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Secrecy All Around

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Everyone has their secrets. Some are dangerous, while others... are just heartbreaking.

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Lies make it better
Lies are forever
Lies to go home to
Lies you wake up to
Lies from the alter
Lies make you falter
Lies keep your mouth fed
Lies till your death bed

Lies - Billy Talent

I sat in the control room with Bob watching as Aileen practiced her new power. There were various objects all over the Training Room differing in shape and size for her to try to phase through. This training consisted in running around the room trying to phase through the bigger objects while jumping over or simply avoiding the smaller ones. It would allow her to have more control over her power, becoming solid or not whenever she wanted to and without too much effort. She had trouble at first and crashed into a few objects, or fell inside the ones she tried to jump over, which Bob and I thought was pretty funny. She had threatened to send us to hell in our dreams if we didn't quit laughing about it; we stopped instantly.

Kat walked into the Training Room and went over to Aileen, who smiled at her happily. Iwatched the two of them chat about something we couldn't hear since we had the speakers turned off. I hadn't talked to Kat about what had happened with Gerard; I'd have to thank her for not telling Alyssa about the shirts she found on the floor, and I was sure she'd be thrilled to hear the news about the two of us.

Turning to Bob, I asked, "Have you trained today?"

He stared off into the Training Room with a weird look on his face.

"Bob?" I called, but still, nothing. Frowning, I tried to see what he was looking at but only saw the girls and the same objects that had been there for the last hour.

"Bobooooh!" I sing-songed, finally making him wake up from his trance.

"Huh-what?"he asked, looking a bit lost.

I laughed."What're you looking at, man? You were like hypnotised or something."

Blushing abit, he shook his head. "No, I was just thinking."


"Nothing... just, stuff," he managed, looking away but stealing glances of the Training Room every few seconds.

"Oookay, then. Anyways, I asked if you've trained already today."

He shook his head once again.

"You can train with Kat; Aileen said she was only going to train for an hour, and it's already been more than that. I'm going to go talk to Kat for a second and then she's all yours; she hasn't been in here yet either."

I got up from my cushioned seat (one of the few in the stone building, all the other chairs outside of the Training Room seemed to be made to be uncomfortable), and left the room as Bob slowly nodded, still seeming lost, far off in the land of teletubbies.

As I walked up to the girls, the giggles and chatter slowly died down.

"Hey, don't stop talking now, it'll look like you were talking about me," I teased them, grinning.

"That's because we were talking about you..." Aileen started, trying to hide asmile.

"...and believe me, nothing good was said," Kat finished for her, grinning mischiefely.

I quickly lashed out my hands, giving them both a squeeze on their waists, causing them to jump back and double over. "Ticklish, huh?" Kat slapped my arm playfully in response and we all started laughing.

"Kat, can Italk to you a minute?" I asked her, casting a side glance at Aileen, who got the message perfectly.

"I'll just go... see what Bob's doing," she said, brushing her hair away from her face with a single movement of her hand. I watched her walk towards the door.

"What's up?" Kat asked, crossing her arms front of her.

"Well, it's about... me. And Gerard." I trusted Kat, of course, but was still embarrassed to tell her the news, even if it was good... sort of.

"Yes...?" she asked again, trying to hide a smile.

"Well we... we've sort of... we've worked things out... kinda-" "Kinda" was cut off by her shriek as she bounced up and down happily, and then threw her arms around me.

My surprised expression was quickly replaced with a huge grin in the face of her happiness.

Letting go, she said excitedly, "That is so great! I'm so happy for you! The both of you!"

Rubbing my head, blushing slightly, I responded, "Thanks... I'm pretty happy about it too. But-"

"So those two shirts I found on the floor... meant what I thought they meant, after all?"She said, as her grin grew.

My blush deepened. "Y-yeah. We were there, in the room when you came in, we were... really into it, and then you came in."

Covering her mouth with her hands, she said, "Ohhh, I'm so sorry Frank, I cut you guys off!"

I giggled at her. "Don't worry about it. He said he needed to talk to Alyssa about... us before... anything else."

"Did you tell him how you feel? What did he say?" she asked eagerly.

"Well, yeah. At one point, he told me Alyssa wasn't the one he thought about all day, that he thought she was the love of his life but that he was wrong and that... he said he needed me, and loved me," I finished with a corny smile on my face.

"Aww! What did you say?"

"Well, Itold him what I felt too... that I... I..."

"Love him?"she asked, hopefully.

I nodded sheepishly. "Yeah. I told him I loved him, too."

"Oh, that is so beautiful," she said, clasping her hands together. "But wait a second, how could you guys have been in the room? I walked in, and it was empty, and it's not like the room was big enough to hide in."

"We were invisible," I told her, grinning.

"Say what?"she asked, with a hand on her hip.

"We were talking and then he started walking over to me, and started turning invisible-"

"Wow, that's hot," she cut in.

I sighed, daydreaming and remembering how the heat in the room seemed to rise with every step he took towards me, as he started to go invisible... how I couldn't see him, but only feel him against me, pressing me up on the wall... "Tell me about it," I said in a low voice, getting hot just from the recent memory.

After I few seconds too long, I woke up from my dream world to find Kat grinning at me and just watching my face. She burst out laughing. I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks as I pushed her away.

"Wow," she repeated. "just... wow." She laughed as she saw me trying to avoid her gaze. "Frank, I'm so happy for you too, really. He'll talk to Alyssa, and then you'll two be together. It'll be perfect!" With that, she threw her arms around me again, but this time held on. I smiled into the ash-blond hair, and decided not to tell her about Alyssa and her lies. Not yet, anyways.

"Weren't you leaving, Frank?" asked a noticeably annoyed male voice.

I let go of Kat and turned around to find Bob walking over to us, with Alyssa coming over behind him. She walked over and stood next to Kat, and I smiled at Bob.

"Yep, I'm leaving now... what's wrong, Bobo?" I asked him, seeing the look on his face.

"Don't get jealous, Bobby boy," Kat teased taking a step towards him and taking his arm."Frank was just telling me something important," she said, looking at me and giving me a wink.

To everyone's surprise, Bob yanked his arm away from her, saying angrily, "I'm not jealous, and especially not of him talking to you."

His eyes instantly changed from flaming red to his natural shade of light blue, full of regret, but it was too late; the damage was done.

Kat took astep back, with her mouth slightly open, not knowing what to say, and with ahurt expression on her pale face. She shook her head slightly, bit her lip and then quickly walked to the door. Alyssa ran after her, calling her name. Bob looked after her helplessly, and said too softly, "Kat... I didn't mean it...", while stretching an arm towards her uselessly; Kat and Alyssa were already out the door.

Frowning, Iasked, "What the fuck was that about, man?" I had never seen him act like that; he was always so nice to everyone. I always thought of him as a huge teddy bear. The teddy bear had transformed into a grizzly for some unknown reason.

He shook his head, while his mouth opened and closed, not being able to say anything. Still frowning, I left the room as the girls had done. Before exiting, I took aglance back and saw Bob with his head back, covering his face with both hands.

I walked aimlessly through the hallways, not really going anywhere, but replaying the scene in my mind over and over again, wondering what it was about. As I was about to reach a corner, I heard two female voices exchanging words rapidly.

"...I just want to see it; it has to be absolutely beautiful."

"Alyssa, I'm sorry, but I don't know where it's hidden. And even if I did, I couldn't show it to anyone; its not a museum or anything, you know."

"I know,"she said impatiently. "All I wanted was to see it, just for a minute..."

I turned the corner and saw Aileen and Alyssa; the first was looking around as if hoping to find an escape in the stone walls, while Alyssa looked a bit stressed out. Both of their expressions dropped as they saw me, and were replaced by a fake smile from Alyssa and a sincere smile of relief from Aileen.

"Well,"Alyssa said, clapping her hands together, "I'm going to go see what /Gerard/is up to... he'll probably be looking for me." She shot me a glance that screamed"Ha ha!" Even though I knew Gerard was not looking for her (he was most likely avoiding her or looking for me), I still felt the steam rise inside me as I clenched my fists, trying to avoid punching her right in the face. With one last smirk, she turned on her heels and took quick strides down the hallway. I glared after her.

Turning to Aileen, I asked, "What was that about?"

Forcing alaugh, she waved a hand at me, dismissing my question. "Oh, nothing..."

"Aileen," I stated, knowing she was hiding something. "Tell me what she asked you; it's important. She's after something; I know it."

"What are you so worried about? Besides, I really don't think it's any of your business."With that, she turned around and walked down the hallway in the opposite direction Alyssa had gone. I called after her, but she ignored me and continued forward.

It was obvious: everyone's mission in life was to make things more difficult for me. Why did it seem as if everyone was against me?

So, Bob is acting weird and everyone is against Frank... or so it seems?

Thanks sooo much for the reviews and the ratings. I can never say this enough, it just means so much to me to see other people actually enjoying what I write. Thank you!

On aside note, did you realize that the 24th is only 2 days away? YIKES!No more updates until next weekend (hopefully I'll get a chapter up then).

Thanks for reading, lovelies ;)
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