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The Dieing Flames

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Myren has officially fallen, the survivors are lost on what to do, and things are looking dark for the light side. Harry/Fleur in later chapters

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(Chapter 12 Start)

Jericho stood in the sitting room trying to think of a plan. Knowing he needed more information he yelled to Marcell, "WHAT ARE THEIR NUMBERS?"


'Crap...the false templar wouldn't be a problem if there weren't High and Dark Templar with them. Can't waste time, we don't have much of it left!' he thought.

"Ok listen up! We don't have time to pack anything. What we need to do is get the hell out of here! Can you port key from here?"

Moody shook his head, "Afraid not. The wards surrounding this place interfere with port keys. The only way out is the floo or to apparate. And to apparate we'd need to get a safe distance from the house."

"And the only safe way out of the house would be the back..." Jericho said to himself. "...The likelihood of them going around back is slim since they will need to find the front door first, but there is too great a risk going outside."


"Ok floo to wherever is closest to Hogwarts, but if you can floo into Hogwarts, that would be most preferable. I need a few volunteers to help stall the impending attack. Keep in mind those that offer will have to kill! You can't let your morals get in the way right now. Too many lives are at stake."

The members of the Order exchanged glances. The first few to step up were Sirius, Remus, and Moody.

"We swore to help you if you helped us. Now would be a perfect time to prove it!" Sirius stated as he indicated Remus and himself. Moody said nothing; this was what he considered his duty as a retired auror and member of the Order of the Phoenix. Arthur glanced at his family before stepping forward as well.

"Arthur no!" Molly exclaimed as she rushed to her husband, similar shouts were said by his children.

Arthur hugged Molly tightly before say, "I've lost one child today, I won't lose another! Now make sure to go with them, if I don't make it back they will need you to guide them."

Molly had tears running down her face but nodded. Turning to her children, she rushed them to the fireplace. It was universally agreed that the children went first.

Tonks glanced around before pulling out her wand and stepping forward.

"Oh no you don't missy! You are not helping us." Moody ordered.

"But I can't sit here and run! Let me fight!" Tonks pleaded.

"No! If any of these bastards make it past us, we'll need a last line. That'll be you! Once everyone floos away you are to retreat as well!" he said.

Tonks looked torn between disobeying Moody and heeding his advice. Finally her logic won out and she nodded in agreement with the grizzled auror.

Jericho took one last look around the room before he notice Amadues trying to stand up, using his spear as a crutch. Making his way over to him, he said, "I want you to go with the group to Hogwarts. You're still too injured to help us out."

Amadues looked pained, the last thing he wanted to do was leave his friends behind. But he also knew Jericho was right. "I'll stick with the girl and act as a last line until the others escape."

Jericho wanted to say no, but knew it would be useless. Amadeus would wait until the last moment even if he told him not to. Nodding his head, Jericho got up and headed towards the door.

Shooting a glance at the Order members that chose to help he sighed in relief. His biggest fear would be getting too much help or too little. Too much and maneuvering would have been a pain in the ass, not to mention the fact that they would be less likely to retreat. Too little and they wouldn't be able to hold off long enough for the others to run.

"Ok follow me." he ordered.

Entering the hall that would lead to the front entrance, Jericho saw Marcell poised by the door, his sword gripped in both hands and ready to swing. Turning to face the wizards he said, "Line up in groups of two. Since you're not used to the killing curse you'll not be able to cast it repeatedly. So the first two will cast the spell then get down to recover so that the next two can cast it. While you're recovering Marcell and I will fight them off. Any questions?"

The wizards shook their heads no and Jericho headed to the entrance, leaving them to decide who goes first. Sirius and Remus volunteered to be first. As they stood facing the door, Sirius let out a little chuckle.

"What could possibly be funny at a time like this?" Remus questioned.

"Oh nothing. Just that I left my family because I didn't want to learn the dark arts and serve Voldemort and here I am getting ready to cast the most feared unforgivable. Irony always seems to make me laugh."

Remus shook his head in disbelief, but couldn't help smirk at the irony himself.

Jericho stopped when he was a few feet away from Marcell, "When that door is knocked open, swing away."

Marcell nodded and tightened his grip on the vicious looking blade, slowly letting his red magic flow into his blade and eyes.


Jericho looked impressed at the door as it stood up to someone trying to kick it in.


0 for two. Third times a charm.


The door gave way as a false templar casually started strolling into the building with his golden long sword held in front of him. He was obviously anticipating wizards and witches, not the glowing red obsidian blade that made his sword look like a butter knife, swinging from the side. Jericho watched with interest as Marcell's blade cleaved through the false templar's sword and proceeded to sever the man in half.

As the body fell to the ground in two pieces the false templar near the door backed off, Jericho knew that wouldn't last long. Motioning for Marcell to step away from the entrance, the two Templar and four wizards waited for their enemies to make the next move. They didn't wait long.

In a burst of blue and red magic, no doubt from the Dark and High Templar, the entrance exploded open forcing Jericho and Marcell to shield their eyes from the debris.

"DOWN!" Sirius yelled, the two quickly complied and listened as the deadly spells sailed over their heads. The two False Templar that had entered quickly raised their blades to intercept the unexpected spell. Sirius and Remus were quickly brought to their knees as the effect of casting such a dark curse hit them. They felt like their magic had been taken from them and then used to cast bludgeoning curses all over their body. Moody and Arthur were quick to react and shot their own spells at the two stationary Templar. Arthur's killing curse managed to hit his target and the False Templar fell dead, leaving him weakened from the curse. Moody on the other hand shot off a severing charm and cut off both the legs of his opponent. He knew that Jericho or Marcell would finish his target off and as an added plus he wouldn't need to recover for the next round.

As Jericho got up he thrust one of his blades into the back of the legless man, with a savage twist he ripped it out and finished the climb to his feet. Marcell on the other hand shot up to his feet and rushed the next few False Templar. As he reached two of the invaders he saw Jericho engage a third from the side. As long as the kept the entrance blocked with combat, they would be

As Marcell locked his blade with his opponent, the second man came from behind.

'Shit can't move!' he thought as he realized he was stuck between a sword and a hard place. However, a thump from behind told him the second opponent fell down. Chancing a glance he saw the man on the floor starting to get up, he was a pretty sure the man's trip was caused by Moody. Reacting quickly he brought one of his feet up and slammed it on the man's head. Moving his foot to the fallen man's neck, Marcell put as much pressure as he could on it and roughly twisted his foot, snapping the man's neck. While he did this he was unable to see his first opponent pull back and thrust his sword between to two finger-like prongs of his zanbato. The tip stabbed into Marcell's shoulder and the Dark Templar bit back a yell in pain.

Grabbing the handle of his zanbato, Marcell swung his sword to the left, forcing the long sword which was still in-between the two prongs to move with it. He quickly regretted this action as the long sword which was still in his shoulder was forced to move, leaving a deep scratch rather than a deep stab. Once again biting back the pain, Marcell kneed his opponent in the gut, threw a punch at his face, and rammed him with his shoulder. The man took all three hits and was slammed into the wall. Marcell freed his sword from his opponent's, pulled it back, and thrust the blade at the man's neck.

The two fingers of the sword were just wide enough for the man's neck to barely fit, the saw-like teeth drawing blood from the sides. The man looked at Marcell in fear, but Marcell had no mercy in store for him. Adjusting his grip on the handle, he pushed it to the side and watched as the saw edge of his sword cut across the man's neck severing the arteries and windpipe. However, he didn't have time to rest as the razor edge of a blade ran down his back.


Jericho watched as the body of his opponent fell to the floor, the combination of offense and defense with his swords made it relatively easy to kill a single opponent. As he turned to check on Marcell, he saw a False Templar sneaking up behind him. Not bothering to think twice, he rushed to his friend's aid. When he was halfway to Marcell, Jericho caught sight of a red light coming at him from the side. Stopping dead in his tracks and jumping backwards, he saw the red light strike where he had been standing and blasted a hole into the floor, shooting up wood chips of many sizes. Some of the larger shards stabbing into him. Quickly pulling out the shards lodged in his body he looked outside and saw the Dark Templar was lowering his hand.

'Bastard!' Jericho cursed. A cry from Marcell meant he had been hit by the False Templar. He couldn't chance a look as another False Templar charged him. 'Damn how many are left?'

Batting his opponent's sword away Jericho did a mental count of the dead False Templar. 'One cut in half, one AKed, stubby, the guy I killed, and from what I saw Marcell took down two. That's six. Marcell is fighting one and so am I...where's number nine?'

"Avada Kedavra!" Sirius and Remus shouted as the ninth False Templar, that had somehow got passed the battling Templar fell to the floor dead.

Jericho smirked. The False Templar he fought brought up his sword for a downward swing. Crossing his blades above his head, Jericho caught the incoming sword and forced it to continue it's decent to the side. Kicking the side of the man's knee so he fell to the floor, Jericho brought one of his swords up and thrust it down into the man's back.

As he pulled his blade free of the body, Jericho heard a thump from behind and correctly assumed it as Marcell finishing off his opponent. Turning to face the Dark Templar and the High Templar, who had yet to move, he said, "Seems Ferres underestimated us."

It was the High Templar that replied, "Perhaps, but both of you are injured and tired. And I doubt your wizard friends can manage many more of those curses."

Jericho checked the status of his allies. Sirius and Remus were panting hard, Arthur looked pale and clammy, Marcell was bleeding and panting hard, doing his best to stand up straight, Moody seemed fine, and he himself was bleeding from many areas, not to mention he was still sore from fighting Hugolin.

"Perhaps, but we don't need to beat you, we just need to stall you." Jericho replied confidently.

"Really?" The High Templar replied in mock surprise, "I had no idea that was what you were doing."

Jericho glared at him. "Regardless of our condition we can still kill at least one of you!"

"But who says there is just one of us?" The Dark Templar asked, speaking for the first time.

Reaching into his robes he pulled out a small device. He tightened his hold on the item until it snapped then threw it high into the air were it burst into a bright flare. As soon as the light died down Jericho and Marcell, who were closest to the door saw a large group of False Templar, nearly double the original number. They also saw two Death Eaters disapparate.

'Shit.' Jericho thought.

"WE'RE DONE IN HERE!" Tonks called out from the sitting room. The group of wizards and the two Templar quickly rushed to the room, as the False Templar charged them.

When the last person entered the room, they barricaded the door with anything and everything they could find. Moody even cast a few sticking charms to keep everything in place. It wasn't long before they heard pounding on the door.

"Time to go." Sirius said as he ushered Arthur into the floo.

With a cry of "Dumbledore's Office" Arthur disappeared. Marcell, who was the most injured of those remaining, went next. As he disappeared a crack was heard coming from the door. The False Templar had given up pounding and was now hacking at the door.

Next was Remus as he entered the floo a hole was created in the door. Moody was quick to cast spells into the hole, driving a few attackers back. Remus quickly called out the designated destination and disappeared. Sirius went next. More holes formed in the door and the sticky charms on the barricade weakened a bit. Moody changed tactics from shooting spells into the holes, to reinforcing the barricade.

Sirius disappeared and Jericho said, "Alright old timer you're up."

"The hell I am boy that barricade won't hold up when I leave. Get yer ass in the fireplace and go I'll be right behind you."

"Are you nuts! That thing is falling apart! It won't last much longer."

"Then get the fuck out of here so I can follow!" Moody barked.

Jericho growled in annoyance but gave in and entered the fire place. As he called out the destination the door was destroyed and the barricade crumbled.

'You better live old man or I'll kill you when I see you on the other side!' He thought as he left the fallen headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix.

(End of Chapter 12)

Sorry for the delay this chapter was ready almost a week ago and I've been too busy between work, trying to get my internet to work, and buying a car to really focus on it. Anyway I'm quite busy lately with trying to get things set up so I can move for the next school year, but I try to get what writing I can in. Also I don't know when I'll get the chance to post another chapter, but don't fret. This story will continue. Also great readers pray I get an I can be real happy and stay away from those damn dorms this school year

I know this chapter is a little on the short side but the next few chapters are going up in length (fight-focused chapters are rarely long anyway). Ok lets see relevant information...this will be the end of the fight-focused chapters for a while. I do believe I have had more than plenty when you consider the last few chapters. So I'm going to be moving the story along now. The next few chapters are based on recovering, regrouping, and taking baby-steps forward into the war.
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