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chapter 3

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Battle for the Bridge.

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A/N : Sorry for the bad update times. I've got several chapters outlined and will outline all the way to the ‘time skip’ when I’ll tally the votes for a pairing and then outline more of it. I have decided to go with Tayuya as the pairing. It’s not going to be anytime soon and it’s not going to happen fast. I have the start of planned out and how I get Tayuya away from Orochimaru. Also those who enjoy the depth of this arc wont like this chapter. It's not that important to my story. Neither are Haku and Zabuza. Haku wont be mentioned by name as Naruto never met him. Now on to the story, Please review, thank you and enjoy. “Salva Nos” -the Noir sound track, The theme for this chapter.

Chapter 3

Naruto was startled awake by a loud bang and shouts coming from downstairs. He frowned as he sat up and focused on the downstairs. He could hear Inari shouting to let his mother go and two men laughing as the twang from a sword being withdrawn from its sheath sang to his sensitive ears. He frowned and stood up. Quickly throwing on his clothes he walked out of his room and down the stairs with a whisper.

“Shu-to Dzuki Kiru Yvonne”

The unique Y-shaped bow formed in his hand as he reached the bottom of the steps to see Inari storming out after the two thugs who were dragging his mother.

Naruto lifted the bow from the stairs and aimed it towards the two men while pulling back on the middle of the Y-shaped string. A blue chakra arrow formed and crackled as he lined up his sights. He let go and the arrow split off into two.


Inari was running after the two thugs Gato had sent to kidnap his mother. He was about to shout again and make them let his mother go when he felt two things fly by above his ahead. He looked and saw two flashes of blue impact the shoulders of the two thugs and twist them away from his mother. They hit the ground hard and both reached up to hold the injured side.

“What happened?” He asked himself as his mother turned around with wide eyes.

Inari turned around and his eyes widened as the blond he’d claimed would just die at Gato's hand calmly walk out of his house's open front door.


Naruto frowned as he stepped in front of Inari and Tsunami. He held his bow in front of him and looked at the two glowering thugs.

“You know the interesting thing about Yvonne? It’s not that I can fire up to a hundred arrows at once, it's that I can decide if I want them to be blunt or sharp. You just experienced what it’s like to be hit by a blunt arrow and I’d think it’s something like a high powered punch. The sharp arrows will cut through you like a hot knife through butter.”

Naruto stared at the two thugs who were slowly grasping their swords and preparing to try and surprise him. They must not have much experience fighting ninja.

“I don’t want to kill you, but I will. Leave and I wont have to.” He stated as he looked down at them.

They growled and leaped at him quickly. In two seconds he'd brought Yvonne up with an arrow loaded and released it with the two thugs a foot away from him. The arrow split into four, two of which cut through the chest of each man.

Naruto sighed in frustration and turned to the two surprised people. He gave a shaky smile before lowering Yvonne under his cloak.

“You two should probably head into town, you’ll be safer there. I’ll send some clones with you." He said and formed a few clones.

Tsunami and Inari both nodded and made their way towards the busy parts of town with his clones. Naruto turned and looked at the two dead bodies. He formed two more clones and had them take care of the bodies while he quickly ran back inside to fetch his kunai and shuriken as he had simply summoned Yvonne to save Inari and Tsunami. After he had his stuff he leaped off through the woods and rushed for the bridge.


Naruto arrived to find the bridge covered with mist. He'd noticed that since he had awoken Yvonne his senses had increased dramatically. This allowed him to make out the shadows in the mist where he would normally see nothing. He saw two shadows moving rapidly, mostly flashes. He ticked off Zabuza and Kakashi. He saw two more shadows a ways away near one of the bridge sides. Sakura and Tazuna. He could not find the hunter nin or Sasuke. He frowned and made his way over to Sakura.

He landed next to her and silenced her shriek with a hand over her mouth.

“Ninja should not be so loud,” Naruto said softly as he let go and looked around.

“Says the loudest of them all,” muttered Sakura as she glared at him.

Naruto grinned and then frowned as he noticed the shadow of a dome.

“Sasuke’s in there.” Sakura said quietly as she chewed on her bottom lip.

“I figured” Naruto said with sarcasm lacing the words.

He looked around and jumped on top of the railing at the bridge’s side. He walked down the side and looked under the bridge and came back up. He grinned and summoned several Kage Bunshin. They immediately set out and crawled on the underside of the bridge until the reached the underside directly below the dome. They achieved this with signs and measurements the Kage Bunshin made as they put themselves into position.

They were set up in a line all the way from the side of the bridge until they were under the dome. They then formed a circle at the border of the dome while another one was placing a series of paper bombs in a cross shape below Sasuke’s position. With a signal from a bunshin near the bridge’s side the bunshin who had been placing the paper bombs ignited them.


Sasuke was breathing heavily while he pulled needles out of his body. He was exhausted and didn’t even have enough chakra left to keep his Sharingan activated. That was the thing he found oddly funny about his situation. He had finally activated his Sharingan, which was a big step in killing his brother, but he was pretty sure he was about to die. He stared at the many images of the masked nin in the mirrors and tried to think of a way out of it. He was an Uchiha, he’d think of something.

He and the masked nin were surprised as an explosion rocked the bridge. Sasuke yelped, to his embarrassment, as the bridge crumbled beneath him. As he fell through the newly formed hole and towards the river he felt hands grab him. He gasped from the sudden stop and fought to catch his breath as he felt himself passed rapidly from one pair of arms to another. He watched the water speed by under him until he was flipped up and over the side of the bridge to stumble next to Naruto and several of his Bunshin.

“I was doing fine, I could’ve killed him," Sasuke growled out.

Naruto turned his head and stared down at Sasuke from the railing. He sneered beneath his hood which gave him an oddly menacing appearance with half his face shadowed.

“You were about to die Sasuke. You’re exhausted and weakened from the barrage of needles. This is about the mission, not you useless pride. I’ll take care of the masked nin and you go watch Tazuna with Sakura.”

Sasuke growled at being talked down to by the dead last, but couldn't deny he was exhausted. With a glare and a sneer of his own Sasuke turned and walked over to where Sakura was.

Sakura’s eyes brightened as she saw him approaching.

“Is it over, did you win?” she questioned with hope in her voice and wide eyes.

Sasuke frowned as he turned back towards Naruto and the dome. He shook his head as he leaned against the railing of the bridge next to Tazuna.

“I was beaten, Naruto got me out of the dome. He’s going to fight the masked nin now, for all the good it’ll do. The dead last can’t best me and I lost.”

Sakura frowned and turned towards the dome.

“You’re styles of fighting are different Sasuke, you’re a melee and ninjutsu fighter. Naruto is a distance fighter and that’s probably the best way to fight that masked nin. He’s fast and seems to need to capture someone to beat them. If he can’t get close enough to Naruto to capture him, then he can’t beat Naruto,” Sakura explained as she chewed on her bottom lip.

Sasuke grunted and stared at the dome and the shadow of Naruto standing on the rail several dozen feet away.



Smoke and dust filled the dome and obscured the masked ninja's view. He anxiously looked around only to gasp at the hole in the middle of the dome. He looked through the hole and saw the cloaked bow wielding genin that had injured Zabuza before. His blue eyes were staring at him and suddenly he lifted his hand, middle finger raised at him. The genin then chuckled and poofed into smoke. The masked nin left the mirror half way to look around.

“Where is he?” he questioned the air anxiously.

Then the air was filled with the sound of shattering glass and his body felt as if it had been hit by a dozen high speed blunt kunai.


Naruto stared at the dome and lifted his bow, loading an arrow as he carefully watched the dome. He felt a clone disperse and gained the memory of the only mirror with an image in it. Then he caught sight of the shadow leaving a mirror in the middle. He smirked and let the arrow fly.

Nearly thirty blunt arrows fired in a spraying formation straight into the dome. The force shattered the mirrors and slammed into the masked nin who crashed into the ground and rolled.

Naruto grinned as he leaped off the railing and towards the fallen masked nin. He was fast approaching him when the nin moved. The masked ninja spun around to face him and flung a Kunai straight at his chest. Naruto was going to fast and was too close to the masked nin to dodge. Instinct acted and he felt his chakra mold without his hands moving. A clone of him formed in front of him, grabbed the Kunai and threw it back at the injured masked nin. The nin was too injured from the arrows to dodge, having not been able to fully stand after throwing the kunai. The kunai slammed into the right side of his chest.

The nin gasped and wet cough was heard as blood dripped out of the bottom of the mask. The nin fell to his knees as the mist began to clear.

Naruto didn’t notice the clearing mist as he stared at the clone in surprise. He hadn’t made a hand seal, but the clone had been formed. The clone looked at him with equal confusion, but was dispelled into smoke as a wave of ice needles sprayed through him. Naruto was just fast enough to close his metal meshed cloak around him. The needles shattered against the cloak, but he was still thrown backwards from the force of the wave. He rolled backwards until he came back up on his feet. Noticing the mist cleared he turned and gasped.

The masked nin had pulled the kunai out of his chest and was charging at Kakashi's right side as the copy cat nin was rushing towards a captured Zabuza with a sparking Jutsu around his hand. The masked nin would get to Kakashi just before Kakashi would get to Zabuza. With a grunt he pulled his left arm up, which he now realized was likely broken, aimed the bow and let loose a few arrows before he dropped the bow and it vanished along with his cloak and armored wear.


The masked nin groaned as blood began to fill his lungs. He’d failed Zabuza and was not long for the living world. The mist began to clear and he heard a chirping sound. Turning he gasped at the sight.

Zabuza stood captured by several dogs and the copy cat ninja was rushing at him with a sparking electric jutsu on his right hand. ‘Chidori’ thought the masked nin. He mustered the last of his strength and yanked out the kunai in his chest. Blood began to flow, but he forced himself to act.

With one hand he formed a series of seals and a wave of ice needles sprayed up from the hole in the bridge slamming through a clone and into the distracted bow wielder. Seconds later the masked nin was rushing towards copy cat Kakashi's right side. He’d get there just in time.

He was feet away when his body was thrown off course. He saw a blue flash exit his chest which was quickly followed by a spray of blood. He began to fall forward and as the bridge came the world darkened. He heard a bloody gurgle not his own and thumb of a body hitting brick only feet away. With the last of his strength he turned his head to stare into the glazed eyes of the Demon of the Hidden mist.



Kakashi breathed deeply as he stared at the two fallen bodies. That had been close. The kid would've gotten him if Naruto hadn’t fired that shot. Three arrows had torn through the kids back and out his chest just as He slammed the Chidori into Zabuza’s heart. He turned around and gasped in relief. His genin were OK.

Sakura and Sasuke were making there way towards him with Tazuna trailing behind him. Naruto sat with his legs bent in front of him and his right arm on his knees. His left arm was cradled into his stomach and he seemed to be look down at it.

Suddenly clapping filled the air. The Konoha ninja and the bridge builder turned towards the land side of the bridge to see an old man with a cast covered arm and a cane standing in front of a crowd of men, one of which was clapping for the injured tyrant.

“Glad you took care of those two. Now you’re all so weakened my men wont have any problems killing you. Then things can go back to the way they were.” Gato, as that was the only person he could be, said with mirth in his voice.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes, knowing he was too weakened. Sasuke also narrowed his eyes and growled. He couldn’t even activate his Sharingan. Sakura looked nervous and Tazuna had paled.

“You know the first thing I'm going to do after leaving here is have some fun with that pretty daughter of yours. Then I’ll let my men have their fun before we use her to set up a brothel.” Gato said with a chuckle, lust shining in his eyes.

Suddenly a malicious killing intent filled the bridge. Everyone froze and turned towards it. Naruto was still crouched on the ground, but his hair was whipping in a fierce wind caused by red chakra spiraling around him in a small spinning dome. He lifted his head so red slitted eyes stared straight into Gato's.

“You’re a despicable creature. Your are the filth that stains this world like the sludge of sewers." Naruto’s voice was deep and gravely.

He stood and began walking towards the suddenly silent and frightened crowd of thugs. Malice was shining in his eyes.

“You don’t deserve to walk this earth. You would thoughtlessly perform such a perversion to an innocent woman and happily oppress an entire island of people. You are nothing but a walking corpse. It's time for you to become a buried one.”

With that Naruto stopped about twenty feet from the frozen men. He lifted his now healed left arm in front of him and with a sick grin he spoke,

“Shu-to Dzuki Kiru Yvonne”

The bow that formed was not the usual green and silver bow. The bow itself looked like twisted wood. the majority of it was blood red with black tips on the three ends of the Y bow. The Lion head was no longer noble looking, it was twisted and skeletal.

Naruto grinned as he aimed it straight at the frozen Gato. He pulled back and a dark red arrow formed, much thicker than his normal arrows. He locked eyes with the man who had caused so much trouble for such a peaceful land. He’d killed hopes and dreams, destroyed families, and violated some of the most precious virtues held by women and children. He’d be turned to ash and then his soul would burn forever in hell. With a twisted grin he let the arrow go.

It was unlike any shot he'd fired before. This was the third power of the bow. The ability to act like a canon, launching a giant beam of chakra. The red chakra was made of intense heat. It fired off with a boom and soared towards the group of thugs, the air rippling around it. It slammed directly into Gato, turning his body to ash in a flash of light. It followed through and burnt away all the thugs who had clustered into a group. IT continued on, cutting a wave into the forest and shaking the earth for miles around. The beam finally dissipated as the red chakra seeped out of Naruto and the twisted bow and armored clothes vanished. He stared at the large swatch of destroyed land and ash mixed with dirt.

“Have fun in hell you filthy piece of shit," Naruto muttered as he toppled forward.

His face slammed into the bridge as he passed out. The awed group gasped and Sakura ran towards him as Kakashi followed at a more sedate pace.

“He’s just exhausted all his chakra. He’s also injured so he’ll likely be out for a while but it’s nothing to worry about,” Kakashi said as he turned to Tazuna,”We should make our way back to your house.”

Tazuna nodded and Kakashi threw Naruto over his shoulder and the group moved back towards Tazuna's house. All the while Sasuke was sending an envious glare at Naruto's body.
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