Review for Unexpected Stars

Unexpected Stars

(#) Pheonee 2006-06-23

backs away from A Boy Named carefully Good boy...prods her Auntie's Doberman toward him with foot
All right! Now, if you don't answer the two VIQs (Very Important Questions) soon, A Boy Named gets it. And update please!!!!!!!!!!
(Also I think Archie's heel, although just a tender spot before, has been bought out even stronger by the presence of the gods to the point that a gash on the heel is as fatal as one across the chest.)

Author's response

A Boy Named. You would hurt an imaginary lawyer named after a Johnny Cash song!? You're a hoorible person. I shall Tsk you. Tsk.

Thankies, I shall work on that next chappie. Also, I shall do some editing on the Aftermath. So if you would like to, you could go back and read it. Plus, Those questions don't get answered for a while. You would hurt A Boy Named!?