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Kisses and Betrayal

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Odie, Herry, Jay, and archie give the evidence to Atlanta. How weel will she take it though?

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The Ring Of: Mummy Dearest is tired so me and A Boy Named shall do chores without complaining. Warnings: Angsty Neil, angsty Atlanta, angsty Theresa, Phantom of the Opera references, and evil stuff. And angry Atlanta. Your turn brother.

A Boy Named My mother dearest has never owned Class of the Titans, though she does own the idea of this story!

StinkFace: Good job guys! Dies of tiredness


Atlanta had been barely able to remember to breathe. He lied to her. He told her he loved hair, but he despised her. The thought of her made him puke. He couldn't even bear to be in the same room as her for a moment longer. He lied to her. And she had lied to herself. Thinking that maybe Archie returned her feelings. A lie on top of a lie. Her whole relationship with Archie had been built on false hopes and cruel deceit. But it wasn't Archie's deceit, it was her own.

She passed people, not knowing their faces. She thought she saw Neil. Or was it just a stranger. Her pace steadily increased and she held her eyes half-closed as the wind and rain whipped at her face. It seemed the world was grey, and the blacks were becoming more intense, like a T.V slowly fading out. Sepia tones dripped out of ground she was running on muddying her shoes with dark grey dirt.

Faces flew by her, but it seemed it wasn't fast enough. She wanted to go so fast that she could never stop; no one could ever stop her. She followed the rhythm of her feet beating against the black cement. Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! Fwap! Her feet sang. Ar! Chie! Hates! Me! Her mind sang, matching each syllable of the chant with the tempo of the sneakers hitting ground.

She ran for years (minutes), concentrating on the tempo of her feet. Faces, buildings and memories bleeding from the world from which she was hiding.

She wanted to make him happy. She wanted him to love her again. She had to admit, earning Neil's adoration had been an ego flatterer. But why couldn't he accept the fact that she loved Jay? Why couldn't he leave her and Jay alone? What was so wrong about them being together?

It seemed what Theresa and Neil used to have was now gone forever, and it would never be back. Like blood spilled from a wound, Theresa would never have the same relationship with Neil as they did before. The blood had already seeped into the ground and there was no use trying to scoop it up and placing it into the wound again. You could only agitate it even more.

If Theresa had remembered the whisper that planted the cruel idea in Archie's head, she would have recognized it. But of course she had not. "He hates you." The voice whispered almost giddily. "He really hates you. He really loved you. And you betrayed him!" The voice laughed as the words accused her of what she could not control. "And because of you, Neil will die. Neil will die. He will die at the hands of you. His blood that he made himself bleed is on your hands!" The voice passed through her hands that covered her ears in a sad attempt to save herself from the incriminating words.

"No... Neil won't do that. He wouldn't." She murmured, convincing herself just like she was convincing the person in her head. "I'll prove it! Neil is not dead!" Though not as fast as Atlanta, she ran as fast as a normal human could. And as she ran she saw a shock of blonde hair, beside her at one point. But she couldn't pay attention. She had to prove herself right.

Archie's jaw dropped and immediately grabbed the body from the mans arms. "What happened to him?" He asked while looking over the figure. "Did you do this?" His voice dropped to a darker tone and a strange look entered his eyes. The newly arrived Herry grabbed the wallet from the man.

"N-no, I found Neil in an alley. He was like this when I found him. Does he need help? 'Cause I can call an ambulance if you want?" But the words were wasted for they were met with the door slammed in the mans face.

Herry flipped through the wallet while the rest of them fawned over Neil, trying to see why he was out in the first place. Knowing that Neil always carried exactly fifty dollars with him, he counted all the bills and concluded that the man had stolen no money and that he had used Neil's directions to the brownstone, -in case he ever got lost or met a girl that might be later invited to his place- and used his I.D to figure out who Neil was.

Finally the now pale boy came to life, breathing heavily and eyes with a look that was worst than anything. Fright. "What happened, Neil? What happened?" Odie asked, still a little fluttery, from almost failing to find his pulse.

Neil finally stood up shaking everyone off of him. "I'm fine. I don't need your help." He turned to Jay, directing the last words at him. He started to walk away, but then a heavy hand was placed on his broad shoulder.

"You will tell us what happened then you will go to Chiron's room." His voice was loud; making sure that Neil could not brush it off.

"I was walking and I was over-exerting myself. That's all. I don't need you guys to worry over me like I'm some fragile little doll." He turned though obeying Herry and walking towards Chiron's room.

"Was anyone there?" Jay spoke up from behind him, and Neil stopped. He seemed to be in thought; he wavered a bit as if he was going to pass out again.

"Red hair. That's all I can remember." Then he brought himself up to full height and stalked away.

"Arch, we got something to tell you. It's about Atlanta." Odie turned to the boy he was speaking to. Archie's eyes clouded over with an unreadable expression but he tried to put it out of his mind

"We think we know who tried to drown you." Jay continued his head was bowed as if he really didn't want to say.

"It's really shocking!" Herry, being the blunt one, almost yelled out.

"What does this have to do with Atlanta?"

"Me and Herry were looking for evidence at the pool, and we found this." Odie pulled out the piece of Atlanta's shirt handing it to Archie. He told Archie what it was, though Archie already knew, and why they believed Atlanta had a little more to do with Archie's near drowning than first thought. "We still don't know why she would do it. And if Neil passed out because of someone, we don't know why she would do that" Odie continued.

"We want to talk to her; do you know where she is?" Jay continued looking at the shorter boy for an answer.

"How should I know? And why would Atlanta drown me only to save me right away?" Defending Atlanta was the first reaction but he started to second guess it straight away.

The door opened and Theresa rushed by. Archie was glad to see that it was her not the other girl in the group. She instantly ran down stairs without any word of acknowledgement to the four boys standing there.

'Why wouldn't she? She does hate you.' The dreaded mutter forced its way into Archie's mind once again. 'But she couldn't kill you then. Plus, the others were coming, she couldn't do it then. But she will get you later. She will.'

While Archie wrestled with the turmoil that was affecting his friendship with Atlanta, Odie noticed that while Archie asked why Atlanta would drown him only to save him, but not asking why Atlanta would drown him in the first place. Did he doubt her too?

"Arch, I know you-" Odie was interrupted by the sound of the door opening again.


They all turned their attention towards the fire haired girl staring at her, wondering which question to ask her first. "I would like to see the shirt you were wearing yesterday, Atlanta." Jay finally said though it should have been a question, it was a command. She stared at them confusion in her eyes but obediently led them to hers and Theresa's room. She reached into her laundry basket that each of the teens had, and pulled out the dirty and some what damp shirt.

Grabbing it out of the air, Jay inspected the shirt closely. "Can anyone tell me what's going on here?" Her annoyance overcoming her uneasiness of Archie standing there.

The shirt landed exactly where Jay had planned, into Odie's arms. "Atlanta, what were the paths you took yesterday? Did you go through the gym to get to the pool at all?" Odie looked up to her.

"I did exactly what I told you. Now, what's going on?" Her voice had an edge to it, like she was about to hit someone.

Herry took the piece of her shirt out of Jay's hand. He held it up and began explaining the whole debacle.

"I can't believe you guys would think I would do that! What great friends I have. This," She yelled pointing to the fragment of her shirt, "Proves nothing! I saved you, Archie, and this is how you repay me?" She hissed at Archie finally running for the door, to take another jog.

"That went smoothly." Odie commented as they heard the front door slam loudly.

"Neil, how are you doing?" Theresa asked as they made their way past the front door. They stopped in time just barely missing getting barreled over by an, unnoticeably, tearing Atlanta. "Atlanta, what-" her almost question was slammed right back into her face as Atlanta tore out the door.

They were quiet for a moment wondering what happened to the smaller girl, but it wasn't long before the thoughtful silence was broken. "Theresa, I love you." His voice was small and almost scared but he made himself heard, and waited for any kind of reply from her.

"Neil, I-" her words were cut short by a set of soft and smooth lips that were placed firmly on hers, begging for more. Unable to resist the models pefect lips she gave him just what she wanted. Their tongues danced with each other in some strange duet. Their moans barely left each others warm mouth, letting each others lips vibrate with the sound. Their hands roamed over the other persons body, not being able to stop what they loved.

After what seemed years, they pulled apart, their lips still slightly damp. Theresa stared at him, wondering one thing; why? "So sorry, Neil." She whispered as she turned to her room.

The day passed with confusion, with anger, with misguided love and wondering. Night came blissfully soon, and everyone was asleep quickly. Though the night was no relief from the day.

Atlanta slowly made her way down the hall. Her eyes glazed over in a tired expression. She moved jerkily like strings were being attached to her limbs and they were being pulled by an unseen marionette. Though her left hand stayed calm and level.

Turning in the direction of Archie's and Neil's room, her hand deftly turned the doorknob, opening the door with a creak.


"Whaa?" The door opening had awoken the sleeping blonde, and he would complain in the morning how he needed his beauty rest but for now he was really more intent on finding who it was and their motives. He leaned over and flipped on the lamp on the bedside table that everyone had near the bed.

Odie, Jay, and Herry had heard the shriek of their friend in the room over. The three of them were a tad angry at Neil for waking them up in the middle of the night. Or more, early morning. The light of the morning had just begin to pierce the curtains. They all slowly made their way to the room either surrounded in mirrors or surrounded in mess. They all gasped in unison as they saw a shocking sight.

Theresa yawned, then realized her red head friend was not in the bed beside hers. She wondered slightly, did Neil's screech have anything to do with her dorm mates disappearance. She slowly forced her way out of the room, the door slightly open and made walked somewhat speedily to Neil's and Archie's room, greeted their by the whole gang and something she never thought she would see.

Archie had been waken up by his roommates screams but what surprised him more than Neil's ear shattering screams, was Atlanta standing over his bed with silver knife in hand.


StinkFace: To tired. yawn Important questions? Why does Atlanta have a knife? All the evidence is piling up. And will the Jay/Theresa/Neil triangle ever get fixed. But I am so surprised at myself. Herry and Odie actually had a rol
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