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utter newbie
Hi! This is my first writing website thing I've ever joined, unless you count DeviantArt, which you really shouldn't. I just posted the story that I'm working on, and my goal for it is 500 words per weekday. With luck, I'll meet it!

Anyway, Hi! I'm looking forward to being here and improving my work.
hey! so if you're looking for feedback, id suggest joining as many sites as possible!! i know of hecka, but they're basically all in the harry potter fandom.
oh! i dunno if you've heard of elfwood... its only for original works tho; no fan ficcing tear I'v gotten great feedback there tho!!
So, id look into joining elfwood and fanfiction.net! Happy ficcing!!
--Saffron Angello
heh, it's college. I have, at max, six hours of class. And sometimes I write during class. For me, 500 words isn't that much. For NaNo, you have to do three times that, every day, to get your novel.

I tend not to write fan-fiction... it's not my style - I didn't know elfwood had literature?

I tried fanfiction.net's affiliate fictionpress, but I can't figure out the posting mechanisms and such. Ficwad makes so much more sense. I've got four scenes of my story posted already - it's quite exciting!
Oh, okay... Ya, see I'm in school from 7.30 to 3.15, then I've got circus from 4.30 to 7.30 every day, so i'm pretty busy... I have mono tho, so I have a LOT of spare time now :P I'm working on writing more... I have a nasty habit of only writing when i'm inspired tho... Sigh...

Oh! Ya, its the Wyvern's Library. ONLY original stuff. :) I've gotten great feedback from Elfwood. I'm really pleased with it. It's a bitch making your account tho XP
Hn! I'll definitely check it out sometime in the next few days.

Thanks for reading my stuff, by the way!

And, I've only ever written Original fics, I think I'll be fine grin
;D But of course!
Oh! be sure to let me know wen u update, k?
I updated since your last comment.
I'll probably update like once every two days, excepting weekends. The goal is 500 words per day, I usually end up doubling that, so depending on length you'll usually get a scene a day out of me, therefore, every other day will probably be a two-scene "chapter"

At least, that's the plan.
oh! alright, cool! thx! hugs
I think I have again laugh

>.> somebody gave it a 'boring,' so it might not show up on your list anymore.
An original? This is a great site for that. People come for the fanfics and stay for the originals, and vice versa.