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The Final Confrontation. And Harry faces Riddle too

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  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) jjracer24 2008-05-07 11:34:25 PM

    This has been a great story and was ended very well. I didn't see the conflicts ending the way that they did, kudos for a great story, it's been an experience. I’m already looking forward to your next story.
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) Terdwilicker 2008-05-07 11:47:07 PM

    Good ending.
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) LabRat 2008-05-07 11:47:49 PM

    So simple, yet very effective. That bubblehead charm was genius. Using the Deathly Hallows ending as a figment of Ginny's troubled mind was classic. Wow, Daphne's spitting them out like a machine. One must wonder if that fertility potion is still lingering in her system. Well, alls well that ends well.
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) Dragen 2008-05-08 01:55:57 AM

    Great end to the story mate, I love how the story went and I can't wait to see what other stories you'll come out with.

    Oh I love what Neville did to Pansy when she was insulting him and his family. And how he talked to McGonagall and the Headmaster when they tried to stop him sorting out Pansy.

    Oh I like how Harry talked to McGonagall when she took Dumblefucks side about what he did to Harry and Hermione.

    I love what Harry to dear old Tom and his Death Eaters, and then how Hermione sorted out Dumblefuck, nicely done mate.

    Could you read and review Harry Potter and the Slaves when you got the time.
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) DrT 2008-05-08 03:10:58 AM

    I certainly enjoyed the ending, and the story as a whole. Bravo!

    And I agree, the canon!epilogue had to be the ravings of a madwoman

  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) BenRG 2008-05-08 03:15:17 AM

    A very interesting and original story. Despite your self-deprecating view that this is something of a cliché story, I think you took a lot of well-trodden ideas in completely new and unexpected directions.

    My particular congratulations have to go to the manner of the fall of the Dark Lord. A victory without a shot fired! Obviously Harry has been reading Sun-Tsu.

    I have enjoyed this ride from the beginning. Was this a perfect story? Well, there is no such beast. There are things that you left out that I would like to have known: What happened to the various secondary characters? How did McGonnagall react to Dumbledore's fall? What are Harry and his wives doing with their lives nowadays? There are others. However, none are really important and none detract from the quality of the narrative and the completeness of the story.

    As I mentioned on CaerAzkaban, I wouldn't have quoted the whole of the DH Epilogue but, hey, it's your story.

    Overall, this is one of my favorite HP stories to date. Well done! You are a talented author equal to Madscientist over on Portkey and Chem Prof on I hope that you can move on 'Marriage Contracts' and 'Technomage' now.

    BenRG's Overall Rating: 8.5/10
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) Teresa 2008-05-08 03:32:33 AM

    Now that was great......I like the way you made Voldy screw himself via that loyalty oath! It's only fair after all, he'd had his nibblers swear their lives and souls to him and since he worshipped pureblood culture so much you'd think he'd appriciate the plan in all of its detail. Neville rocked in his scene with dear Pansy. Hmmmm, all in all she probably got off easier via Tommy then she would have vs Neville. Dumbles's takedown was also great, and it seems so like him that he'd keep trying to use those idiotic tactics of his until the end. I also liked hearing the explanation for a certian epilogue, and that the Weasleys were doing well, especially the twins. If Harry's family is connected via marriage to Luna and Justin's is it possible that someday there might be another connection to Neville and Hannah's ? My thanks for the story, I've enjoyed it very much!
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) morriganscrow 2008-05-08 03:54:19 AM

    A truly excellent conclusion to a most satisfying read!
    I love the out of left field Oath of Death for Tommy, and the modified Bubblehead charm is perfect as the downfall of the arrogant Dumbledore. Who better than brilliant Hermione to take him down?
    The reviled Epilogue as a mad dream of a damaged mind works for me! As does the thought of Harry with 16+ children.
    Well done. I now look forward to reading more of your other stories.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work - it is appreciated!
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) Entilzah 2008-05-08 07:02:08 AM

    Well done, and glad to see a good story in the "Completed" pile.
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) lycus 2008-05-08 09:29:46 AM

    BEST ENDING EVER! that was brilliant. and the confrontations with neville and pansy and the other with harry and minerva were incredable, it did surpries me how much she just followed dumbles without thinking. and now i'm just waiting for you to write another story as brilliant as this witch "includes" hermione as a love intrest. and daphne the baby maker I never saw that coming.

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