Home > Writing Tips > ?? i hate it when you see a lot of hits on a story and you get happy and then you see no one reviewed it. WHY DOES NO ONE REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree it does anoy when no one dus because u feel (well i do ) that it wasn't as good as u thort
n i agree it dusnt take a sec to do it thats why i always do nw
Wow, my self-esteem shot to hell after reading these posts.

Every time I read something I try to review it. Except for one time one story was extremely good but I had no idea what to say, saying "Wow" in a review doesn't help people...

On FP the most reviews I've gotten was 8. But it was only because one reviewer decided to review all the chapters singley. The most hits I've gotten on one was 66, the rest were in the 30's and 20's, lowest hit count is 5...

That probably says something about my writing... haha
Even though I know there's leeway for re-reads and such, I get SO annoyed when I have a ton of hits but no/ few reviews. I may write for me, but I post for response
in another fanfic site I write on I get alot of hits and an almost equal amount of reviews

give or take one or two
Hey guys. I haven't been on this site long and was a bit dissapointed at first that I was getting no reviews besides my friends that I told to review. But one thing I noticed that darks00 posted a message on this board and I wanted to thank you cuz you were the first to review one of my peices. And yeah I really appreciate when people review. I'd like to know if I suck or not infact if people tell me I suck that would help alot more than just leaving it blank.
I'll tell you what bothers me more than reading and not reviewing...Reading, negative rating, and leaving.

It's like giving them a story, them reading it, and the RAPEING YOU!

I have six chapters in my original story, and three of which have been negative rated. "Mary-sue", "boring", and then "cliche". Not one of these people reviewed to tell me what in fact they found to be this way.

Freakin' gang bangers...
And, you know what? It is not going to happen. Know why? They do not have to leave you a reason for their rating. Trust me, I have been through this argument. While I would not compare it to raping, I do consider it being either slapped in the face, or sucker-punched. Frankly, I am not sure I even want to know why they rated it so low; I just ignore them, except when it drives the rating below 0 and you cannot see it without resetting the filter. Of course, helpful people will follow me to tell you all the good things about rating.
Honestly, I do not always review what I read. Often I don't because there really isn't much to say. When I review, I like to write a good aspect, something to be improved upon, and an encouraging statement like "Keep them coming!" or "I'd like to see more from you." I found on FF.N that when I did that people would review my work. Although, on occasion, I can't find something nice to say.

I remember a review I wrote once. Something like "I couldn't get all the way through this story. There were too many grammatical and spelling errors that I couldn't read it. Fix your grammar and spelling and maybe we can talk positive."I honestly have no clue what made me write that review.

The one I reviewed reviewed one of my stories to comment on "how horible" it was and that "speling dosn't count, only the plot. Yor story..." etc.

So it seems that when one insults your story or offers concrit, you review them. I prefer the concrit myself.

I tend not to complain about reviews much, because people will say that your story stinks without telling you why, and sometimes getting ten of those reviews is worse than getting 1000 hits with one small review.
Ah, well, this kind of thing happens to everyone. Some people do it to joderte la vida, you know? Screw around with you, bother you, that kind of thing.

I always think I should just be sincere and honest. I find that if the story isn't bad, then most of my thoughts aren't that bad about it. All thoughts are positive if you give yourself enought time to think them.

I find that if someone sticks a really bad review por el culo, I always kind of convince myself to laugh at it. The first ever review (left by "Anonymous") I got for my first ever story said this: "You skipped class when they taught about "the period", right?" At first, I thought that the dude was talking about Usagi's chapter... and I think he found it kinda funny. I almost died laughing... I said stuff like "that guy is FUNNY!" and the type. However, after I gave it some thought and another meaning, and the fact he had reviewed the first chapter, which had nothing to do with Usagi. Once I found it out, I mocked laugh, said "ha, ha, ha very funny" and gave the PC monitor the bird... heh.

However, if you just keep yourself sincere and honest, I think that such petty things as a bad reviewer or a flamer won't bother you at all.

Anwyway, God bless
Gabi Texi
Yeah you guys are all pro reviewers so I was wondering if you could possibly review some of my stories/poems. Check them out.