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Manage Reviews
Does anyone else think that the "Manage Reviews" link is a chaotic mess? If you have more than one story posted it's quite a hassle to find the review you want to respond to. Additionally, I'm not able to figure out HOW the stories are ordered on that page. It's not alphabetically, and it's not chronologically either. That makes it very hard to find what you are looking for there.

Can't anything be done about this? Or to make things really easy: Would it be possible to get a "Respond to Review" link under the review when you click on it from the author page, not My Account?
I too would like a more orderly "manage reviews" page.
On this subject, how about notices when an author replies to our comments? It is not easy trying to remember where all my comments are, and then checking to see if the author acknowledged them or not. It is an important part of the review process, in my opinion.
And, since this is a break-out site for innovations, what about the possibility of having the comment box pop-up below the story? So often, I want to cite things in the story, but either have to copy before clicking on the review link or open a new page with the story on it for reference. One site I belong to does exactly that: the comment box is below the piece and you can scroll up to the actual item or any of the comments already made, if you are replying to one of them. Granted, it is a poetry site, but the premise is the same.
I think having the review box close to the actual story itself is a good idea, because if you want to refresh your memory, or just quote an example of the author's writing to the author for concrit, you can just cut and paste it. Otherwise, you have to keep bouncing back and forth. Having a mobile review box you can scroll up and down the story itself would be terrific.
I usually just right-click and hit "open link in new window" for that. But yes, I'd love notification of when an author responds to my review.