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Idle Anger.

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Swimming lessons, And angst. We all love that combination

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StinkFace: Hello everybody! So My hands are aching and the veins in them are sticking out quite a bit. It happens wen I type a lot. Ugghh. A Boy Named, do the favours.

A Boy Named: Yes, Mother. StinkFace barely owns the clothes on her back let alone Class Of The Titans. Also, she warns for one swear, one angsty Neil, one creepy Archie moment and, that's it! Now can I have my A Boy Named treat?

Dead, Veiny StinkFace: Throws treat at A Boy Named

A Boy Named: Goes to get his treat but just before he get it, The Ring Of jumps in the way.

The Ring Of: So little brother, miss me? Chomps on treat.

A Boy Named: No! If you do that again, I'm gonna sue you so bad, your grampa will be broke.

The Ring Of: I'm gonna fire you so bad, your gramma will be unemployed.

A Boy Named: Isn't she already retired?

The Ring Of: It's on, little brother.

StinkFace: On with the show.


Archie sipped his coffee carefully to avoid scalding his tongue. He was quite surprised he was up right now. Well, him being up early wasn't surprising, it was the fact that he was up by his own accord.

He looked up as the girls' door opened and out stumbled a pair of sleepy redheads. They made their way over, flopping down on the chairs in front of Archie.

"You're up early." He said pouring some sugar into his coffee, not looking up from the sugar he was concentrating on.

As soon as he had gotten it the way he liked it Atlanta reached over and grabbed it out of his hand, "So are you." She muttered as she started to stir her coffee, adding some more cream to it.

"You shouldn't drink that; it'll stunt your growth." He grumbled, reaching for the pot and a new cup. "But why are you guys up?" He questioned when Theresa came back with grapefruit in hand.

"Have you heard Theresa during sleep? She talks non-stop. So finally I threw the alarm clock at her and thinking I was Cronus or something she whipped it right back. And that's why we're up and bruised." She pointed to the brightly coloured bruise on her cheek bone.

Archie sighed; something else had been going on in there. Maybe they were telling the truth, he had heard some low talking and he had also heard something thump on the ground. But he knew that neither of them were good actors, and it easily showed on their face that they weren't telling the truth. It was also strange that Atlanta pointed out her bruise. Normally she would have waited for him to ask. He cocked one eyebrow and waited for a better answer.

When none came he made his way into the living room, where he turned to some Discovery show about slugs. He knew he wouldn't get a straight answer out of either of them. But if they had decided not to tell him, it couldn't have been that important. Archie turned his attention to the TV at the wrong time for when he did, it was explaining the facts of life between slugs.

He quickly turned the TV to a music channel. He brought his foot up into his lap and undid the bandages on his heel. The cut was fairly deep. Yet he was lucky it hadn't touched the bone. For then, it would've all been over for him right there. It didn't hurt quite as bad as yesterday. Now only a constant and dull ache in his mind.

Slowly, the others began to trickle in to the kitchen and living room. It was a while before anyone really woke up. They were all quite tired from the day before, as expected. Atlanta finally made her way over to Archie. She sat down heavily beside him, "How's your heel?"

"Fine. How's your arm?" It was a game they often played when either of them were injured. They would get each other to show some sign of vulnerability, though neither of them had complained about any injuries.

Atlanta stretched back, her already short shirt riding up on her body even more. Archie blushed as even more of her tan skin was exposed. As he stared at the beginning of her ribcage. As he wondered where her tawny skin turned pale. He quickly averted his eyes to looking at the TV.

"We're gonna head to the gym to train. So if you need us, you know where we are." Jay wrapped a protective arm around Theresa as he said this.

Neil turned away from them. Heartbreak visible on his face. "I'm gonna take a shower then." He stalked away sullenly.

'Those idiots! They know I like her! They know how I feel!' Neil cursed to himself. His usual anger and hatred for Jay resurfacing just as strong as ever. He knuckled at his eyes. He wouldn't have tears. He couldn't even bring himself to even use the word cry. He wasn't a wimp. But Jay brought out only the worst in him.

He grabbed a towel from the linen closet and slung it over his shoulder and headed to the bathroom. A good, nice and hot shower would let him calm down. As soon as he stepped into the shower, he immediately adjusted to the burning temperature of the water. He let it wash away his anger and hurt. He sighed inwardly at the impractical feeling. -Though he wasn't exactly a paragon of practicality- The feelings he felt for Theresa were something completely new to him. Something stranger than anything he had ever encountered.

She was in his mind every moment. Like she had claimed that as her home. As much as he hated what she made him feel, when he just thought about those eyes, his knees felt weak he felt like vomiting because of all of the little creatures that stirred his gut. Those strangely starry eyes. He would tell her. He would tell her. He would do it.

He turned off the tap, ending what was the shortest shower of his life. He pulled on his clothes then dried off his hair and made his way to the gym. His only hope was that Jay had to go off for some convenient reason.

Theresa stopped for a moment resting her hands on her thighs. "Slow down, I'm getting tired." Though her words may have been some strict mother's words, the slight smile on her face and glitter in her eyes told him she was joking.

Jay threw back his head, laughing. "Not tired already, are you?" He grinned at her.

"Come here for a sec, will ya?" She beckoned to Jay pulling herself up. As he looked into the eyes that he loved so, he saw her eyes glinting like the stars that he often gazed upon with her.

As Jay came nearer to Theresa she did something much unexpected. Just as Jay vaguely heard the door open she threw her arms around his neck and planted her lips on his. Though it was something totally unexpected, he enjoyed it quite a bit. He heard small sobbing sounds coming from behind him though he ignored them. He was in love with Theresa.

Neil choked as he came into the room. His Theresa was kissing that bastard, Jay! He leaned against the door and started to cry. No matter how many tears he wiped away they just kept streaming down his cheeks. He turned away to run away from the scene. Yet it seemed that image was everywhere. Anywhere.

Theresa. Jay. Theresa and Jay. Theresa and Jay KISSING. How could she not see that he loved her? He ran towards the bathroom. He never got properly showered up. The burning water mixed with the tears on his face, it felt like it was tearing holes through his skin wherever they landed.

He scrubbed and he scrubbed, his skin turning raw and red, but the sight wouldn't go away. He slumped down in the tub and let the scalding water wash his skin, his tears and his heartbreak away.

This is the perfect time, Archie thought to himself. He could ask her. He would ask her. And she would say yes. Atlanta couldn't turn him down. It was perfect. He knew it just had to work. It was definitely going to work. He would ask her right now. And here goes nothing; "Atlanta?"

She turned away from the TV show she was watching, "Yeah, Archie?"

His voice snagged in his throat- he could do it, he knew he could. "Can you teach me to swim?" His voice broke in the beginning but it worked perfectly. Well only a few minutes could tell how perfectly it would go, but if he knew Atlanta, she would say yes.

He flipped to the news channel while waiting anxiously for her answer. The usual news. Flooding, moon was apparently out of orbit. Crackpot theories thought up by crackpot scientists.

"Do you even have a bathing suit?" She asked punching him lightly on the arm. "Of course, I would. But I gotta take a shower first. Find something to wear, and I'll meet you at the pool in a half hour. Got it?"

Of course he got it. It felt like his heart was exploding in his chest, either from fear of the water or excitement because Atlanta agreed. He wondered what type of bathing suit she wore. His fingers tingled just thinking about it. They both went their separate ways and on to continue the mission that lay ahead of them.

"Hey, Arch. Theresa's takin' a nap, and I'm going for a walk. Want to come?" Jay asked Archie as he passed him by in the hallway.

"Uhhh, I'm gonna have to pass, but do you have a bathing suit that you have NEVER worn." He put extra emphasis on the 'never' part. Last thing he wanted was to wear someone's used trunks.

"You're going to swim?" He asked skeptically with one eyebrow raised.

"Yeah," He shuffled his feet nervously. "But do you?"

"Nope. Just wear a pair of shorts or something. It's not that bad." He patted Archie on the shoulder. "And Herry's coming with me and Odie is going to get his laptop fixed. Though at the moment no one knows where Neil is... But see you. Good luck, hope you can find the water wings."

"Neil! Get out!" She banged her knee on the door. "I need the shower!" A few minutes ago she was on cloud nine. Archie had asked her to teach him to swim and now this idiot was spoiling her mood. "Come on, Neil! Get Out!" She banged the door again with both her knee and elbow. "Neil!"

Archie had selected a pair snug -but not to snug- shorts for swimming. Though Atlanta wouldn't be at the pool for at least fifteen minutes, he decided to get there early and psyche himself up for the challenge. He was sitting on the ledge of the deep end, dipping his feet in. Maybe this was all a mistake. Maybe he should've just went skateboarding or running with her.

The door opened and he heard light footsteps behind him. "Already, Atlanta?"

Atlanta pounded on the bathroom door with her fist, "Come on, you Neil! I need to use the bathroom! Please! Let me in!" She listened for a moment. No answer. "Fine! I'll use the ones in the pool! Even though I hate them!" She yelled through the door. When no answer came she stalked off towards the indoor pool.

The person who was obviously not Atlanta, crouched beside him still staying out of his field of vision. She had her hand on his back, making him slightly uncomfortable but she made it so that he knew she didn't want him to move. Not wanting to anger, this stranger he sat still. "Archie, do you know how to swim?" The low and husky voice whispered in his ear.

"Y-yeah! Of course I do." He lied, whoever this person was, she didn't need to know one of his greatest weaknesses.

"Don't lie to me, Archie." With her voice getting louder but not angrier, she moved in behind him. He was about to get up and get out of here, hopefully encouraging this odd girl to come out of here too, when a rough hand grabbed him by the shoulder

"Archie, sorry I'm a little late, it's just that Neil wouldn't get out of the shower." Atlanta came out drying her still wet hair. She waited for a moment to hear Archie's slightly annoyed answer. When it didn't come, she looked around, not seeing him.

"Archie?" She stopped immediately, her breath hitched in her throat. Her knees wobbled dangerously underneath her. Her eyes widened with disbelief. She tried to call out to him but her voice failed her. The laminate floor beneath her seemed to come rushing up to her.

"Archie...!" Her voice was pathetic and weak but she pushed herself up and ran towards the boy.

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Important Question: All right. Who is this strange lady, and what is she doing with Archie?

StinkFace: Good job. Sorry guys. Next update might be soon. I have no clue. Also I got fanart from our favourite fanfic writer, Demenior. Copy that and paste it and you can see the gym scene, where my poor baby gets all angsty. Also note, that somewhere in this chappie is foreshadowing. DUNDUNDAH. So yeah I'm done. Now, GO TO THAT LINK!
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