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A Bitter Reunion

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Myren has officially fallen, the survivors are lost on what to do, and things are looking dark for the light side. Harry/Fleur in later chapters

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(Chapter 11 Start)

"Hey Jericho," Amadues said before passing out.

Jericho rushed to his friend's side to help hold him up.

"Told the idiot he needed to rest longer." Marcell grunted.

"What are you all staring at!? Move! He's hurt." Jericho said as he and Marcell brought him to the sitting room. In the room were Molly, Fleur, and Madam Pomfery, who was consoling the two distraught women.

Since Bill's body still occupied the sofa, Jericho and Marcell placed Amadues gently on the floor. Most of the Order followed back into the room to see what was going on.

"What's wrong with him?" Jericho asked as he worked to get Amadues's upper robes off.

"He has a deep stab wound located to the left of his stomach. I treated it before it could kill him, but it reopened with all this moving around. His biggest problem now is blood loss. He's been recovering for a day an a half, but with it opened up again he's pretty much lost all he had recovered." Marcell answered as he helped raise the upper robe and put pressure on the blood soaked rag covering the injury to try and stop the blood flow.

Madam Pomfery had overheard there conversation and quickly rushed over, "Out of the way, out of the way." She said as she moved Jericho aside.

Pulling out her wand she cast a spell that brought a small potion chest to her. Quickly opening the chest she ruffled through it and pulled out a number of vials. Uncorking one of the vials, she force-fed it down Amadues's throat and slowly color returned to his face.

"Keep holding that rag on his wound. He's in desperate need of blood and that potion will help with it, until I can close the wound." Madam Pomfery instructed.

The old mediwitch worked a few more minutes pouring potions down Amadues's throat before she asked Marcell to remove the blood soaked cloth. Casting a quick cleaning charm to remove most of the dried and fresh blood, Madam Pomfery proceeded to close the wound.

"He'll be fine now, but he'll need rest." She said as she finished healing the wound.

Jericho nodded in understanding, "Can I trust he'll be fine here? I need to speak with Marcell in private." He said indicating the dark robed Templar.

"Just what is going on?" Moody questioned. He had been patient enough to wait for the wounded man to be treated, but now he wanted answers.

Jericho threw a glance at the grizzled auror, "I don't know. That's what I plan to find out. You needn't worry bout these two, they're friends of mine and I'll vouch for them."

Moody relaxed as much as he could, but was still cautious.

"Let's head upstairs. We can talk in private in my room." He said to Marcell as he led the way upstairs.

When the two left the room a quiet buzzing spread through the room.

"Did you see their faces?"

"Their still children!"

"How can anyone force children to kill like they do?"

These questions and more ran rapid throughout the crowd. Jericho had said that the Templar were trained from early childhood, but no one expected that members could be as young as them. It was shocking that the oldest of the Templar couldn't be more than twenty and yet all three were most likely experienced in the ways of combat, skilled in a very unique and dangerous form of magic, and have killed without hesitation. Not even half the order could say they were as skilled as the three young Templar and that thought alone unsettled them.


Jericho and Marcell had entered Jericho's room to see Rachel pacing around impatiently. When she caught sight of Jericho she ran to him and gave him a hug, asking if he was okay, why his face was all wrapped up, and who the dark clothed person with him was. Jericho answered the young girl's questions, making sure to downplay the extent of his injuries. When he finished he led the way to a pair of chairs that Sirius and he had sat in a few days before. Rachel climbed up and sat on Jericho's lap. Marcell drew his sword and placed it on the ground before taking a seat.

"I'm not sure you will want your little friend to be here for what I have to say," Marcell warned.

Jericho shrugged, "It's either here or in the sitting room with a permanently incapacitated member of the Order."

Marcell picked up on what his friend was implying and nodded his understanding. Rachel remained silent She knew this was a grown-up conversation.

"First things first." Marcell started, "How are you doing?"

Jericho merely shrugged again, "Can't say. I just finished an encounter with Templar, and judging by the fact that you're here, what they said about Myren must be true."

Marcell nodded, "We were caught off-guard. One minute everything was fine the next wizards were storming the entrance and people you once thought of as allies and comrades were now enemies."

"I see...who else escaped?"

"I'm not sure, aside from Amadues and myself, there is a Grand Templar named Elizabeth and a class of initiates. Anyone else I wouldn't know of since Elizabeth and her class escaped with us."

"Where are they now?"

"Castle outside of a little village, a school called Hogwarts I believe."

Jericho remained silent as he digested the news.

"So what now?" Marcell asked.

Jericho looked up, "Why are you asking me? You're the higher ranking officer."

Marcell glared at him, "Don't give me that crap, you were the one to teach me and you know Amadues and I would choose to follow you regardless of our rank."

Jericho sighed, "I know...but I don't like it. Hell we shouldn't even be in this mess!"

No one spoke. They all had their own thoughts. Rachel's being nowhere near as serious as the other two occupants in the room.

"I guess for now we stick with these wizards, we really have nowhere else to go. In exchange I'll help them fight some of their battles." Jericho said staying clear of the topic that he had just vowed to help them. He didn't want to force his decision on his friends.

"Well if we're all going to be sticking with them, then I suppose I can help you out with the fighting."

Jericho let out a bitter laugh, "Your help would be appreciated...these wizards let their morals on killing get in the way. They're treating this fight like a game rather than a war."

The two spent some time speaking on lighter subjects like Marcell's new sword and suggesting ideas on other ideal actions they could take. As they spoke, something clicked in Jericho's mind.

" did you and Amadues find this place? It's supposed to be hidden."

Marcell looked at him like he had lost his mind, "It was hidden from sight, nothing our eyes couldn't pick out. However, it was still rather difficult to find. My eyes quickly saw through the fact that there was a Number 11 and Number 13 Grimmauld Place, meaning that Number 12 was where you would likely be...but even so it took a while for me to find the entrance."

Jericho's mind was racing now, if Marcell knew enough to know that their was a base somewhere on Grimmauld Place then it was likely that the Death Eaters would know there is a base around there as well...and with the Templar aiding the Death Eaters...

Jericho's head snapped up. In one fluid motion he picked up Rachel and rushed out, "We have to get out of here!"

Marcell didn't ask questions, he just grabbed his sword and followed.

Downstairs Jericho burst into the sitting room, "We have to leave now!"

Everyone looked at him like he had gone crazy.

"What are you talking about boy?" Moody exclaimed.

"Think! This place is hidden yet my friends were able to find it! As we speak the Death Eaters could be looking for it and with the aid of the Templar they will find it!"

Everyone gasped at this, with all the commotion going around they had forgotten that the house should have been hidden.

"What do we do?"

"We can't leave!"

"Where can we go?"

On and on people continued to talk and bicker between them. Jericho grew annoyed and told them to shut up. He couldn't believe how hopeless these people acted when not in the presence of their leader.

"Gather what you can and head to Hogwarts, if what's happening is what I'm thinking is happening then you'll be safe there. Now hurry up!"

"JERICO!" Marcell voice called from the front door.



Jericho sighed, setting down Rachel, he drew his swords. The shit had really hit the fan and was currently keeping it from moving.

(End of Chapter 11)

Okay I know this is a short chapter like the last one, but in my defense I hated writing this chapter. This chapter was meant to recap what happened from chapter 7 to now as well as set things up for the next couple of chapters. Rest assured this is the last short chapter for a while. The next two are back to my standard length.

Anyway I'm surprised no one commented on the Fidelius Charm and how Marcell and Amadues saw through it. Maybe you all finally gave up expecting immediate answers and resigned yourselves to the fact that I answer things in due time. grins

Anyway next chapter is the fight at 12 Grimmauld Place so until then. Review...I would say read and review, but you already read the chapter.
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