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The Aftermath.

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Cronus is gone. Now what do they do?

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(StinkFace: Thank you guys! Especially Arisey and Demenior.

So, questions I want you to pay attention to are, why was Cronus begging and what did he say before Archie was a violent boy? Hmmmmmm.

Neil: StinkFace wishes she owned Class of the Titans -and more importantly, me- but she doesn't.

StinkFace: pets a frothing A Boy Named Shhhhh. You don't have to do a thing my love.)

The small group of seven was either huddled around Chiron's makeshift hospital bed or on it. They all looked to their leader for guidance. For what to do. They all felt lost without any real purpose.

It was quiet. Maybe a few winces from whoever was being taken care of, but that was all the noise in that room. Finally there was a speaker. "Jay, what if Cronus escapes from Hera?" Usually Neil was obsessive about his appearance but right now his hair was caked with sweat grime and blood. A small wound above his eyebrow that Chiron said at the worst would need stitches was dripping blood dying his eyebrow red.

Jay finally stood up. He might've even flashed a grateful glance at Neil, for breaking the uncomfortable silence. "We have to believe that Hera is taking care of it. She may be strong enough and she brought a few other gods with her. But if he does escape we have to be ready to fight."

Who was he kidding? No one here was able to fight. Theresa was drained like him. Archie had a deep gash on his heel that was being tended to. Atlanta's sleeve was dyed in crimson. Odie's laptop was cracked and he seemed like he didn't have the energy to even move. Herry had already taken two chairs and fell asleep on them after being bandaged.

Nevertheless, he was proud of his team. Neil's confidence had boosted them up when they were low. Odie's wit had saved the many times before with his plans. Herry's rashness had given them something to do, while thinking of a better plan. Archie's bravery had kept them fighting even at it's bleakest. The fighting spirit from Atlanta had kept them fighting till the end. And Theresa. Theresa had saved them. Saved him. Sometimes she was the one that kept Jay going.

"But now, as painful as this might be, we have to decide whether we want to stay or not." Voice cracking Jay stood up wearily. He had finally let his fatigue show through.

Archie yanked his foot away from Chiron's able hands, insisting he was fine, and limped up beside Jay. The pain in Archie's eyes was barely obvious but Jay knew not patronize the purplette. He almost smiled as he realized Archie would never admit that he was in pain.

"Yes if we left, we could go see our parents and family. But we would all of this behind. We would leave everyone else behind. To forget you guys, my friends," his eyes swept over them all lingering on Atlanta, "Would seem almost cruel. I don't know about you guys but I'm staying here." Archie said with pride in his voice even though he had to hobble to a chair to sit in.

"I'm staying here to." Atlanta declared defiantly from Chiron's chair, where he was fussing over her arm.

There was agreements flying through the air from each of the teens, even Herry who they previously thought was asleep.

Jay leaned over to Theresa and whispered into her ear, "Are you staying here?"

"How could I not?" She whispered back.

"I guess we'll be dorm mates for a while." Jay whispered then turned to her in time to watch the small smile play on her lips.

Neil winced ever so slightly at the sight. He felt cruel, icy claws clutch over his chest when he saw Jay wrap an arm around her shoulder. He was an idiot for thinking that he even had a chance with her. He wasn't life-risking. He wasn't in all powerful position. All he had was luck. And it seemed that wasn't working out for him.

He tore his eyes from the scene but before he did, something starry glinted in her eyes. He quickly turned back to her. They were staring at each other. There was something mesmerizing in her eyes. Maybe even more so than usual. He would tell her. He would tell her his feelings and then they could live happily together. That's what he would do. He promised himself that.

Archie watched as Atlanta grabbed a wet cloth and wiped some of the dried blood off her arm. "How you doing?" She asked not looking up from her task.

"Fine. How are you? I mean, are you okay?" He watched intently as she did a basketball shot aiming for the laundry with the cloth.

"Besides my horrible aiming, I'm fine. You don't need to worry so much." She grinned, teasing him.

"I'm not worrying. I just don't want you to be hurt 'cause what if Cronus comes back." He shuffled in his seat trying to make it sound like usual.
"Oh. Yeah. I'm fine" She couldn't help but let disappointment creep into her voice. Over what, though? Because Archie only cared about her as a team mate? Not anything else? She hated how she felt like this around Archie. She had to try to act natural. He made her feel like Pan did. Only better, because she wasn't in a trance. Those stupid little butterflies always flipped in her stomach when he just said something reasonably nice. Example: "Want to go to a movie?" That's how pathetic she was.

Jay finally spoke up breaking everyone out of their thoughts. "We should get some sleep. It's obvious that Hera has already delivered Cronus to Tartarus and they're on their way back now." He said it kindly but they all knew it was a demand that he was asking.

Not that anyone wasn't willing to go to bed, but no matter how tired they were, it might've been a while before Lady Sleep took them in her arms.

They all said goodnight and headed to their respective dorm rooms. Just like they all expected it was a long while before Lady Sleep gave them to night.

'Theresa...' A voice calling her was carried away in the wind. She was on island. Though how she knew, she couldn't say. The sea was so far away. When she looked up to see who was calling her, she saw the moon. The moon was staring at her. Yes, staring. It was right above her as if shielding her from the chilly breeze. 'Theresa...' It called again. Was it the moon?

The earth rumbled beneath her, trying to save her from the moon. The stars shone even brighter than she had ever seen before. Like they were going to come down crashing on her. 'Theresa...' The moon called again, beckoning her?

The night came down. The stars exploded at her feet. Trying to kill her. Trying to shield her. The water leaped up at the moon. Vengeance? Sacrifice? The moon fell onto Theresa. It wasn't trying to kill her. It was trying to engulf her.

"Theresa! Theresa!" She woke up to Atlanta shaking her. "Theresa!" Her voice was low as if trying not to wake up the boys.

"Atlanta. What's wrong?" As soon as the words were uttered from her mouth she pulled her into a sitting position. That was when she realized two things. One- The bed was shaking though neither of them were moving. And two- Her alarm clock just whizzed past her ear.

"Make it stop! Theresa!" Atlanta hissed, not angrily, but scared. A rare emotion for the younger girl. A blue-purple bruise appearing on Atlanta's cheek informed Theresa she was probably woken up by a levitating object.

Without any questions ("I'm doing this?!") Theresa put all her energy into calming the aura of the room. Slowly the alarm clock came to a stop in mid-air. then fell. The bed became still. The girls stayed where they were on the bed for a few quiet moments then Atlanta slipped off the mattress onto the floor.

"Let's get some breakfast." Atlanta grabbed a pair of sweats and pulled them on.

(Wow, LONG! Kay so I know that the people actually all have their own room, but it just works better. The layout of the floor that they're on is on the far end is the boys rooms and bathroom. Next is the kitchen, which has an open view into the living room. Then there is the girl's room and bathroom. A little way away from the living room is the more public bathroom, to them at least.

IMPORTANT QUESTION TIME: What was Theresa's dream about and what was the whole thing with flying stuff?

Next chappie coming up preferably after exams. Maybe a little before.

Your Affectionate Author,
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