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I hide behind these words but I'm coming out

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I woke up to Joe beating me with a pillow. Fucking asshole! I hit him back and chased him to the back of the bus. Pete was passed out on the bed back there. Asshole took the good bed. Joe jumped onto the bed and I followed suit and we continued our assault on each other. Pete abruptly woke up and yanked me down and began to beat me too.

"You guys can't gang up on me! Not FAIR!" I tried to escape the bed and failed. Pete held onto me and I tried to crawl away. We heard someone clear their throat from the doorway and a dog jumped onto the bed. We looked up and saw Ashlee Simpson herself standing in the doorway and she didn't look too happy. Here was her boyfriend pillow fighting in a bed with another woman. Joe and I gathered our pillows and left them in the back alone.

"Think he's in trouble?" I whispered and Joe laughed.

"Oh yea, she is super jealous." Joe rolled his eyes. Sounds like the band deals with her too. Awesome. "Don't get me wrong, she's nice, but not right for Pete."

Hmmmm... it's not really good when your friends don't completely approve of your relationship. Then again my friend's don't approve of mine.

I headed for the bathroom and took a shower and changed into a really cute yellow tee that hung off one shoulder, some dark jeans and my star converse. I dried my hair and applied my eyeliner and mascara and left the bathroom. I decided to head to Patrick's bus and hang out since ours seemed like a battle ground now.

Patrick was sitting at his table eating cereal. I sat down across from him.

"So what's on the Fall Out Boy agenda today that I will be filming?"

Patrick thought for a second before responding. "A photo shoot, radio interview and then just soundcheck and the show." He took another spoonful of cereal.

"Cool," I said. "I am so glad I'll be on your bus tonight."

"Why? What happened?" Patrick looked confused.

"Well Ashlee arrived like 30 minutes ago and I can smell drama." Patrick nodded.

"She can be drama. Since a girl is on tour with us, she'll be dramatic. She is fine unless a female is around Pete. She gets super jealous."

"That's what Joe was saying. I hate drama." Patrick nodded to show his agreement and Joe made his way onto Patrick's bus and Andy emerged from the back.

"Drama?" Patrick asked Joe and he simple gave Patrick a look like why did you even ask. Andy went straight to the fridge and grabbed a soda and sat down next to Hayden.

"So you met Ash huh?" he asked.

"Well not really. She cleared her throat in front of me and I left."

"Yeah she's pretty dramatic," he stated. "I was thinking that we'd all stop and eat out before we head to the photo shoot. I don't want any fast food." Andy looked around and everyone nodded. We knew that fast food would be our main source of food for the next few months.

We all ate at some restaurant in town and then headed to the photo shoot. Ashlee was there and she seemed pretty calm compared to earlier. She was actually pretty friendly towards me. We joked around while the guys did their shoot.

After many hours, I returned to the Neatfreak bus and undloaded my stuff into the bunk I would occupy for the night. Patrick walked onto the bus to change. When he emerged from the back he looked frustrated.

"What's wrong?" I was confused since he seemed happy about 2 minutes earlier.

"I can't find my hat. I wanted to wear the red one with the yellow letters on it," he was looking around. I began to help him search for it and it was lodged under the couch cushion.

"How the fuck did it get here?" I laughed as I handed it to Patrick.

"That's fuckin' weird," he laughed too and we made our way to the venue for the show.
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