Review for Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

(#) Shaggy37 2007-06-05

Awesome chapter!!!! What exactly is a Legatis Templar and why would Ferres go after with so much vigor to the point of obession? I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. Do keep up the awesome work and update soon please:):):):)

Author's response

I'll throw a little information at you for my delays and that evil cliff hanger (grins). The Legatis is a level above Equatis. The term Equatis is derived from the word equal (as in equal mastery of two Templar trainings). Legatis is derived from the word Legacy (Those who achieve this power become well known figures of myth and legend coughLancealotcoughKing Arthurcough). Anyway, I'll cover the more information on the Legatis eventually, but first I have a little story arc (more info on that in two chapters) that I will have to cover. Thank you for reviewing.