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Off With Her Head!

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This isn't the chapter i promised you all; read note at the end for more info! Hope you like it just the same ;)

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Why does it feel like night today?

Something in here's not right today.

Why am I so uptight today?

Paranoia's all I've got left.

I don't know what stressed me first

Or how the pressure was fed,

But I know just what it feels like

To have a voice in the back of my head

Like a face that I hold inside,

A face that awakes when I close my eyes,

A face watches every time I lie,

A face that laughs every time I fall

(and watches everything)

Papercut - Linkin Park

"Frank," he breathed out again.

As I turned around and faced him, I had the odd sensation I was in a dream. Everything seemed to slow down as my senses all strengthened. I could hear my own heart beat furiously, crashing against my rib cage as I tried to slow it down by taking deep breaths. I noticed the touch of the cold air on my skin as I turned, making the hairs on my arms stand up. The silence that surrounded us was incredible; it seemed as if the entire world had erased itself from exist, and the only ones left were the two of us. Gerard and I.

Our eyes met from afar. He was standing considerably straight and had a sort of confidence about him, which made me even more nervous than I already was.

"Come in here, we have to talk," he said quietly, going into a spare room behind him. I followed him uncertainly, noticing the room was just like all the others.

I shut the door behind me, trying to avoid eye contact and staying a safe distance away from him.

"So..." he said in a playful tone of voice that was way out of place. I looked up at him, frowning, and saw his eyes. They looked like his eyes, but they weren't the ones I was accustomed to seeing. What was wrong with him? He had a mischievous smirk on his face, as he walked up to me.

What was he playing at? Was this all just plain old lust for him? It was so much more to me. "What the hell is wrong with you? You think this is a game?"

"Oh, Frank! Lighten up!" He said, grinning devilishly and coming closer to me. "We both know this is what you want!" He was standing right in front of me, tracing a finger along my jaw. I smacked his hand away.

"Fuck off, Gerard. I thought this was something more to you, but it's obvious I was wrong." I was wrong for more than one reason. I squinted my eyes and stared at him. He was acting too weird; he wasn't running his hand through his hair like he always did, wasn't acting nervous at all. Even his characteristic adorable smile was replaced by a self assured grin that wasn't at all like him. And most of all, those eyes were not his. His were alive, always wide and the window to all of his emotions. But the eyes that looked back at me... were dead. They showed no emotion at all. "Who are you?" I snarled.

Throwing his head back, he laughed evilly. Suddenly, he grabbed my head violently and pressed his mouth against mine.

With my eyes open in shock, I pushed him away. That kiss lacked all the love and passion Gerard's kisses always had. That one only had brute force. Then it hit me; it could only be one person."Alyssa?" I whispered in disbelief.

"Yes it's me, you little fag! It sure did take you long enough to realize I wasn't your precious Gerard!" She said those last two words holding the sides of her face and using a baby voice.

I stood in total shock without being able to utter a single sound. She slowly morphed back into her female self, her voice changing as she continued to talk angrily. "I knew there was something between the two of you, and your hurt little eyes only prove it!"

The only thing I could manage to say was,"How did you...?"

"Know?" she finished for me in a high pitched voice. She let out a short sarcastic laugh. "I'm not an idiot like the rest of the people around here, you know. I could see the way you two always glanced at each other, nervous and sad at not being able to be together!" I looked up at her hopefully at that; Gerard was sad too? "Every time I asked something about you or he talked about you, his face would turn all happy and dreamy like... it's disgusting! Well, guess what, asshole, I'm back! And he loves/me/! Did you really think Gerard would ever fall in love with a fag, when he has me?"

I stood watching the girl in front of me disbelief. It was amazing what an incredible actress she was. The day she told everyone about the Great Escape, she looked and sounded so sweet and innocent it was impossible to not like her. But looking at her now, I had a strong urge to slap her. Hard. She had an ugly expression on her face that was a mixture of disgust, as she had said, and hatred. She voice was squeaky and quite frankly annoying. This Flaw was much better than the one I had found the day of her story. This Flaw... would get her kicked out. Or worse.

Smirking I said, "Is this the real Alyssa, then? The sweet and shy one we saw a few days ago, crying about the horrible torture and kidnapping was a fake?" Crossing my arms in front of me in a challenging manner, I continued, "Well, I must congratulate you; you're one fantastic actress. How did you manage to trick them all for so long? What do you think the others will say about this? What will Gerard think?"

She let out a blood-curling laugh, making me stop my mockery. "Do you really think they would listen to you/? The new kid? The guy who is /love with Gerard, and would say anything about,"pouting and using an innocent voice, she continued, "poor, helpless little Alyssa... just to get in his pants?"

I clenched my jaw, narrowing my eyes at her.

"Do you really think you stand a chance against me? What do you think Gerard will say when you tell him his long lost love... is a fake? That the whole goddamned kidnapping was a plan? Believe you... or me?"

That was it. "You lying bitch," I muttered between my teeth as I started at her, prepared to punch a girl for the first time in my life.

"You wouldn't want me to scream for help!Now would you?" She said in a sweet voice, grabbing my arm with incredibly quit reflexes. I glared at her but stopped in my tracks. "That's a good boy... now why don't you go run along and practice your powers or something? You'll need them in the future, trust me... we'll need them."

I didn't understand what she meant, and was about to ask her, but in that moment we heard Gerard in the hallway. Calling her.

She looked at me with a huge smile on her face, and said in her fake soft voice, "Here I am, /love/."

Gerard opened the door. A small smile appeared on his face as he looked at the pleased girl. His expression changed to confusion as he opened the door wider and saw me standing across from her.

"Frank," he stated, his nervous gaze shifting back to Alyssa. Yep, this was the real Gerard. "What are you two...?"

Alyssa ran over to him and grabbed his arm."We're just getting to know each other. With everything that has been going on lately I never had the chance to talk to him. Frank is such a sweet boy..." she said in a sugary voice. I wanted to chop her head off and parade it around on a stick. Now, that would be entertaining.

"Yeah... he is."

I squinted my eyes at him slightly, but he continued to avoid my gaze.

"Well," Gerard began to tell Alyssa, "Ray thinks you should practice your phasing and agility powers in the Training Room. That's why I came looking for you..."

"Agility powers?" I asked. I thought she could only phase.

"Of course, dear," she told me, smiling falsely. "I have the agility powers any normal cat has... like fast reflexes, for example? We practiced that before, remember, sweetheart?" Turning back to Gerard, she said, "Frank helped me practice my phasing, too, didn't you?" She was looking at me expectantly. I simply stared back, trying to hide my raising anger, and eventually looked away from her.

I wanted her to suddenly melt because of some unknown toxin that Gerard and I were immune to, for her arms and legs to randomly fall off, or for a hideous creature to grow out of her neck. I wanted her to freakishly break a leg, fall to the ground, and for Gerard to kick her in the face. None of that happened.

Gerard was uncomfortable. "Yeah, well, you should go practice in the Training Room; it's not safe to practice in the bedrooms... anything could happen."

What was that supposed to mean?

"Okay, I'll go. Will you come practice with me?" she asked Gerard, pouting and rubbing his arm.

I could've sworn he unconsciously moved his body a few inches away from her with a look of distaste on his pretty face. It was probably just my imagination. "Yeah... sure."

Heading towards the door, Alyssa turned to me smiling and waving her fingers. "Bye, dear! We can practice again later, if you like."

Gerard followed her with his head down. Reaching the door, he stopped and glanced back at me. In a soft voice, he said "Bye... Frank," and was gone.

Goodbye Gerard.

Ok, first of all I need to explain something. In the last chapter I promised an awesome chapter which was already half-written, but when I finished it, it seemed out of place a bit. So, this chapter isn't the one I had planned on putting up next, but yeah, I decided to change some things. The chapter I was talking about will probably be put up after this one (after I get some reviews and ratings xD) or after that, haven't decided yet.

Anyways... now you all know Alyssa is a bitch. A lying bitch, at that. Even the Great Escape was fake... we'll find out more about that in the future! ;)

Thanks for reading. You know I love it!

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