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Fan-fiction, alike?
Someone gave me a review on one of my fan-fic stories saying that this is not how the characters would act.
That shoots a big duh through my head.
It's fan-fiction. Who cares if it's like the show or not.

If you agree with me, tell me.

Thank you.
People read fanfiction to read stories featuring the characters involved in the original. If the characters aren't acting like themselves, you've just written out of character and it's not very good fanfiction.
Oh, wah.

It's FANfiction, dear, of course some people will be disgruntled if the universe and/ or characters that they like aren't handled properly. I mean, if you're going to change personalities around, why write about the characters at all? What makes writing about Character A different from writing about Character B if their own inherent personalities aren't being taken into consideration, and both may as well be the same?

I'm not saying that everything should hold totally strict to the base work. Especially if the work in question in question is a book, a lot of time can be wasted trying to capture the EXACT feel of the original; that often doesn't work, and it can make a fic feel stuffy. It's understandable if you want to put a bit of yourself into your story; that's what writing is about. However, you should keep in mind that you're playing with someone else's toys