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Vampires will never hurt you (I promess)

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After a while the car stopped and the door slide opened I was about to get up when he pushed me back and told me to stay. I looked at him like he was crazy.

”Mikey watch her make sure she doesn’t get away.” I looked at Mikey who just smiled and got into the back with me.

”Wear are they going”

”no where.” But there not in the store and there

”Just leave it alone asked Gerard okay.” I looked at mikey then out the window


”Are you hungry do you want something to eat or a drink.”

”No that’s okay” then it came I heard the loudest tummy growled ever. I heard Mikey chuckle.

”I think your stomach going agients you there.” I smiled at him then he opened the door and we went to the station to get some food. I looked around then I saw it a bathroom my ticket to freedom.

”Mikey I have to go to the bathroom bad.”

“Fine but be fast.” I walked in and locked the door and looked for the window but there wasn’t one there.

”Ah shit.” I actually had to go so I went and walked out. I graved some chips and a bottle of pop. After a couple minutes we walked out back to hell.

”Mikey where are we going after they get back from where ever they are.”

”I don’t know ask Gerard that. Hey you want to play a game of cards.” I looked at him and smiled he was nice to me.

”okay” he graved the card and we started to play go fish but of course I rocked at that game and I won every match so far. Till I heard the van door being opened and the guy piling in
I looked at Frankie who had sort of a shimmer of red in his eye but then again everybody who came back did. I shook the thought out of my head I noticed the sun was coming up it looked to perfect.

”Ray fined a motel to stay in for the night.”

”It’s not night.” I whispered but yet again he heard me I was slapped again.

I looked down to the floor the van started to move again then a hour or so we pulled into a parking lot everybody got out except me I just stared at the same spot till some one taped my shoulder. I looked up and Frankie was smiling at me.

”Are you coming.”

”NO.”I was pulled out then thrown over Frankie’s shoulder.” I started to laugh I didn’t no why but I did.

”Put her down Frankie she can walk you know.” I looked at Gerard he looked pissed off.
Gerard went inside and left me with Mikey Frankie and the other two how I found out they where Ray and Bob. Frankie had picked me up again and was giving me a piggy back ride when I heard the door open and out came Gerard.

”Frankie I told you to put her down.” Frankie put me down but stayed very close to me

“Frankie and Mikey you’re sharing a room Bob and ray and you and me.” I looked at him then at Frankie.

”Oh my god no way in hell am I sharing a room with you.” Gerard gave them there key then graved my hand and dragged me to our room.

”I’m going to have a shower don’t try anything I mean it. Or you’ll regret it.” I waited for the water of the shower to begin to make my run for it. I looked at the door and then at the bathroom. Then I jumped of and ran to the door I twisted the handle but it was locked I quickly shot my hand up to the lock and pulled it back I throw open the door but was thrown back with tremendous force. I looked up to see Gerard standing in nothing but a towel. He locked the door then walked over to me and picked me up. I was slapped in the face a couple times before he stopped.

”I told you not to do anything so now you get the option of coming in the bathroom with me or getting tied up.” He smirked at me.

”I’d rather be tied up that be in there with a perv like you.”

”Oh I was looking so forward for you to come with me but ill have to tie you up.” He graved some rope and tied my hands to the bed poll and went back to the shower.

”Oh and after I get out you’ll get your punishment.
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