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Losing a friend

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Myren has officially fallen, the survivors are lost on what to do, and things are looking dark for the light side. Harry/Fleur in later chapters

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(Disclaimer: No owny of the Harry Potter...Me own OC's and berry proud of dem)

(Chapter 10 Start)

Jericho and Tonks appeared in front of the headquarters and made their way to the front door. As they reached it, it opened to reveal Kingsley Shacklebolt. Kingsley took a moment to look them over before saying, "Glad to see you're alright."

Jericho nodded his thanks.

"Where're you off to?" Tonks questioned.

"The ministry, I figured with this last attack they may need me down there to help sort this mess out." He calmly replied.

"Then we best not hold you up." Jericho said as he moved to enter the house. However Kingsley blocked his way.

"Will you be able to help Bill?"

"He's still alive?" Jericho asked in surprise.

Kingsley nodded, but grimly stated, "Albus rushed to Hogwarts to get the mediwitch, Madam Pomfrey, that works there. She quickly came over, but she doesn't know how to treat him. Something about a poison she has never seen before."

"Is Albus back?" He asked.

"No he stayed at Hogwarts, Madam Pomfrey said something about unexpected guests, and my guess is Albus is tending to them."

"I see...As to Bill...I'm afraid there is nothing I can do." Jericho stated with regret.

Kingsley sighed, "I was afraid of that. In that case, beware of Molly...she's real emotional and likely to lash out at you."

Stepping past the tall auror, Jericho replied, "Wouldn't be the first time she blamed me for something I had nothing to do with."

Kingsley glanced at Tonks as he watched Jericho enter the room where Bill was being treated. "What happened back there?"

"I'm not completely sure...but whatever it was, it hit him hard. He isn't showing it, but he's troubled. You didn't hear his voice after the fight at the ministry. He sounded so broken. Whatever that other Templar said hurt him worse than any injury could have."


Jericho entered the sitting room to see most of the Weasley family and Fleur hovering around a sofa with an older witch, most likely Madam Pomfery, who was bustling around Bill's sweating form. He didn't see Rachel anywhere and assumed she was in another room so she didn't see any of the wounded. His entrance didn't go unnoticed.

"Jericho!" Sirius said rushing over, "Bill's been poisoned! Is there anything you can do to help him?"

Many in the room looked at Jericho many with hopeful gazes, some scornful. Templar had caused Bill's injuries not to mention that those same Templar were responsible for killing a number of their comrades...And like it or not Jericho was a Templar.

Jericho tore his gaze away from Bill's suffering form. "I'm afraid not. I'm not trained to heal and even if I was I'm not a high enough rank to have the skill necessary for treating such a wound."

"Can't you have someone that can treat Bill's injury come here?" Fleur tearfully asked.

"I'm sorry, I can't." Jericho grimly stated.

"Can't or won't!?" Molly angrily asked.

Jericho snapped, the stress he had felt for the past few days and the events of the past few moments were just too much and he wasn't ready to deal with an emotional mother's accusations. "I can't! They're all DEAD!"

With that he stormed out of the room and out into the backyard. The Order was silent. Just what had happened after they departed? A pained cry from Bill however, switched their attention back to the dieing Weasley. No one noticed Sirius and Remus follow him outside.


Jericho stormed around the yard. He had so much pain, anger, and frustration, and no outlet available. Sirius and Remus watched him for a few moments before Remus decided to speak up.


"What!? Do you want to accuse me of being responsible for your friends' deaths as well!?"

Remus paused to gather his bearings. It was unsettling to see the coolest, calmest person aside from Dumbledore be so emotional. "No, we just want to know what happened."

"So you can report it to your master!?" Jericho snarled, before turning away. He remained silent for a few moments before finally speaking in a much calmer tone, "Hugolin, the Templar I fought...he told me that the Templar have fallen. Betrayed by their own...even our various outposts across the world were destroyed."

The two wizards looked sadly at Jericho. They had their own personal dealings with traitors.

"It hurts doesn't it?" Sirius asked, speaking for the first time. "You put your faith in someone and they use that trust to hit you harder than anyone thought possible."

"Yeah," Jericho agreed. "...I feel so alone. My friends are gone, my foster father is gone, and my home is gone...what do I have left?"

A loud wailing inside the house announced Bill's passing. Jericho glanced at the house sadly, as did Sirius and Remus.

"At least you wizards have each other. The Weasleys still have each other and Fleur will have them to lean on as well." Jericho said as he turned his gaze away from the house. Tear welled in his eyes as the harsh sense or reality set in. He truly was alone. Even if his friends managed to escape they would never find him. He was still part of an undercover mission. Details of his whereabouts were virtually nonexistent.

"What about Rachel?" Remus asked.

Jericho let out a bitter chuckle, "She wouldn't have been able to return with me after the mission ended. It was why I encouraged her to be around the Weasleys and Fleur so much. I knew they would take her in when I left...Besides, she has no knowledge of the Templar...she couldn't really relate with me."

"Perhaps...but she has also lost everything like you. She lost her family, friends, and home as well. If anything the bond between you would be stronger in the sense that you are both survivors."

Jericho said nothing. Remus had a point and he wouldn't try to refute it.

"If the Templar that betrayed you are helping the Dark Lord it is more than likely, he helped them destroy your home." A new voice spoke. The three turned to the house to see Arthur Weasley walking out.

"Arthur, you should still be-" Sirius started, but a hand from Arthur silenced him.

"Let me finish, Sirius." He said before turning back to Jericho. "If the Dark Lord helped destroy your home and kill everyone you knew, then let's make a deal. Stay with us and help us defeat the Dark Lord and his minions and I swear on my magic that if no one else is willing, I will help you in fighting the people that destroyed your home."

The three stood shocked at Arthur's declaration. He was a passive man, everyone knew that, even Jericho who had just met him a few days ago. Sirius and Remus quickly recovered and shared a look before turning to face Jericho.

"That goes for us as well." Sirius stated.

"If the Templar are fighting with the Dark Lord then this is your war just as much as ours. Help us and we will help you!" Remus added.

If Jericho was shocked before he was bewildered now. These men were willing to aid him in his fight against the Templar, if he aided them in the fight against the Dark Lord? He had to ask one thing before he agreed though. One vary crucial question.

"If you fight with me there will be no stunning. It's kill or be killed, will you be capable of that? If the time comes will you be willing to cast the killing curse against your opponent?"

The three men hesitated for a moment before the look in their eyes hardened. Arthur spoke for them, "This is a war, and casualties should be expected on both sides, not just ours."

Jericho nodded before drawing a sword and holding it vertically in front of him in a salute, "Then I, Jericho, Grand Templar of the Order of the Templar pledge to aid you in your fight against Voldemort!"

A flash of golden magic from the sword in his hand signaled the activation of his pledge. Arthur, Sirius, and Remus drew their wands and spoke an oath to aid Jericho in return for his aid against Voldemort.

Jericho sheathed his sword and lowered his hood. His face was still wrapped in the black bandage, covering his forehead and wrapping around his head stopping just above his nose. His golden eyes were still wet from unshed tears, but he flashed them a genuine smile.

The three wizards were shocked that he had revealed his face to them and voiced their shock.

"Why did you reveal your face? Isn't that part of your Order's rules? To not reveal your face to anyone?"

Jericho shrugged, "My face is mostly covered in black bandages at the moment so it's not like you're seeing much. Besides the Order is destroyed and I figured if you are willing to kill someone why should you not see my face?"

The three men didn't know what to say to that. However, as they looked at what they could see of his face, they saw that he was younger than they originally thought. Though they couldn't get an actual gauge as most of his face was indeed shrouded in black cloth.

"Why exactly are you wearing that black cloth?" Sirius questioned.

"Got hit during my fight with Hugolin...needed to stop the bleeding."

"You know we could probably treat that." Arthur suggested.

Jericho shook his head, "I'd rather leave it. It serves as a reminder as well as a lesson."

Before anyone could speak up a yell from inside drew their attention.


Rushing inside they came to the front door to see most of the Order pointing their wands at two figures. One was dressed in black robes with a large obsidian colored blade strapped to his back. The hood of his cloak was lowered to show long blood red hair and red eyes, he also looked mildly annoyed, but that annoyance was more directed at his companion who he was desperately holding onto, rather than the wands pointed at him.

The other figure was hunched over with one arm around his companion. He was dressed in blue robes stained in a red liquid, most likely blood. The hood of his cloak was also lowered, revealing short sandy blonde hair and pained blue eyes. His heavy breathing confirmed he was injured in some way. Strapped to his back was a long spear. He looked up and glanced around the room before his eyes landed on Jericho.

"Hey Jericho." Amadues said before passing out.

(End of Chapter 10)

Wow thats shorter than I thought...oh well. Chapter 11 is short too.

Sorry for the delay I had internet troubles for a while. Plus I got lazy which is kinda common with me anyway. But here is chapter 10. Since this is the summer I should be writing more, but in reality I will probably be writing less. Then again if I do a lot of traveling I'll have lots of time to write in the car/hotel/wherever else is convenient. Anyway fight scene chapter 12 and chapter 11 sucks...I had trouble writing it as I said in updates on my profile. Anyway please for the love of God/Allah/Whoever you worship review my story cause I need/love/thrive on them. And they encourage me to write rather than play my 360 online.

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