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Affliction, And Accusations

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The guys finally have a suspect, but who it is, is a shocker. And will Archie and Atlanta ever work out.

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StinkFace: Okay, since my two children, The Ring Of and A Boy Named, are fighting, I have to do everything myself. Sigh. I don¡¦t own Class of the Titans, but oh boy, do I wish I did. The warnings you ask, Heartbreak, Swearing, and ACCUSATIONS! I think that¡¦s it so, away we go!



The voice had grown in stature. Deep and booming filling the air. Trance-like Theresa made her way to where she thought the voice was. She saw a figure. A figure that was changing shapes so fast she could barely catch a glance of who it was changing into and out of.

¡¥Traitor¡K¡¦ A man stood by the figure watching over Theresa intently.

¡¥Stop it!¡¦ She yelled, then the figure stayed. It was Jay and her mixed together. Their faces had molded together their clothes had fused together creating a mixture. They stared at her, the real Theresa. They reached out to her but then a different hand was placed on Theresa¡¦s chest. The hand gave a rough shove backwards and they tumbled back over the cliff that they had been standing over.

¡§Help¡K¡¨ The two melded voices called out, yet slowly fading away.


Theresa grasped at her blankets to dry and warm her. She was inexplicably cold after the nightmare. The same setting as the dream/nightmare she had the night before. As her hands searched for the warm duvet, she opened her eyes and saw the duvet floating just above her.

She jumped at the comforter pulling it down. She immediately set her mind to calming the levitating objects. And one by one they fell to the ground. She realized that she had been lifting more objects. Were her powers getting stronger?

She shook her head; she didn¡¦t need to deal with this kind of stuff so early in the morning.

Archie huffed up the stairs pulling the shirt over his taut stomach. ¡§Looks like you beat me again.¡¨ When he looked into Atlanta¡¦s hazel eyes, he could swear he saw confusion in her eyes, but it was quickly replaced with an effective guard.

She pulled out the milk tossing it to Archie, ¡§Making pancakes. Want any?¡¨ Why was she being so cold to him? Then a cruel whisper invaded his mind; ¡§She heard you, but she hates you. More than anything in the world.¡¨

His stomach lurched and he felt bile rise in his throat. ¡§N-no, I gotta¡K sleep.¡¨ Those were his words? That were able to bypass the vomit in his mouth? Archie ran too fast to even catch a glimpse of the pain and hurt in Atlanta¡¦s dark eyes.

He ran to his room, where Neil was awake, shaking under his covers. He couldn¡¦t care though. All he cared about right now was making sure he didn¡¦t puke on the floor.

Theresa came in the kitchen just in time to hear Atlanta offer Archie pancakes. She couldn¡¦t even stop herself but as Archie ran out of the room, the linoleum floor rushed at her. It was using from using her powers, she was sure. But that was the last thought before Atlanta skidded in and saved Theresa from a nasty encounter with the tile.

¡§You okay?¡¨ Her voice seemed far away but Theresa¡¦s senses once came to her again and she found herself pushing herself out of Atlanta¡¦s arms.

¡§I-I had¡K Things were¡K I had another episode.¡¨ Though they had never referred to it as that, Atlanta immediately understood. Her eyebrows furrowed worriedly.

¡§You okay?¡¨

¡§Yeah, just a little weak I guess.¡¨ Theresa sighed and grabbed onto the counter holding herself up. ¡§What about those pancakes?¡¨ She mustered a weak grin, grabbing the flour.

Neil had the blanket wrapped around his shoulders, using it to block out the images of Theresa and him. He couldn¡¦t even bear to say the name of that traitor. Even the thought of him made him seethe and want to tie a noose around his neck.

Neil dabbed at his eyes and blocked out the sounds of Archie¡¦s retching in the bathroom. Archie had to deal with things himself. Neil had his own trouble.

He pulled himself limply out of bed as if he had no life in him. He made sure it hadn¡¦t looked like he was crying. His hair in too much of a mess to really care, he slowly made his way to the kitchen where he vaguely smelled pancakes.

Theresa and Atlanta turned from talking about what to do about Theresa¡¦s ¡¥problem,¡¦ to see the sleep plagued Neil walk in lifelessly. When his eyes spotted Theresa¡¦s they lit up, but not with happiness as usual, but anger and hatred. Though Atlanta tried to block Neil¡¦s cold glare, but Theresa was perceptive enough to spot Neil¡¦s scowl.

¡§What¡¦s your problem?¡¨ She whorled around to face Neil. It wasn¡¦t like her to yell, but Neil was starting to anger her.

He looked surprised, and then he gave her a dark look to end all looks. ¡§You dare to ask me! You knew! Then you and that¡K that¡K Bastard!¡¨ He nearly screamed with all the hatred he could have felt for anyone contained in those sentences. He was flustered his nostrils flaring, daring Theresa to say anything.

There was intense stand-off between them, maybe each of them waiting for an apology. ¡§I¡¦m going! Probably back home!¡¨ He screamed slamming the door behind him not caring he was still in his monogrammed pajamas.

Herry, Odie, and Jay came in hearing the noise. ¡§What happened?¡¨ Jay asked as Theresa stormed off towards the gym.

¡§Neil!¡¨ Came the dark hiss from the taller redhead. Her fists clenched she took off for the gym.

¡§Wait, Theresa!¡¨ Jay called after her. He ran to her wrapping his arm around her shoulders. He massaged her tense shoulders letting her relax into his embrace. ¡§What¡¦s wrong?¡¨ She slowly fell under the caring gaze of Jay.

¡§Neil, he saw us¡K kissing. In the gym.¡¨ Her eyes watered at the thought that one of her friends now hated her.

¡§What a jerk! You should be able to choose who ever you want and not have someone be angry at you over that.¡¨ He looked at her cupping her chin in his hand.

¡§Well, you¡¦re the reason he hates me, Jay, I wish I could have done that over again.¡¨ Her voice was forlorn and small against the echoing of the gym.

¡§So what we did was a mistake, Theresa? It meant nothing to you?¡¨ He pulled away from the fighter, anger blazing in his eyes.

¡§No, J-¡§ Her voice trailed away as Jay took a final look then stormed off. Theresa stared at where the man she loved had once been, then turned.

¡§Why are we here? Hera told us not to come here.¡¨ Herry asked a little fearful of what the Queen of the Gods would do if she found out they disobeyed her direct orders. He shivered as he saw the exact place where he pulled both Atlanta and Archie out of the water and onto the ledge.

¡§I¡¦m looking for evidence.¡¨ Odie stated plainly while crawling on the ground looking for anything.

Odie picked a piece of fabric that lay on the floor and examined it closely. ¡§Atlanta¡¦s shirt.¡¨ He handed it to Herry so the teen that was near giant size could take a closer look.

¡§So, she did come in here.¡¨ He raised an eyebrow questioning this piece of ¡¥evidence.¡¦ He handed it back to Odie waiting for the shorter teen¡¦s explanation.

¡§Atlanta had told us she went through the shower room and out through the entrance to Chiron¡¦s room. This is near the main entrance. Through the gym.¡¨ His voice held a note of worry within it, but he shoved the green piece of shirt into his pocket. ¡§We gotta talk to Jay!¡¨ He said as he grabbed Herry¡¦s thick wrist and they ran off towards the main room.

Neil ignored the cold that bit through his pajamas and the stares that questioned him and choice of clothes. He barely waited for the crosswalk to turn to the walking sign. He made his way quickly through New Olympia, hating everyone and everything. The sights flew by him in a blur not important enough to stand out to him.

He stopped, an ominous feeling that made him uneasy, made him turn around. ¡§H-hello?¡¨ He called out trying to find the source of emotion. A lithe redhead passed by him, and then he collapsed.

¡§Jay, we know you¡¦ve been trying to figure out who did that to Archie, and almost sadly, we have a clue.¡¨ Though Jay had been thinking mostly of other things, it was something that they needed solved immediately. But something scared him, was it the look in Herry¡¦s and Odie¡¦s eyes?

¡§Well we found a piece of clothing. We are assuming it¡¦s the culprits.¡¨ He dug in his pocket and pulled out a green scrap of a shirt. ¡§It¡¦s Atlanta¡¦s.¡¨ He muttered as he handed over the cloth.

¡§You realize she was there, so it could have easily torn off.¡¨ He handed it back to Odie.

¡§Atlanta told us she came in the door leading towards the shower rooms, and she went out into the hallway to Chiron¡¦s room. This was by the main entrance. She shouldn¡¦t have even gone near there if what she is saying is true.¡¨

Jay stared at the material as if it had taken a whole new meaning to him. ¡§Where¡¦s Atlanta?¡¨ He sprang up clenching the piece of her shirt in his fist.

¡§She went out. She said she wasn¡¦t hungry after she made breakfast. So all we do is wait.¡¨ Herry hung his head almost disbelieving his friend and sometimes tag-team partner would betray them like this.

¡§All I have to ask is; Why?¡¨ Jay stared at Odie pleading for him to wake up and start in his bed again.

Herry shook his head. ¡§How should we know?¡¨

There were a few minutes ¡Vor eternities- of silence before the doorbell to the brownstone rang out breaking the pregnant silence.

Archie pulled himself out of the warm and comfortable blankets and raised himself, making his way to where the doorbell had rung. His eyes were dry and his face felt sticky and wet as well as his hair. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Jay, Odie, and Herry making their way to the front door as well, but Archie easily beat them.

¡§Hello, does Neil Mantle live here?¡¨ The man was holding a limp and wet from the rain body. Archie stepped out into the downpour trying to think of why he would care about Neil and who he was holding. As his eyes adjusted, they widened in shock.


StinkFace: I made two references to two very important things in my life. One was Phantom of the Opera, which you would have to know Erik¡¦s main method of killing, and the second was Archie comics. Neil Mantle = Reggie Mantle. Almost the exact same. But okies, the winner of the fight is A Boy Named, so here he shall present the important questions.

A Boy Named: fº The Ring Of deserved whatever injuries he is suffering from but enough about my horrid sibling, did Atlanta actually do it? If so, why and how? Who is that man holding? Where¡¦s Neil? The last two are kind of obvious but they will be answered next chapter.

StinkFace: And, we are done. I¡¦ll try to update more this week, I¡¦ll be gone July 9-15 and then July 17-21/24. In August it is 13-20. Also guys, It seems the computer is having problems, and all the typing is weird. Sorry guys. See you guys!
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