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I see green, he sees red.

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happy new year.

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"So Gerard and the guys will finish their rehearsl and come over", I yelled over the music to Amy and Billy who got really close to hear.
I looked at my watch, it was 3 hours till new years, they better finish soon.
I looked around the bar, it was really noisy and smoky, I don't know how Amy dragged us here, probably cause her brother is the bar tender and she promised us free drinks.
"Want to taste my special happy mix?", Billy smirked at us.
Amy and I nodded, he hopped behind the bar, mixed a few drinks and in five minutes 2 red drinks stood on the counter.
We both sipped it. It was absolutely horrible, Amy spitted it back in her glass.
"Billy don't drop out of school to become a barman", Amy shoved peanuts in her mouth to block the taste, "Oh I see my boyfriend", she hoped off her stool and disappeared from view.
I emptied my glass and went to find myself a booth to reserve for the guys.
I felt really dizzy once I found a booth, the noise was unbearable and my eyelids felt really heavy.
I rested my head on the table just to rest my eyes and blacked out.

I don't know how long I was out of it but I woke up confused and sick, fuck Billy and his special mixes.
Some people sat in my booth, 2 girls and 3 guys.
I looked at them confused and one guy smiled at me.
I stood up and stumbled back to the bar, or at least I tried to, I was pushed and shoved and everything went green, I touched my eyes to see if I wore green glasses or some shit.
I rubbed my eyes but everything was still green and blurry.
I freaked out and searched my pockets for my mobile, I had to call someone and tell them that the world went green.
My mobile was there but not my money! I can't believe that guy robbed me!!!!
I panicked and had a hard time breathing.
Billy appeared out of nowhere, "I've been looking all over the place for you, where have you been?".
I felt like in a strange dream, "That guy stole my money".
"What guy?", Billy craned his neck to look where I was pointing.
He finally saw him, grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd.
My feet wouldn't carry me and I collapsed into Billy's arms, he tried to hold me up but my limps just wouldn't listen.
Suddenly someone pulled me away from Billy and Gerard face came into view, it was blurry but I had no doubt about it.
He held my face in his hands and then screamed looking away, "What the fuck you've been drugging her with, son of a bitch".
Then Ray's face came into view, I think he held me.
I smiled at Ray but he didn't noticed, he was watching something behind me, I swayed around to watch too.
The crowd gathered around us and gasped, I didn't understand why they were gasping about, Gerard was just patting Billy over and over again.
No wait...My eyes widen, the green disapeared. He wasn't patting him, he was punching him!!
I stood up on my own, "No! Gerard! No!".
I wanted to go there and stop him but Ray held me too tight.
I turned around to face Ray, "You gotta stop him!".
"The motherfucker deserves that", Ray spitted, still holding me down.
I turned back again, now all 4 Frank, Mikey, Gerard and Bob were hitting Billy, they all had blood running down their noses.
"Ray stop them! Billy didn't do anything! Stole my money!", I hypervalented.
"He stole your money too?", Ray exclaimed.
"No! some guy stole my money and Billy was getting it back, I was drunk! He didn't do anything to me!", I struggled with Ray.
They would kill him!
I saw Gerard punch Billy in the jaw in slow motion. He had such anger in his face, I never saw him like this.
I started crying, I couldn't do anything, Ray had me in his tight grip and Gerard was killing some one he shouldn't.
"Don't cry, they'll show him", Ray hugged me and pressed me to his chest so I couldn't see the fight.
"Ray, he didn't do anything to me", I was hesterical.
I think Billy's mix had something in it that made me feel so paranoid but it was my choice to drink it.
Ray let me go and went to stop the guys, he pealed them one by one from Billy, his whole face was covered in blood.
I collapsed next to him, shaking like a lunatic, "Are you OK?", I tried to touch his bleeding wounds.
"Get away from me bitch", he snapped and made me cry even harder.
Someone lift me up and carried me on his arms, I heard someone kick Billy and his gasps.
I shook even harder.

Once out on the street, I saw Gerard's face, it had a few scratches and his lip was bleeding. He carried me to their van and sitted me in the back seat, my legs dangled, touching the curb.
He knelt down in front of me, I covered my eyes with my hands and cried, I was scared and I felt bad for Billy.
I heard some steps and shook even harder, it was probably the police, they would send Gerard to jail.
Gerard rubbed my knee.
"How's she?".
I was relived to hear Mikey.
"Histerical", Gerard was concerned, "I swear I could've killed that motherfucker, he was drugging her this whole time".
"Noo", I yelled with my hands still on my eyes, "He wasn't drugging me. He made me his happy mix. It was booze".
"Son of a bitch", Gerard hissed, rubbing both my knees now.
"Here", I heard Bob muffled voice.
I was given a bottle of water, I couldn't drink it.
Frank knelt in front of me as well, trying to take my hands away from my eyes.
"We should get away from here in case Billy boy will run to the police", Ray suggested.
Gerard spun me around so my entire body would be in the van and wrapped his arms around me, they got into the car and we drove away.

We were stuck in traffic because of new years eve, Gerard patted my head the whole time.
Once I calmed down and started breathing again, I felt sick.
I felt so bad ruining everyone's night and Billy would probably not speak to me ever again since you know, my friends beat the shit out of him.
"A penny for you thoughts", Gerard whispered in my ear.
I stared out of the window, "I feel bad for ruining everyone evening and I feel bad for Billy".
Gerard sighed, "You've got too much of a good heart, sweetsky. He's been giving you all this shit knowing how easy it's to get you drunk. You were histerical".
"But Gee, it was my choice to drink it, knowing very well how easily I get drunk", I rested my forehead against his forehead.
"It's still not very friendly", he stroked my head.
"You can't go around beating the fuck out of people for shit I do", I banged my forehand in his chest.
"I just did", I could hear him smiling.
We giggled.
"Oh but Gerard he tried to help cause some guy stole my money, I feel so bad", I put my fingers on his bloody lip.
"At least now he won't be selling his Jesus juice anymore", Frank chuckled.
I looked at Frank, his cheek was red, "Oh Frankie, you're wounded too".
Bob had a black eye and Mikey's glasses were broken.
"You were four against one, how you managed to get hurt like that?", I used my water to wash Gerard's lip.
"Actually Bob got me", Frankie squeaked.
I laughed and put the cold bottle against his cheek.
"Yeah and Gerard just for the record, you missed Billy a few times", Mikey turned to glare at Gerard who was whining about how the water made his lip sting.

My phone went off, it was Amy.
"God Amy", I sighed into the phone.
"Skyler, what's up?? Billy is bleeding all over the place but he won't tell me what happened and you disappeared. Am I missing something?", she screamed over the music.
"Gerard and Mikey and Frank and Bob beat Billy up for getting me drunk", I said flatly, glaring at the giggling Frank.
"What??. Wait I'll go somewhere quieter", I heard the noise in the background tone down, "OK now say that again".
"Gerard hit Billy for getting me drunk", I said louder.
"And we helped too", Frank screamed into my ear instead at the phone.
"Yeah and the rest helped too", I sighed.
"Oh my god!", she yelled.
"Tell me about it", I rested my head against frank's shoulder.
"But he wasn't getting you drunk! He gave me the same drink!".
"I know Amy, I know, I tried to explain but they were busy beating the hell out of him", Gerard stared at me sternly.
"Oh Sky I don't know what to say, it's sweet and all but I don't think he meant to get you drunk".
I closed my eyes to avoid Gerard's annoyed stares, "Amy I'll talk to you later OK?".
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