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A Ticklish Rumble

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Ponyboy goes at it with members of the gang in the most playful of all fights.

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Sodapop woke up on Saturday morning to the sound of Darry making breakfast. He smiled to himself as he remembered his very pleasant evening the night before. He then opened his eyes and let them get adjusted to the light, turning to look at the corner table of his bedroom, staring at the small piece of paper that a girl's phone number was written down. The number was from a girl named Nacey, one of the cutest girls he had ever seen. Spending time with her helped take his mind off Sandy.

Finally, Soda got up and walked out of his room, passing Ponyboy's room, seeing that he was still sleeping as well. Pony had moved back into his own bedroom several weeks ago. To his own surprise, it was Soda who was still adjusting to Pony's absence each night. After yawning widely, Sodapop walked into the kitchen with a huge smile across his face.

"What are you so happy about?" Darry asked when his saw his younger brother, just as he finished placing a large pile of scrambled eggs on a plate. He placed it in the center of the table.

"Stuff," Soda shrugged while cutting himself a piece of chocolate cake, which was also sitting on the counter just waiting to be devoured.

"It wouldn't happen to be that girl you met last night. The one you were drooling all over until one in the morning, keeping me up waiting for you?"

Soda laughed.

"What time is it?"

"Going on nine-thirty. We all slept in." Darry responded.

"That's what Sundays are for."

"Why don't you go wake your brother up?"

Ponyboy Curtis rolled over, blearily staring at his clock that was glowing at him from his bedside table.

Eight forty.

He could smell breakfast coming from his open bedroom door. Pony could have sworn he had heard someone say his name. Then sure enough after about thirty seconds;

"Pony, get up." Sodapop repeated. "Me and Darry will eat everything if you don't."

The only response Sodapop received was an annoyed groan, muffled by the blanket Ponyboy had been hiding under all morning as he buried his head into the feather pillow.

Soda rolled his eyes as an exasperated sigh scaped his lips.

It was apparent that Ponyboy wasn't going to get out of bed willingly, so a grin appeared on Soda's face as an idea came to mind. A rather childish idea, but one that was always effective nonetheless.

"Alright…if you wanna be like that…" he trailed off, carefully beginning to creep towards the younger teen.

Under the covers, Ponyboy had begun drifting back to sleep that Sodapop had bothered him out of. Once the world outside had gone quiet, his pestering brother had presumably gone, so he thought it safe to relax and go back to sleep.

Just then, a heavy weight landed on Ponyboy.

The wind was slightly knocked out of him as Sodapop's fingers wiggled and began tickling his younger brother, making Ponyboy laugh like a mad man. His legs kicked out, making a loud noise each time. Sodapop alternated from armpit to armpit, going full force on both of them.

"AAHAHHAHAHAH NOOOOOO! AHAHAHAHSTOPPPPPPP! HAHHAHAHAAHAH!" Ponyboy yelled as his head thrashed from left to right. The youngest Curtis fought as much as he could but was stuck underneath Sodapop.

Each finger prodded and poked over and over, keeping Ponyboy in stitches the whole time. After a minute or two, Soda started using his index and pointer finger to walk up and down his vulnerable side, just to mess with Pony but still tickle him. Sodapop planned to get his stomach, but he made the mistake of underestimating his ever-agile little brother.

Ponyboy had somehow rolled the both of them backwards, ending up on top of his older brother. Now he was straddled on top of Sodapop, with Soda's arms pinned to his sides by Ponyboy's legs that were wrapped around his upper body.

Pony began jabbing at Soda's unprotected chest and ribs, immediately getting quite the reaction from his brother. Both hands worked over Sodapop, moving with great speed. The one advantage he had was that Ponyboy was faster than Sodapop.


When Pony didn't let up, Soda lunged up and wrapped his arms around his neck, rolling them over again. Sodapop flipped Ponyboy on his back and sat on one arm while he pinned the other behind his head with his hand. This left his entire upper body defenseless and Sodapop's to do what he pleased.


"Holler uncle, Pony!"

Just when Soda was sure of his victory, Ponyboy slipped his arm free and pushed him off of his chest. Sodapop tumbled off the bed and landed on the floor. Before he could get up Ponyboy jumped on top of him, knocking the wind out of Soda.

Ponyboy started tickling Sodapop's feet. The golden-brown-haired teen had tensed up, preparing himself for the impact but was surprised to not feel anything yet. He begged before Ponyboy sparked a ticklish insanity in Sodapop. Pony's fingers tickled across his soles, scraping and tickling every possible inch of each foot.


Ponyboy grinned as he realized he was actually winning.

"Holler uncle, Sodapop." Ponyboy grinned while continuing his tickle assault, ready to finally beat his older brother. However, before Ponyboy could break him, Sodapop managed to get his right arm up and stuck his attacker right in his stomach. Ponyboy fell off and Soda hopped on top of him.

Sodapop's strength was wilted a bit from the previous attack but quickly wrangled Ponyboy's hands and forced them over his head before pinning them to the floor with one hand.

"No! Ugh, God this sucks!" Ponyboy admitted while facing how outmatched he was, but he failed to realize just how much trouble he was in. Soda had stacked Pony's hands on top of each other and with his free hand, tickled Ponyboy's ribs. Once it was enough to weaken him, Sodapop started tickling Ponyboy's feet.


"Holler uncle." Soda grinned, scribbled and scratched his fingers all over Ponyboy's feet.


"I'm not stopping till you do so we can keep going as long as you want." Sodapop taunted as his cocky side came out after realizing it was only a matter of time before Ponyboy tapped.

"AhoAohAaohAaNnNOOoO!" Ponyboy refused even though he very much wanted to, hardly able to stand the tickling of his bare feet.

"You're only delaying the inevitable, you know. You always lose."

Sodapop soon started tickling faster and started showing Ponyboy's toes some attention too, lighting Ponyboy up with a wave of unruly sensations that his body could no longer handle.

"AaohAOhHUUUNNNCCCLLLEE!" Ponyboy submitted after his laughter spiraled into a humiliating high pitch. Sodapop stopped and raised his arms in triumph.

"Hell yeah! I win again!"

Ponyboy was breathing heavily as he twitched from the post-tickling itchiness.

"It's just a stupid game." Ponyboy muttered while rolling his eyes, hating the fact that he was zero for life in tickle fights against Soda.

"I always win." Sodapop bragged as he stroked Ponyboy's foot one last time before getting up off of him.

Ponyboy swore under his breath and just continued to lay there for a couple of minutes before finally deciding to get up. He stumbled out of his bedroom and ran straight into something.

Slightly flustered, Ponyboy back up and quickly realized that he had just ran into Darry's chest. Darry was staring down at him, an amused grin on his face.

"Sodapop came out on top again, huh?” Darry asked.

"You know it." Soda laughed as he made his way out the door.

“I Thought you said you weren’t ticklish anymore Pony?"

“I'm not!” Ponyboy growled, as his voice began to crack.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Positive!” Ponyboy looked over his shoulder to see a devilish grin on his oldest brother's face.

That could only mean one thing.

Once the younger greaser realized what was about to happen next, he tried to dodge but Darry caught Ponyboy's right leg and drug him to the ground. He put him on his back and took hold of both legs. It let Darry keep Ponyboy on the ground by standing up suddenly while holding onto his youngest brother's ankles. That position also had the additional advantage of keeping Pony's straying hands as far away from his body as possible.

Darry's fingers let loose on Ponyboy's feet like a maniac. They tickled and scribbled all over, Ponyboy let out a loud burst of laughter as he was once again subjected to tickle torture. "AAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH NOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHSSTTOOPPPPPPAHAHAHAHAH!"

"Holler uncle, Pony." Darry taunted as Ponyboy struggled to get away, not wanting to be beaten twice.


Soon, Darry began tickling up and down each foot at the same time, exacting even worse laughter from his youngest brother. His nails seemed to electrify Ponyboy as his body bucked and wiggle. After a minute, Darry really let his fingers go crazy on the feet, scribbling and spidering like they never.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAH NOOO MMOOREEE AHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAA!" Ponyboy pleaded as Darry ruthlessly tickled his poor feet non-stop.

"You know the rules!"


Slowly, Darry's tickling turned into light strokes before stopping completely.

For a few minutes, Ponyboy just laid there on the floor before his breathing slowly went back to normal while Darry was still gripping his feet in his hands.

"I hate you both." Pony muttered.

Gasping with fake shock, Darry tickled Ponyboy again.

"You do not."

"COME ON! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW!" Ponyboy yelled, unable to take anymore.

"Heh, gotcha." Darry grinned, finally letting go of Ponyboy's feet. "Next time don't let your guard down so easily."

"I swear, you two…" Ponyboy grumbled, "You two outta come up with somethin' new. Holler uncle's gettin' real old, real fast."

Darry finished getting ready for work before heading out the door. Before going out Darry looked back Ponyboy one last time.

"You're just tired of always havin' to say it."
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