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Time Enough

by Clell65619 28 Reviews

The last of the contracts are returned, Luna takes it very well. Dumbledore eavesdrops... Moody makes threats.

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  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) axelrajr 2008-04-12 07:10:17 AM

    i liked this chapter. bit on the short side, but a good read.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Wolfric 2008-04-12 07:18:01 AM

    I enjoyed the chapter. I can only assume that if you reveal the actual death of Voldemort it will either be incredably mundane or completely improbable. Thanks for writing. W.

    Author's response

    - Would saying he beat himself to death when Harry dropped him into a field full of rakes ala Sideshow Bob be too much?
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) DJ32 2008-04-12 08:18:14 AM

    Why do Harry and Tonks hate Remus? Did I miss that or is that fourthcoming? Grate story keep it up.

    Author's response

    All should be revealed next chapter.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) dennisud 2008-04-12 08:22:27 AM

    I think for future reference I suggest a portkey for Dumbles to either end up in the Magically gay section of either San Paulo or San Francisco!


    As for this story, even though I'm fully with harry having Harmione, Luna, Daphne, and etc... This KICKS-ASSSSS!


  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) banner 2008-04-12 09:52:22 AM

    happily imagining what the Patil girls are going to do to their brother

    I'm really enjoying what Harry and Neville are doing to Dumbledore. That scene with the Patils was perfect. I can't decide if I WANT to know what happened with Remus.
    I'm having fun with this story.

    Author's response

    - As I see it the biggest problem the girls had with it was the low asking price...
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) jabarber69 2008-04-12 11:44:17 AM

    Hey I personally think you ought to have Daphne and Tracy agree to the concubine theory for Luna, add Susan and Tracey to the Harem and you got one hell of a deal with Daphne as first wife and the others as...
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Aelfwine 2008-04-12 11:55:12 AM


    I love the latest (not) killing Voldemort story. I'd almost feel sorry for Dumbles, excepting that he deserves it.

    Luna's scene was great fun, although I have to admit that I somewhat wish she were serious, and that Daphne were willing. ;-)

    Author's response

    - The next story is better, and will drive Dumbles completely around the bend.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Cateagle 2008-04-12 11:58:44 AM

    - I just figured Moody had to be related to SOMEONE, so why not (besides who better to give the 'hurt her, you're road kill' speech?)

    Oh, I quite agree and I suspect that he's not going to approve of Albus' machinations when he finds out, if he hasn't already.

    Now, I quite agree with your description of Molly and Ginny; Arthur seems to be more open-minded but even in canon you get a sense that there's still a feeling of pity on his part for the "poor muggles". chuckle I wonder how he'd take the extereme short form version of how airplanes fly, "fast air sucks"? That's a very loose interpretation of how a wing works, but it is accurate (I should know, aerospace is my profession).

    Author's response

    - I don't really see Alastor being all that understanding if Albus starts messing with his family...
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) Anaknisatanas 2008-04-12 03:25:15 PM

    Loved the story they fed to Dumbledore.

    Author's response

    - The next one is even better.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

    (#) grell 2008-04-12 04:17:51 PM

    Solid greatness as usual.

    I feel the dementia creeping up on Dumbles everytime he speaks.

    I will just point out one thing:
    “Not once in the history of mankind has the waiting pathetically in the rain for her to notice you ever worked, sir.”

    Unless your:
    A. John Cusack
    B. Armed w/ a boombox and Peter Gabriel.

    Lovely work as usual, thanks for sharing.


    Author's response

    - Thank you

    - That's pretty much what I'm going for.

    - I prefer to pretend that movie never happened.

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