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Looking for a Harry Potter fanfic
I don't know were i read this fic, but i wanted to read the story again, but i have forgotten the name, the author and the site were i read it last time.

I don't know if Dumblebore is evil in this fic or not, but i think he was. I remember that Harry owns a Quiddich Camp dubbed "The Farm" and goes there for a seeker training and later send the weasleys twins there for a beater training. And near the Farm is a reservoir for magical beeings and creatures. Charlie Weasley visit it later for the minidragons that lived there. One or Thunderbirds lived there too, when my memory is correct.

Harry visits Gringotts and lerns from them that "The Farm" existed and that he is the owner. There he sacks the current manager/boss.

I don't now if Harry returns to Hogwarts later or if he goes to another magic school.

Thank you for your help.
the story that follows this one is: The Year of Change, where Harry returns to Hogwarts and everything changes
I loved the story, both of them (1) Summer of Independence and (2) The Year of Change. But there is just a bit to much Quiddich in them.