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Hi there!

I just found this place from a link in someone's signature on DeviantArt. FicWad looked so neat and user-friendly I had to give it a shot. I've been bungling a bit like I usually do at first, but I've got to say these first few hours have been pretty good. I am one happy reader at this place. I've been writing FFVII fanfiction at a somewhat sluggish pace for a few years. I never had much time to spare for it and now I officially shouldn't have any, but I manage to update now and then and I generally make an effort for quality (most of the time =P). At the very least, I have fun writing and if you have fun reading my stories, that's good enough for me. Glad to be here!
Greedings, Ardie. Got a link to your DevA?
Sure. I only doodle for fun now though so there's nothing spectacular.

Heh. I adore the caption on "How to Stop a Fight."
Thanks. People do like that one. :)