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Never Forget

by Clell65619 50 Reviews

Hannah explains, Hermione confesses, Daphne decides, Rita overhears, Molly believes and Ginny gloats

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  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Zen2099 2008-04-06 01:41:45 AM

    That was brilliant! What a great way to get rid if Ginny, and since it was done so publically she can't hide the fact she's just a gold digger. If Ginny keeps pushing Harry could always call on the life debt she owes him from Chamber and word it in such a way that she can't go after him, or send friiends or family members after him.

    I can't wait to see what's next in this and Technomage, and Betrayal.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Anaknisatanas 2008-04-06 10:04:46 PM

    Great prank on Rita. I was laughing so much ! I look forward to the next update of this story and seeing more Harry/Daphne.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Tsu_Awakened 2008-04-10 12:41:58 AM

    Loving the story, cant wait for an update.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) opinki 2008-04-14 09:14:35 PM

    Good Chapter...but I have a question of another another nature. Does the author perhaps remember a skinny freckle faced girl nick named Soogie from his RHS drama days?
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) opinki 2008-04-14 09:23:05 PM

    Lets try that again because Im not sure it worked as Im new to all of this.
    Great chapter. I was wondering, however, if the author happens to be the same guy who was friends with a a skinny freckle faced girl nick named Soogie from his High School Drama Days?

    Author's response

    - Great Googley Moogley

    - Carol Brazil right? How are things? I've checked you don't have a PM contact listed, either pm me or try
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Geovanni_Luciano 2008-05-15 08:42:50 PM

    I agree on your exchange rate explanation and do not recall canon mentioning directly what the going rate was. It's fan fiction that has ruled the hype with it's regard. Additionally, thanks to hollywood, we have moving pictures of a first year Harry looking into his vault for the first time seeing mountains of gold, not gold alloy.

    Geovanni Luciano
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) druikin 2008-07-24 10:17:05 AM

    I love it all until Daphne is sent to the old man. Can't stand it after that.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) tarazboyz 2008-11-14 03:11:11 PM

    I LOVED the prank!! Put those bitchy weasely(intentionally spelled like the animal) women in their place!!!! I laughed all day after reading that. That would be awesome in one of the movies... you should sell your ideas!! Tara
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) noylj 2010-03-20 01:44:49 AM

    The biggest problem I see with JKRs ludicrous 5:1 is that Harry's wand was 7 galleons. If there are about 40 first years, that would be only 280 galleons a year or 1400 pounds a year plus some smaller repeat business. JKR is quite useless with numbers and filling plot holes.
    A wizard's wand is very special and should cost at least several hundred pounds, implying more like 20:1 at a minimum.of course, the idea of a wizard economy can not exist with the small number of people and businesses.
    Nope, they would have to be very dependent on non-magicals for all the basics or they would simply conjure/transfigure everything, and again there is no economy or need for gold.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Fyrwulf 2014-07-29 02:29:13 AM

    One the exchange rate: I think the size of the coin was exaggeration for effect. Anyway, at one point I did some research on this subject and the exchange rate is actually correct if you go back to the mid 1800s. This makes sense given that the British wizarding world seems to be stuck in that same time period.

    As a result the whole monetary system of Britain is actually deflationary. Put another way, if you do a constant exchange analysis, all that gold actually gains value just be existing.

    Of course, that's all meaningless. For one, I would assume doing something like that would violate the statute of secrecy, even setting aside any financial regulations that the Ministry of Magic has. Or the fact that defacing money is usually a felony. If a particularly clever muggleborn, especially a young one, came up with the scheme it would be noticed because they don't come into the world with much in the way of liquid assets. And a pureblood with lots of money isn't likely to think of it because it seems the vast majority have no clue where the muggle world is concerned.

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