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The Battle

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They finally defeat Cronus. But something else is still lurking about (I RHYMED! I think...) Jay/Teresa/Neil Archie/Atlanta

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(I do not own Class of the Titans but I do own Neil.
Random lawyer with a foaming dog: Take that back somewhat of an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice

Author:Eeekers.I do not own Neil either. A Boy Named, SUE!

a boy named eats lawyer and foaming dog

Sweet revenge.

On with the show

Points at random Archie: TIGHTY WHITEYS!!! XD.)

A mini crossbow arros shot beside the Gods torso, singing the fabric. Just as he turned to make those who did that pay, he felt the heavy FWAP of the nunchucks on his back. A thin blade sliced through his shoulder and he cursed as he saw the blue-black ichor trickling down his arm.

It was then he realized he was defeated. He was defeated by this scraggly group of kids. Saturn, Father Time, was defeated.

He turned to flee but all of them had surrounded him, weapons ready. To summon a time portal would leave him with not even enough energy to run. He looked to his minions for support, however they were all incapable of moving at the least.

The descendant of Oddyseus, Odie as they called him, pulled out his PMR. He dialed a number and almost immediately Cronus heard his eldest daughters voice. "Hera, we've got him." Odie looked up at the weakened Cronus with a satisfied smile. "Can you come here? To escort him to Tartarus?"

Cronus panicked and shoved the small boy outof the way. He was NOT going back to that hell. He took off trying to find somewhere where he could wait until he had sufficient energy to summon a time portal. No such luck.

The tall, thin redhead was the one to stop him she tackled him and pinned him to the ground. He squirmed to face his attacker, slowly summoning his scythe to deliver a killing blow to his attacker.As soon as it appeared in his hand, he dropped it.

He stared at the girl for what seemed an eternity. "I'm so sorry, please. Please take pity on me?" The descendant of Theseus stared at Cronus trying to figure him out. Not even a desperate Cronus would resort to begging to them. Why was he doing this? "Please..." The word was followed by another word that was familiar yet was the strangest utterance anyone had ever said. A word so few in heaven, hell, earth, sky and sea knew.

The pleads were cut short by a boy with vivid purple hair slamming a rock into Cronus' forehead. They both knew he wasn't dead, for gods could not die, but he unconcious. And all they had to do was wait for his daughter to take him to Tartarus.

(Short I know but, this is just the beginning. So I know that Cronus doesn't beg and I pointed that out. But it goes with the plot. See yous. And I'll leave you to wonder what is going on.)
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