Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) jerseygirlxx 2007-06-10

Aaah! It took me forever to get on to review! But now that Im here... Okay I suspected Billy drugging her too. I mean what was up with those tiny planes before? Definately not a normal 'drunk' thing; and he said that drink was 'special' too. What I dont get is why hes drugging Sky?! Horray for Gee! hes finally starting to act like her boyfriend. The whole part about her being like how come you guys are all beat up too? I mean 4 on 1 and Mikey being all like bro you missed a few times!!! lol!!! I loved that line! They all had to be a little drunk too! I cant wait to see what happens now with her and Billy. I mean theyre still partners in class right? Aaah. I hope you dont jump too far ahead and skip the aftermath. You tend to do that. You build things up and then skip the aftermath. I love the aftermath!!! Please give me it this one time! I so want to see Sky and Billy talk and then Gee being all like why are you talking to him. Theres something going on there I just know it...----xoxo

Author's response

don't worry i won't skip the shit about her and billy, the next couple of chapters are going to be a little more slow paced in terms of me zigzagging when it comes to different event, so I'll go in deeper details...hopefully i made sense...i would've posted them much earlier but ficwad just won't let me, it's so frustrating!! to the point i neglected the story a bit!