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The Final Confrontation. And Harry faces Riddle too

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  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) ssa 2008-08-14 02:04:19 AM

    This is a very good story btw im RanmyukaProdigy on i love all your stories
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) drifter 2008-08-20 05:01:02 PM

    "I" think you have written well and that the story is well worth the time to read it.

    Having already read "Marriage Contracts", Technomage, "Businessman", and "Distaff Side", I should not have been surprised.

    Your ability to take the cannon and find new ways to look age it is what fanfic is all about, but I really liked how you addressed things that really nagged in the cannon: McGongols and Dumbledores blinkers to what they don't what to see; Ron and Hermine's to major obvious opposites: brains, talent, willingness or not to work, etc\; and the fact that Harry and Hermione were a lot closer and more balanced match; AND that that the only reason Harry did not die on a suicide mission with Moldishorts was the Dumbledore died early of a bad case of stupidity.

    I loved your your no shots fired, no friends and companions lost ending. I have been fanfic's for a couple years, and think that ending is unique.

    Again, thanks for a very enjoyable read.

    May the MUSES always be with you!!!
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) fanofkali 2008-11-12 10:48:30 PM

    Excellent story with a very good ending epically how the "Dork Lord" was beaten.
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) keichan2 2008-12-10 10:41:19 AM

    I really liked this story!
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) siledubhghlase 2009-03-27 07:41:05 PM

    Excellent and very imaginative. When Mr. Weasley addressed his family in that first council after Ron and Ginny had been arrested, I actually cried for that poor man. He was heartbroken and his wife was perfectly unrepentant.

    I was wondering if overexposure to the control potion might have damaged Ron's and Ginny's minds and I was right. After all, drug abuse destroys the mind, the body, the heart, the soul, and the family.

    I was glad to see that in a very brief moment of clarity, Ron sort of redeemed himself. For a bried, shining moment, the training the DA offered him paid off.

    I was hoping for the same for Ginny, but no. She was just too far gone. I was glad to see Neville come into his own, too.

  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) kaptin_hippy 2009-04-24 02:08:10 PM

    Truly a supurb story. Great plot line along with terrific writing made this a piece of art. I plan to I've read the rest of your work as soon as possible. Also, I've read Kinsfire's work and it's garbage compared to your's. I personally don't find him "great and powerful".
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) noreenklose 2009-05-13 08:37:57 PM

    Excellent story! I thoroughly enjoyed it from Chapter 1 to the end. Tom's losing his magic, which ended his life, AND all of his DE's going with him, was a masterful stroke!

    The ending was wonderful. Thank you for writing. Please continue with your stories--you are a good writer.

  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) noylj 2009-09-09 12:31:10 AM

    Your use of magic was certainly better than JKR's. Would have loved to Herms or Daphe as MoM, though I always sort of saw Harry and Herms in the DoM, if they had to be in the ministry at all. Did Daphne or Astoria have a son to carry the Greengrass name?
    I love coming back to this story and almost everyone get what they deserve (unlike canon).
  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) kaylee52107 2009-10-07 04:48:00 PM

    I would love to see what you write next. Your a great writer and your stories are great too.

    Thank you,

  • The Acts Of Betrayal

    (#) spaceodin 2009-10-08 04:08:46 AM

    this story was absolutely amazing! though sad at times

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