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Where did I go Wrong?

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more drama ;D

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Ryan's Pov.
I saw a kind of fury in her eyes that i had never once witnessed in her. Her last words hung heavily over our heads. I deserved it, too. I couldn't believe the words that had left my mouth seconds before. After she got over the shock she moved swiftly to get Ella.

"Maddy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. It slipped!"

"Ryan, you know what your problem is?" She searched my eyes hoping for an answer. I didn't know what to say. "She fucked you up Ryan. You can't trust me because you are afraid I'll do what she did to you. It's not fair. For any of us. We need some time apart, to heal." She started for the door. I slid in front of her.

"Don't walk out." I pleaded.

"I'm Sorry." She said as she began to cry. She pushed past me and left. I didn't want to move, hoping that if i just preserved that moment that maybe she would come back. I thought that maybe if i didnt move things would just work out. They didn't. After 25 minutes of standing with my eye clasped tight, wishing and hoping, I finally slid down the wall and made contact with the floor. I just sat there and stared at the opposite wall with my elbows resting on my knees. She was gone.

* 4 monthes later**

Maddy's pov.

So, its been awhile since that night. There wasn't a day when i didnt thing of either of them. I was still clouded and didn't know how i loved either of them. I'm still in New York, and i love it. As soon as Cruel As School Children (GCH CD) dropped they gym class heroes blew up. Cupids Chokehold took mtv by storm. I was so proud of everyone. Of Patrick, the boys, and myself of course. Its kind of funny. During the video shoot for clothes of i managed to steer clear of Brendon and Ryan but i ran into Keltie. She apologized! I couldn't believe it. We let our grudges go and sometimes when i see her around nyc i say hi and chat for a few minutes. I know her and Ryan were dating again, but they broke up.

"Maddy are you almost ready?!?!" Jane called from downstairs.

"Yea, just gimme a sec."

Tonight we were going to Angels and Kings for some karaoke thing. I'm a bit nervous knowing that BRendon and Ryan are gonna be there, but i am excited to see Jon and Spencer. I miss those guys! I also get to see Ashlee. Ever since her and Pete began dating we've become real close. I've wasted so much money going shopping with her and Jane!

I ran down the stairs to meet Jane at the front door.

"Finally!" She laughed.

"Sorry," I smiled. We hailed a cab and took it to the bar. I stood to the side of the red carpet as everyone was taking pictures. Travis pulled me into a few with him, pete and ashlee.

"Travis is this pretty lady your girlfriend?" One of the many reporters asked.

"No, sadly she isn't," he joked, " but she is one of the greatest producers ever!" he smiled.

"Yea, right," I laughed.

"And whats your name miss?" the reporter asked.

"Oh no, don't worry about it I assured her."

"It's Maddy Soprano!"Travis answered for me. He took one last picture and then we walked into the bar.

"Why did you do that?!?!" I asked.

"Just gettin you some publicity, chill!" he laughed.

"Oh man." I walked into the bar and said hi to a few people i knew from crush management or Decaydance. I gave a bunch of hugs to members of bands that i hadn't seen in the longest time. I felt a tap on my shoulder and spun around.

"JON!" I screamed in excitement.

"WOW! You did miss me!" he laughed and he gave me a big hug.

"How are you? How's the new tour?" I asked excitedly.

"I'm good and the tour is pretty amazing, but it's just not the same without you. Why can't you come back?" He was probably serious in asking me this, but little did he know the reason why i left in the first place. Spencer didn't either. Pete told me that Ryan and Brendon told them that i was just ready to further my career and take the next step. "The rest of the boys are here, do you wanna come up to the booth and see them?"

"Um you know what I'm just gonna chill down here for awhile but send Spencer down to say hi!"

"Oh right, sorry forgot about the Brendon thing," Jon apologized. As far as Spencer and Jon knew about what happened between me and Brendon, they were told the truth. Well most of it. They just knew that Brendon cheated on me with Keltie and thats how both Ryan and I ended up living together for like 3 days.

"Haha its fine. I got some scmoozing to do but tell Spencer to some find me!" I laughed. I made my way around the party smiling and saying hi to everyone else i knew, or kinda knew for that matter. I wasn't big on these kinds of parties. The kind that were just for publicity. Fun really wasn't aloud. It was more so, look like you are having fun but be professional. I made my way to the bar and got a shirley temple. Yes, Pete specifically told the bartenders not to serve me alcohol at these kinds of parties. I was pissed. Nonetheless i took my drink over to a secluded corner with a comfy loveseat and placed the drink down on the table. I placed my head in my hands and pressed my temples. I huffed and puffed a little and felt a warm hand on my shoulder.

"Can I sit?" he asked as he flashed that earth shattering smile.

"Uh, sure," i replied.

"I've been looking all over the place for you. I haven't seen you in the longest time!" What he was probably trying to say was," I've been looking all over for you. I miss you".

"Yeah, I've been really busy," I replied politely, "So what's new? How's the tour?"

"Fun. Alright i guess. Lonely. Ryan's been moody the entire time."

"Oh, how come?"

"I dont know. He's got a bit of an ego lately and all he does is sleep around."

"Really? That pretty girl right there isn't his girlfriend?"

"Nope. Flavor of the week?"

"And what about you? You're not gettin your freak on, brendon?" i laughed.

"HAH! psh, please."

"Well I got to get going," I said and i began to push off the couch.

"No!" Brendon pleaded as he lightly caught my arm. "Please don't I miss you so much and all i want to do is talk to you."

I sighed and looked around the room.

"We can talk about anything. It doesn't have to be about us. I would just like to be around you."

"Alright," I smiled.

"Good," he smile back," So how's New York?"

"It's cool i like living here."

"Do you have an apartment?" he asked taking a sip of his beer.

"No a townhouse. It's really cool. It's in the village and it's got a little rooftop garden. Ella loves to go on the roof."

"How is that fury little thing?" he asked jokingly.

"Fine, she's just fine," I responded. An awkward silence fell between us. "God i hate these parties."

"Yeah me too," he responded blankly as he mused at something in the distance.

"You wanna go for a walk?" I suggested.

"I'd love to," he replied with knee-weakening grin.
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