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Off With Her Head!

by crystalcrash 8 Reviews

This isn't the chapter i promised you all; read note at the end for more info! Hope you like it just the same ;)

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Fantasy - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2008/04/05 - Updated: 2008/04/05 - 1780 words


  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) asherschick 2008-04-05 09:20:20 AM

    "And most of all, those eyes were not his. His were alive, always wide and the window to all of his emotions." I loved these lines, they made go all mushy inside :)

    I'm so so so satisfied with this chapter, really! Haha, now we all know that she's a bitch!!! YESSS HAHAA xD Though maybe there might be the slightest exaggeration at her characterization, she kinda sounds like the evil women from a film noir =P

    And I'm sure Frankie wasn't hallucinating, I want to believe that Gerard really has grown to dislike her.

    Now I'm gonna go over and rate this exciting, meaning that I can't wait for the next chapter. And probably write something myself, after...

    P.S: Oooh, since she turned out to be a real bitch, my previous theory was proved wrong. But I forgot to explain what I meant by her having powers like Peter: Peter adopts the powers of other people who possess them. He's like a power collector. I'd thought someone from the Ruins might have adopted Alyssa's power and he/she would be pretending to be her... Heee, just a theory ;)

    < 33333333

    Author's response

    haha glad you like Alyssa turning out to be a bitch xD

    Ohhh, wow. That is an awesome power, and your theory would have been interesting, but this is headed in a slightly different direction... haha

    Thanks so much for rating ;)

    < 3333333
  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) AshamedToRiseAndBe 2008-04-05 02:14:44 PM

    Yay! Yay! Omfg! Yay!

    Urgh! U almost killed me when u brought alyssa in. Now I'm happy u did! Gerard will find out and be driven straight into Frankie's arms where he belongs.


    Ima do the samw as the above, and rate.

    AJ Xx...

    Author's response

    Hahaha Wow, Alyssa being a bitch makes everyone happy ^^

    Thanks a lot for rating!!

    < 333333
  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) RyanRossLuver 2008-04-05 09:26:17 PM

    Dear god, Alyssa is a bitch and a con artist and a fake....

    I can't wait till Gerard realises who she really is and head from Frankie...hopefully he'll still take him.

    Update soon!
    xox Emmi

    (+1 Exciting for you!)

    Author's response

    Yes, she is all of that ;)

    Thanks for rating and reviewing!!

    < 333333
  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) MCR_dynamite 2008-04-06 02:45:46 AM

    =D Awesome!!! I didn't miss this chapter, cause I put it on alert! But, uh...I didn't check my e-mails until now, so...sorry if I'm a little bit late.

    I hated Alyssa from the moment Frankie saw her >:|

    Loads of thought and possibilties are running through my head right now. Ways that Alyssa could have been heard. I think I'm just getting a little carried away, though! :)

    It was a great chapter, I loved it and can't wait till you update! ^_^

    Author's response

    Oh, you're not late, i just put this up yesterday ^^

    Thank you, I'll update soon ;)

    < 333333
  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) XxlovefrankieroxX 2008-04-06 03:32:10 AM

    Woooh. I havent been online in a while so i just read the last 3 chapters in one go and its like...WOW! :O
    Alyssa really is a bitch and pretending to be Gerard was loow... I thought it was a great idea xD Aaaw, frankie and gee need to get together soon - the tension is killin me!! XD
    Update sooon :]

    Author's response

    haha Glad you like the updates I've made ^^

    Yeah, it is pretty low to trick poor Frankie like that.

    Thanks for the review ;)

    < 3333333
  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) shyflyhigh 2008-04-06 03:04:53 PM


    but on ...the other hand gee will find out or frankie will tell him so it's all good

    for now that is

    Author's response

    hahaha We'll see what happens ^^

    < 3333
  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) aly_ajxxiero 2008-04-07 01:56:51 AM

    Haha, it's like, the first time I read this story, and to tell you, I was amazed:)) On second thought... I loved it a lot... except... I feel like a bitch when I read it.... coz well, my names alyssa:)) haha... Just wanted to tell you I loved the whole story:)

    Author's response

    Yay for new reviewers! xD

    Glad you liked the story, even though a person with your name is a bitch haha. I actually really like that name, its beautiful, and i wasn't going to make Alyssa evil, until i decided it would make things more interesting ;)

    Thanks! ;)
    < 33333
  • The Savior of the Damned

    (#) IeroMyHero 2008-04-07 12:44:17 PM

    Well, god freaking damn it. I have no clue why it took two whole days for me to see that this was updated.

    But, this chapter was just amazing.

    I'm so glad that Frank was right about Alyssa and "The Flaw". And in this chapter, whenever she's talking to Gerard, it's so OBVIOUS that it's fake. Maybe that's cause Frank found out about her before Gerard came, but...whatever; that's beside the point. I think Gerard is getting a bit pissed off. Frank wasn't imagining the look of distaste. He couldn't have been.

    Anyway, I hope things get a little more cleared up soon and we learn the reason why exactly Alyssa came back in the first place. There's gotta be some kinda evil motive behind it, right?

    < 33ed it.
    Update whenever you can.

    Author's response

    Yeah, it's obvious to Frank since he now knows she's a fake.

    They will, don't worry ;)

    Glad you liked it, thanks for the review!

    < 3333

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