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The Pros and Cons of Breathing

by fameislessthaninfamy 3 Reviews

I've recently discovered my love for writing gruesome horror stories.. This is my first attempt at one, so please enjoy..

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As the van pulled into the parking spot in front of a small cabin, Emily couldn't help but shiver. "Here we are," Krystle announced from the driver's seat. "Lot C-5!" She smiled at Spencer, in the seat next to her. He turned around to the rest of the van. Trish was sharing a seat with Jon, but didn't seem to mind as they cuddled. Emily looked frightened, and was clinging to Ryan, who was trying to comfort her, confused as to why she was scared. And, as usual, Brendon and Kaitlin were in the very back, all over each other.
"Something about this place really rubs me the wrong way, guys.." Emily said, pointing at the cabin. "Nonsense," Trish said cheerfully. "It'll be fine. It's just a normal cabin."
Emily looked at Ryan, straight into his soul, and said "You believe me, right? Something's just not right here.." He just smiled, took her hands, and said "I'm sure no one's gonna get hurt, honey." They all got out of the car and went to take their bags inside. A few minutes later, Emily was unpacking her things when she heard a scream from outside, and a loud crunching sound. "Oh my God.." she shouted quickly, and ran outside. The others looked at her as she ran through the hallway, then at each other. Jon looked next to where he stood and asked, "Where's Trish?"
They all looked back to where Emily was running and flocked outside.
Emily was frantically running back and forth by the car. Spotting Krystle, she shouted "Throw me the keys! No time to explain!"
Krystle did as she asked, and Emily ran to the driver's seat.
She pulled the car forward, and a mangled body came into view from under the wheels. "Is that..." Kaitlin started, and Jon finished the sentence. "Trish!"
Emily got out of the seat and ran back to the group, as Jon cradled Trish's lifeless body in his arms.
Emily inspected the body. Somehow, her hands were tied together, the rope red with her blood as it dug in. There were bizarre marks carved into her skin, like nothing any of them had seen before. Her ribcage and legs were broken, as seen by her various shattered bones poking through her skin. On the back of her head there was a large, bloody welt that matted her hair.
The most noticeable feature, however, was the tire track spread across her torso. It tore through her shirt partially, and they could see the heavy bruising underneath.
Emily eventually turned away from the scene. She, and her gag reflex, had seen enough, and she took a few steps away and emptied the contents of her stomach into a small ditch. Ryan held back her hair and patted her back, as Jon finally stood up. "We should take her.. and go home," he stated, his voice quivering. He walked inside and the others outside could hear him crying loudly. Krystle took her keys back and jumped into the driver's seat. She tried to start the car, but the engine just fizzled. "Out of gas," Krystle announced. "Where's the gas can?" Spencer pulled it out of the back. "Empty," he said, shaking it. "At least, not enough to get us anywhere. We used it up on the way here, remember?"
"Oh, yeah," she said, smacking her forehead. "Damn. I guess the most we can do at this point is stay inside until we can call for someone." They both went inside, and the rest followed.


It was about 7 o'clock when the power turned off. There was a huge crash as the transformer blew out. Another crack, this time thunder and lightning, and it started to rain. Jon was holed in his room, and Krystle, Spencer, Emily, and Ryan were trying to start a fire in the fireplace. Brendon and Kaitlin were on the couch together. "Looks like we don't have any wood," Emily observed. There was a giggle from the couch, and a "that's what she said", and Spencer turned. "How 'bout you guys go and get the wood then?"
They giggled out the door, and went out behind the cabin where a pile of firewood and an axe lay against the wall. "Guess we need to chop this..." Brendon mumbled, now bored. There was a crash of lightning and Kaitlin clung to him. "Oh, Brendon, I'm frightened! We're out here alone and whatever killed Trish could still be out here too!"
"That was just the parking brake," he said, starting to massage her shoulders and subtly pulling down the straps of her cami. She smiled at him, with a look in her eyes that he recognized. They stripped each other of clothing and went at it on the woodpile. They could't hear anything over the rain and their own sounds. Especially not the loud footsteps stomping though the mud towards them, or the axe being lifted off its spot..

[[Okay! so there it is. the first chapter! I'd appreciate reviews very much. Constructive criticism is helpful! :D -Emily]]
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