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Going Under

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The guys finally figure out that something has been attacking them, and they believe it to be a supernatural force. While Neil is left to make his own discoveries

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StinkFace: AUGHH! This chapter hates me! And the boys are fighting. SO I guess it's up to me to do the warnings and the disclaimer. The warnings, SUPREMELY angsty Neil. Umm, an evil laptop, an unsafe toilet AND BLOOD! Also:


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No one dared to move. Atlanta's hands quivered above Archie, though it seemed to him like the blade was staring him in the face. The silver glint off of it and the dark look in his friends hazel eyes disturbed him. "A-atlanta?" He dared to venture.

Her eyes remained cold and from the peripherals in his eyes he saw Theresa leaning against the wall as if in a great ordeal and her green eyes closed in some kind of exhaustion.

"You deserve to die." Atlanta's cool and calm voice shook him from his thoughts, piercing the small wondering of what was going on. "You didn't kill the traitor. One thing I asked of you and you did not do it." Her voice was husky, and seemed to be in a lower pitch. "Yet maybe it is for the best." A sinister smile spread across her features.

Her hands fell, directly where the left of Archie's chest would have been if he had not rolled out of the way. The knife ripped into the sheets, then into the mattress. No one moved, staring at Atlanta intently waiting for them all to wake up and this be a dream.

Her hands slid from the black handle of the blade. Thin and desperate sobs shook Atlanta as she realized her crime, the witnesses as they watching in silent shock, and it seemed the whole world waited until finally the goddess of battle came.

Empty questions were asked and voices acknowledged the almost murderer. Hostile looks judged the youngest weeping girl as she was carefully escorted to the impossibly old centaur.

After Theresa had fainted from inexplicable causes, and Atlanta had been given some pills to calm her down and ultimately let her sleep, though never peacefully. The boys waited in the living room. They were questioned but preferred to be left on their own to think and process but never fully understand what had just happened. The knife had cautiously been returned to the plastic holder that seemed to miss the weapon. The mirror above the kitchen sink seemed to laugh at the boy who was nearly assassinated in the earlier morning. 'You know she hates you!' It taunted while distorting his image that he saw and hated gravely.

While the looking glass mocked him with the reflection of a broken man, he turned away not being able to bear the image which told the truth yet twisted it so. He came to sit with the other four vacant men, who seemed so unresponsive. The T.V was on but the flashing lights signified nothing to the pondering five. The blonde who had sagging circles under his now dull blue eyes made his way to the bathroom, hoping for relief from world which was coming out from underneath him.

Blue-eyed, blonde haired, Neil was fiddling with the taps waiting for the freezing water to become warm. His hand froze then scalded underneath the water that was flowing freely from the glistening faucet. He then changed it to a warm temperature and began to fill the old clawed-foot bath. He peeled off his nightshirt, which was damp from sweat, which had glued his pajama shirt to his tan and muscular torso.

He fingered the scar above his eyebrow which he got in the battle from Cronus. He began to long for the days where things had been so much simpler. Back to when he and Jay's rivalry had been nothing more than a rivalry. When he could laugh at Archie and Atlanta's clumsy and awkward relationship. When he could hope for something with Theresa. When he knew what was going on. When he and his friends were in control of what was going on.

He had regretted kissing Theresa the day before. It just made him pine for something that was not real. She had enjoyed it, he knew. But not because it was with Neil, but because she, like any other sane person, liked to kiss. Liked to hold someone while their mouths united in a strange way. He was ashamed and guilty of what he had done. He may have hated Jay, but he also respected him. Jay had done nothing to him and he had betrayed Jay. Neil had always made fun of epiphanies, but he believed he was stumbling upon one.

He stepped out of his green pants and was ready to pull off his boxers shorts, when behind him the door opened.

"I don't see why she would try to kill me." Archie raised his hand in the air, distressed while Odie, Jay, and Herry tried to counsel the distraught boy. "And I was supposed to kill a traitor?" His voice raised in loudness and pitch. Herry lightly, -for him- patted Archie on the back. "Nothing is making sense. I want it to be like it was before we killed Cronus." His eyelids closed, hiding his silver eyes from the world, knowing that sometimes that may be a better choice than leaving them open. "You know what I mean?" He asked the other three boys.

They all nodded in empathy, agreeing with the warrior.

"Everything was so much simpler. We all knew what was going on." The leader spoke up, his voice soft, barely heard, yet rang through the room signifying the power he still held over the group.

"Alchemists believed that once you knew the name of something, you held some power over it. But now we have no clue in any sort what we are facing. It still has the advantage." The thinkers' voice was broken and fragile but the others clung on to it. There was something out there. Something that had started soon after Cronus was defeated, begun with Archie's near drowning and now was just picking up with the controlling of Atlanta.

"I only wish we knew what it was." The largest teen said from the couch he laid upon.


"Good job, Theresa."

A huge man appeared beside her. A pale man with dark hair. Jet-black hair so black, it was almost blue. His dark blue eyes twinkled like stars that they were standing under. She almost swore she saw the constellation of Orion or Cygnus in them. His clothes were a toga like the ones that many of the gods wore, but this man as no ordinary god, to say the least.

He exuded a power that frightened the red-head deeply, and disturbed her. His face was unshorn of hair and the hair that was on his head was neatly styled. Beside him were replica's of the group. Archie was still wet, just like the day he was almost killed, Atlanta was obviously shaken and the knife remained in her hand. The others stared at her with wonderment and terror.

And then off to the side of them was another person. It was constantly changing. Switching from on of her friends to the next. The elephantine man slowly pushed each friend, including the shape-shifter, to the edge of the cliff. All the while grinning at her.

"Stop it!" Her voice echoed and the powerful person in front of her did as he was told. But also the person that had been constantly changing as well had stopped. It was a grotesque mixture of her and Jay.

The man who had been trying to push them off the cliff saw her disgust and yanked her by the wrist over to him. He looked at her, and then pressed her hand and his on the chest of the Jay/Theresa fusion. Then he made her give a shove, and the combination of the two teetered precariously over the edge and then lost grip of it fell to its death.

"No!" She screamed as she dropped to her knees to grab the blend, but it was far too late.

Neil was surprised by the visitor in the bathroom and a little embarrassed that he was only in his boxers. He mustered a flushed grin, "What are you doing here?" He coughed out.

The person did not answer him but he knew what to do. He gracefully reached over into the cabinet where Archie kept his razor. And Archie always kept it sharp.

All of the guys were crowded around Odie, waiting for something to come up. "My guess is that it is something Grecian. So all we have to do is narrow it down to all the possible candidates." They all sighed at Odie's defeatist tone.

Herry popped in a movie, "If this is gonna take a while, may as well have something to do when we're bored." He sighed and returned to looking over Odie's shoulder.

Archie had slipped off from the boys that were finally researching. It was a boring and tedious process, and they wouldn't exactly need him for anything. Not unless the computer reared up and could only be killed by a whip.

He had more pressing things on his mind at the moment. Though he did realize that they were connected, it was that he needed to see her. He needed to ask why she did it. What had made her angry enough to rise up and try to slay him?

He thought of what to say to her as he approached Chiron's room, still wondering if he should actually go in there. But against his judgment, he made his way to the chaise, where the red-head sat silently reading a book.

Archie winced, though being somewhat quiet, when he saw the narrow shoulders of Atlanta trembling as if a leaf in the wind. He stared at her just watching her, pretending to read for years, minutes or seconds, though he never would remember which, then finally decided to leave her, so she could keep with her masquerade of being okay.

Neil whispered to himself, "Why are you doing this?" He stared at the blade in his hand. "Why are you even thinking about this?" He asked himself once again, still so confused over the razor that he held now.

"Why, because of course, no one will ever miss you. Your only duty here is done, you're useless. Pointless. But, it'll all be so easy if you just slip away. Fall away into Hades. Do not fear what comes next. Embrace it. Treasure this chance. Now!"

The voice was screaming. Or was it murmuring? Was the voice from the person inside the bathroom, or had it come from his own mind? He pondered these questions with the ones he started with. Was he really useless? Was his only purpose gone? Should he meet Minos for the last time?

But no one would miss him. He knew it. He looked at himself in the mirror and saw not Neil, but another person staring at him.

Dull eyes, scraggly hair and a downcast man. He looked like Neil, but this man wasn't Neil. His eyes yielded something different than he had ever known. Starry, maybe. However, that wasn't it. The darkness was. The hatred, the anger. The need for disturbing vengeance burning a hole through his blue eyes.

The silver blade trembled in his hand. He knew what he had to do. He knew it. He knew it. He had to do it. The now cold water greeted him promising danger beneath its surface. But what worried him more was the smiling metal sliver in his hand.

"Neil, let me in. I have to use the washroom." Right after he had seen the huntress, the warrior had headed towards the restroom that they all used only to find that Hephaestus had declared it unsafe for human use, because he had been tampering with it. So he made his way to his room, expecting the blond to be done.

Sadly, he was mistaken. However, what was even stranger than Neil STILL being in the shower was the fact that there was no sound at all. No water running. No replies from the older boy.

"Neil!" He pounded on the door, harder this time. Again and again. Archie warned Neil, finally telling him he had ten seconds before he would have come in.

The door burst open and Archie stood in the empty room. When he looked at the ground he saw small drops of maroon on the ground. When he looked further he saw the clawed-foot bathtub. In it, the water was pink, with what he was almost frightened to see. Blood.

A nose peeked out of the water, followed by a wisp of golden hair. Archie froze on his spot. His mouth was open and a scream rippled through the air. He would never know whose it was, for Theresa had come at that moment and her jaw was gaping as well.

Archie grabbed a hand that was lightly floating below the surface. His blue hoodie was now a purple, with the blood that had polluted the water. Delicate hands reached from behind him, and pulled on Neil too. Therefore lifting the model out of the water.

Theresa shoved Archie out of the way and began to breath into Neil's mouth. She was quickly rolled off Neil as he awkwardly reached over for the paper towels and began to press on his profusely bleeding wrists. Tears ran down his cheek and he stumbled, but finally got up with Jay's help.

The leader in the group, the calm in the chaos, helped Neil wipe at his wrists. Both blood and tears mixed on Jay's shirt wile the rest ran ahead and warned Chiron. Theresa was madly trying to do something to help the bleeding boy. Though she could only hold the paper towel where he said for her to.

Chiron hurried out, his hoofs shaking the ground they walked upon and took Neil in his arms. That was the last thing Neil saw before slipping into darkness.


StinkFace: Eek! Therefore, I am going by the COTT Bible on Brad's corner: in there Archie is still older than Atlanta but he is still in grade ten, fifteen years old. While the rest are sixteen years old. In addition, Atlanta is fifteen.

This is most likely the darkest chapter in the fic, -not that many chapters to choose from anyways- but still, sorry if your not a big fan of what happens in here. Well no one is, but still!

The Ring Of: Is struggling with A Boy Named Important questions are, Why did Neil try to kill himself? Is grabbed by A Boy Named and pulled down.

A Boy Named: And why did Atlanta try to kill Archie? Moreover, who is this person that haunts their dreams, and is the cause of all of this?

StinkFace: Pushes them off to the side where they roll away Sorry, for the late update, I was gone for a week and then this chapter decided it hated me so, it took a long time. See you Guys! Is grabbed by the chapter and eaten to death
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