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Romancing and Drowning.

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Archie and Atlanta share a night in Chirons room.

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StinkFace: Uggg, A Boy Named went to go sue some lawyers, so it's only me and The Ring Of today. Warnings? Oh yeah, creepy Archie, angry Neil, AND HUGE AMOUNTS OF ROMANCE! Kay, I'm done.

The Ring Of: Mummy dearest doesn't own Class Of The Titans. Well, in her dreams she does. She has weird reams about the blonde. He walks over to her sexily and then-

StinkFace: Reviewers don't need to know about Mummy's dream relationship with Neil. Got it?


The door opened and a short teen came out. An angry honk came from a red truck with two people a large brunette and another one just about as tall already in it.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." He ran over to the truck and hopped in the back. "Three grand for a laptop just like that. Can you imagine?" The disgruntled boy grumbled, while running his fingers over a crack.

"Since the rain ruined our run, we're gonna go home. How about you, Odie?" Herry turned to the boy in the back.

Odie looked up from wiping off his glasses, as if he didn't even hear Herry then nodded his head. "I gotta get Hermes to look at this." Herry started the large truck and they were on their way.

Neil slowly turned off the taps. It felt as if each limb had the weight of the world resting upon it. When he looked back on this day, he would always say, 'It was luck that I turned the shower off when I did,' for at that moment, a sound wrapped around his head. A scream. Atlanta's scream.

Odie turned the door and the guys burst in. Their hair plastered to their foreheads because of the run from the parking lot to the brownstone. As Odie too off his glasses to dry them, -even though his shirt was wet- a despairing cry entered his ears. "Atlanta!" All three of them shouted and ran off in the direction of the yell.

If worry for her friend hadn't kept her moving, she would have stayed on the ground until her friends had come to rescue them only to find out it was to late. Hr legs propelled her into chlorine filled water and kept paddling until she grabbed onto a pale body. She tried lifting him but it seemed that even in the water she couldn't get enough momentum to bring Archie to the surface.

She pushed herself off of the swimming pool floor and came up for air again. Four minutes, she reminded herself. She dived back down again finally wrapping an arm around his waist, and then jumping up from the ground.

A lock of red hair stuck above the surface then two faces. Herry leaned over the swimming pool edge and lifted them to safety. It was immediately that the lithe hunter got to work. She pushed all of her body weight on to Archie in one single thrust. After a few of these pumps, she tilted Archie's face towards hers and plugged his nose. Her lips sealed around his tightly, she breathed into him. She pulled away and found his pulse at the base of his neck.

It was there! Weak and sluggish, but there! She shoved on his chest a few more times then repeated the mouth to mouth. Finally, after a few renditions of this she rolled off of him in time for Archie himself to roll over and coughed water onto the floor beside his head.

The pool door opened and Theresa, who's hair was mussed and lip gloss smudged as if she had been rolling around in her sleep, appeared.

"What hap-?" Her voice stopped as she saw a coughing Archie and panting Atlanta.

Herry lifted Archie up and slapped him on the back a few times. He made sure it was gentle enough though. Soon enough, Archie's coughing subsided and he was able to process what was going on.

"You idiot, Archie" Atlanta muttered between gasps for air. "What happened?" Her voice slowly returning to normal and her breaths slowing down.

"I-I don't know. Someone was here. And then she pushed me into the water. She knew I couldn't swim. She knew." His voice slowed down as he realized that he had almost drowned. He had almost died. He almost fainted as another idea found its way into his head.

Someone tried to kill him.

Herry was about to pick Archie up in his arms when Archie snapped at him; "I can walk to bed myself."

"I'm sure you can, but your going to Chiron's room." A quieter, and he could swear frightened voice, spoke up. Archie didn't have the heart, -or lack thereof- to tell her no. She slipped under her arm and let him lean on her. Even through the drenched clothes he could feel her body heat radiating into his own skin it seemed. He was ready to fall asleep with the body of Atlanta under his arm and he was definitely exhausted enough to do so, but a voice broke him out of his daze;

"You could have died." Her voice was small and timid. "It only takes four minutes for someone to drown. You could have died." The body to which the thin voice belonged to started to shake.

His arm, which was lying across her narrow shoulder, gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. "But I couldn't have died. You were there. You saved me." His silvery blue eyes gazed into hers romantically.

She held his unwavering stare for a while before glancing away. When they finally got to the door she pushed the door open with her hip and then leading Archie to the chaise.

"Chiron? Archie needs you." She went off to find the old as time centaur, leaving Archie to his thoughts.

The guys slowly made their way to Chiron's room, talking about what happened. It was then that Neil really appreciated his height. Because he was taller than Jay and Theresa he could either look down on them with hawk-like severity or float by them- eyes cold and emotionless. But for now, he chose an icy glare. If looks could kill, Jay and Theresa would both be six feet under.

Jay looked back at him, his eyes asking what was wrong. Neil sent such a glare, a glare that would have withered even the mighty Achilles to dust. He folded his arms across his chest and held his glower until Jay was forced to look away.

Jay shifted uncomfortably under Neil's intense stare which it felt like it was burning holes through his shirt. It seemed like the hallways were filled with hatred and discomfort and all were glad when they finally reached Chiron's room.

Archie was trying to bat Chiron's hands away insisting that he was perfectly fine yet, fatigue showed through on his face. They all grabbed chairs and sat around Archie. Finally Chiron gave up but swore to get him when he was asleep. Atlanta was sitting on the lounge chair with Archie, while the rest crowded around them.

Amidst all the worry, questions and fright, Theresa smiled. The two were meant for each other. They both got along so well and they were both almost exactly alike in personality. Comparing scars, training and doing all sorts of activities ensured Theresa that these two really and honestly liked each other.

Everyone stayed there for a while, but soon weariness all hit them hard. Archie all waved them goodbye and started to make himself comfortable on the rock hard chair. Just as he was about to grab a pillow and lay on the floor, the door creaked open.

"Hey." Atlanta face peeked into the doorway split by a sheepish grin. "I thought I'd stay the night." She was wearing a large T-shirt with shorts underneath. Archie couldn't help but stare at her perfectly proportioned legs. His eyes traveled further up, finally spotting a tan line just under her shorts.

She pulled up two chairs beside the couch and curled up on them her nose almost pressing up against Archie's. They stayed like that for a while, talking. But finally sleep took them over.

He was at the pool again. Instead of the roof above him it was the night sky. Yet the moon was so close that it almost blotted out the stars. The figure standing behind him was different. It was a man, though he didn't know how he knew. Also he was standing over the brink of a muddy cliff. He looked down at the pool and now it was a lake below him.


The voice was far away yet it seemed so loud.

"There is a traitor."

It was the man behind him, whispering into his ear. The person stood up and made his way to the cliff. There was a figure standing beside him. It was Theresa. No, it was Neil. The figure was changing. Though Archie couldn't bring himself to even glance at the person, he couldn't take his eyes off of the always changing person.

"Stop it!" He tried to yell but it came out raspy and dry. But as he commanded the shape shifting stopped. Half of its face was Jay's while the other half was Theresa's. The man beside Jay/Theresa placed a hand on their chest and pushed.

"No!" He cried out. He ran to stop them but the man was just as surprised as Archie was about the whole situation when their left hand, Theresa's hand grabbed onto his and started to pull him down.

"Help us..." The three voices called with. Then two others. "Help..." Their voices faded. The moon and stars stopped glowing.


Archie woke up with a start. His forehead was beaded with sweat and his palms wee clenched in the fabric of his blanket. He gasped for air. He had no clue what the dream had meant but, he couldn't shake it. He rolled over, praying he hadn't woken up Atlanta. He muttered a small thank you when he saw she was still out.

He stared at her for a few moments. Her shoulders and above were hanging off the side of her chair while her calves and feet hung off the other end.

Without thinking he leaned over and rolled her over so she was on her back. He walked over to her and slowly picked her up, bride style. He kicked the chairs away and then set her on the bed carefully. He walked over to the other side and got on there with her.

As soon as he made himself comfortable, Atlanta turned to him, wrapping her arms around his slim waist. He was shocked at first, but then relaxed into the embrace. While making sure it wasn't that it wasn't too painful, he pulled her towards him so her head lay on his chest.

"Thanks, 'Lanta" His eyelids drooped dangerously. He twined his pale fingers in her vivid hair, his thumb stroking the nape of her neck. "I think that I love you." His voice a mere whisper as he fell asleep to the strong contrast of his rough thumb to her smooth neck.

"Hera, listen to reason. I've recorded some of the current events and researched and it seems like-" Chiron was cut off by a very calm Hera.

"It's not that, Chiron. Trust me, brother." Atlanta heard of a snort of annoyance from Chiron but she didn't hear any more talking. Hera must have convinced him that he was wrong. Whatever he was trying to say.

As Atlanta woke up more, she remembered that the chairs she had been sleeping on hadn't been quite as warm as what she was laying on now. She opened her eyes and saw a pale chest. Scrawny, but muscular. She felt a finger on the base of her hairline on her neck. Her arm was numb from being lain on all night.

"Archie..." She whispered, not wanting Chiron or Hera, if they were still here, to hear her. "Archie! Wake up!" She hissed, reaching over with her spare hand to flick him on the nose.

He looked up and mocked glared at Atlanta. Then he remembered the position him and Atlanta got into in the middle of the night. He grunted as he pulled himself off of her arm, which was a tad hard to do, considering she was laying on him.

"Sorry." He mumbled as he pushed her slightly off to the side then rolled off her arm. "D-do you want to get breakfast?" He stuttered scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

Atlanta grinned. "Beat you to the kitchen." Of course she was there a few minutes before Archie. So while waiting for him she, she wondered. Should she tell him that she was awake the whole time last night?


StinkFace: Done, FINALLY! The Ring Of?

The Ring Of: IT'S IMPORTANT QUESTION TIME! Okay, so who was the lady behind Archie, and why did she do it? What was Archie's dream, and will Archie and Atlanta get over themselves and admit that they're in love?

StinkFace: Good job. Now go fire people. I realize this was a VERY heavy Archie and Atlanta chapter, but it was more for romance than actually doing anything for the story. But nevertheless I am proud.
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