don't know which since I don't know who either of them were. Obviously at least one of them was foreign and kept their bloodline a secret. I'm not going to go over the specifics of the bloodline until we're back in Konoha. I'll explain it to you at the same time I explain it to the Hokage.” Naruto explained, his eyes narrowed and his mouth set in a straight line and his fists lightly clenched.

There was a bit of silence after his statement in which the two questioners and three listeners digested what they were told. They couldn't imagine not having a clue who either of their parents were.

“You're going to have to learn to use it for longer without passing out from exhaustion.” Kakashi stated with a condescending tone.

Naruto's eyes narrowed more as he turned his eyes to glare up at the man. He was always talking down to Naruto, treating him like a moron. He claimed Naruto needed training with the basics, but despite being Naruto's sensei, the gray haired man never bothered to teach him. Naruto was fed up with the way he was treated by his team.

“I know that sensei. It's what I was doing after I left the clearing Sasuke was tree climbing in. I've actually gotten a lot better.” Naruto spat out with contempt in his voice.

“Please Naruto, you're just one dead last idiot. How much can you improve on your own?” Sakura asked with an amused grin on her face.

“More than you think. You shouldn't think so highly of yourself Sakura. All the book smarts in the world wont save you from a complete lack of talent. Every one of your skills is by the book and any half decent ninja can read your attacks coming. I'm surprised you're not dead yet with all the ninja we've fought, but then again Sasuke and I have been doing all the work so far. You're nothing but a burden we have to constantly look out for. You're as likely to get us killed as yourself.

“You're a useless little girl and an insult to kunoichi. You don't take the life of a ninja seriously. Ninja have to kill and have to learn to survive. You're spending all your time trying to get Sasuke to like you. Well don't be surprised when you get killed because you spent time you could've been training yourself to be more than an open book, on making yourself look pretty.” Naruto ranted as he stood, a sneer on his face.

Sakura's eyes were watering and her lips quivering as she stared at Naruto. She shook her head and stood up, running from the room crying.

“That was uncalled for Naruto.” Kakashi said in a dissapointed tone.

“Oh, so it's uncalled for, for me to tell her the truth? But it's OK for her to insult me? Great standard Kakashi. You say it was uncalled for, but you didn't stop me because you knew she needed to hear it. It was the truth, regardless of how harsh it was. You just can't be bothered to tell her yourself. Kami forbid you actually teach your students something! I wish I was another team, any sensei would have to be better than you. Working on 'team work' while belittling one of your student's abilities but not helping them better their abilities, completely ignoring another one, and pampering the other. You're just like the village, pamper the poor Uchiha. Nothing good comes from spoiling people. I remember Sasuke from before his clan was killed. He was a nice kid who wasn't stuck up at all. The last several years the village has given everything he wanted and his personality has done nothing but deteriorate.” Naurto spat out with narrowed eyes.

“Watch yourself Naruto. You've got no right to speak to me that way.” Kakashi said with a narrowed eye.

“Whatever Kakashi. Go back to reading your stupid little book so you can escape life for a while longer.” Naruto said with a sneer.

Naruto turned around stormed back out of the house and into the woods.

Kakashi glared after him and walked off to his room. Tazuna and his family watched in surprise at the fight between most of the ninjas that they hired. It wasn't promising for their protection.
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