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O! The Joys of Greener Pastures
I came here from ff.net, and I just had to say that it is so damn nice to have fic updates take place right away. If I make an embarassing typo or if I misplace a word, I don't have to wait up to 24 hours for it to change.

Also, this place is alot cleaner and clearly has more intelligent people populating it.


Glad you like it! I always found the long wait for changes to be frustrating, too--it made me a little nervous, wondering, "Did I really change that?"
I used to just delete the whole thing and replace it, because I was never sure.

The update lag on FF.N is ridiculous.
Yeah, I would sometimes delete and repost too, which should have been totally unecessary.

Oh well. This place is better. It's cleaner, and there are more mature people here. :)
Yes. Not to mention that this site welcomes a more varied range of story formats than FF.net. My opinion is FF.net is shooting themselves in the foot by being too strict.
I've got to agree. Even though ff.net is a much larger site, I'd prefer a smaller site and more mature reviews than what you get there. I went back to ff.net after a few weeks of going on deviantart.com (a fairly mature site) and I was so surprised when I realized just how juvenile the people there are. And they don't have NC-17. What kind of FANFICTION site censors people like that?! ^_^ Heh, ignore my little rant. Anyway, let us praise ficwad!
I used to hate that too...

My main problem with FanFiction.Net, though are reasons such as What's so interactive about answering questions that it deserves to be deleted? and Why do they rely solely on their members to police their work? I mean (for the second one) if someone has a grudge against someone, they can get their account deleted by reporting them three times. They don't even check the claims. I wouldn't check them, yeah, for each report, but when someone has been done to three times, they ought to at least check it out.

Also, I hate that rather than providing an extra filter or two, they've just banned NC17 stuff entirely. Can't even provide warnings and such (like how you have to be logged in here to see it). I wasn't fond exactly of that site I found the other day where your story was deleted if it wasn't deserving of an R or NC17 rating... but I think we should be allowed...

I'm rambling again. Ah... it's been a long time since I have... sighs
To be fair on the NC-17 issue, it is contentious. There's heightened legal risks if you have naughty content, and it's the sort of thing that gets you blocked on internet filtering software...

And on a site the size of FFN, support must be a nightmare to run. Their userbase is massive, and prone to infighting. A problem that we will have to adapt to as we grow...
I get annoyed at FF.net, because there's a lot of flamers who flame just because. I let them all know that I delete all flames if they come, I only accept constructive criticism or good reviews. There's also a lot of immature story tellers who honestly know nothing of the choosen subject.

Everyone here thus far seems mature and know their topics very well.
In all fairness to the ff.netguys, they are very big and very very visible. Fanfiction writing is a fuzzy issue where copyright is concerned, and if anyone gets sued, they'll probably be hit first and hardest.

I am very glad that a big site like that exists; it's about the closest to permanent that one can get on the net.

That being said... Their handling of certain issues needs help. Equating play format with "chatspeak" was a serious insult. Also, it's one thing if they want to stop hosting songfics -- lord knows the music industry isn't keen on letting people play with their toys -- but pretending that it had always been against the rules was wrong. They should have said something like, "For reasons about which we are not at liberty to speak, we will no longer host songfics. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us."

And of course, the way they worded the songfic rule forbids perfectly cited one-line quotes.

Anywho, enough of a rant. This place needs more foot traffic, but I think we'll all see what we can do about that. The "karma" system sounds like a lot of fun.