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Mr. Way is lecturing.

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He is right, isn't he?

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The minute I hung up Gerard spoke, "I can't believe you".
I wrinkled my forehead.
"God knows what that motherfucker could have mixed in his happy drink and you're fucking protecting him. I just don't believe you Skyler", he was mad but not as mad as when he hit Billy.
The van went quiet, they were prepared for another Gerard-Skyler round.
"I wouldn't be protecting him if he really mixed something in my drink but he didn't", I rubbed my forehead, the familiar feeling of a hangover started to take over me.
"You were fucking histerical! You were as wasted as it gets", Gerard didn't look away, his eyes were burning a hole into my face.
"Because you were all caveman and shit!", I pouted.
"Fucking forget it", he stormed out of the van, walking along the long row of cars.
"Tell me this night isn't happening", I whiled.
the silence was grave.
"This time I think he's right", Mikey turned on the radio.
"Fuck", I murmured.
He was right, Gerard wanted to protect me and I was all poor Billy on him.
I climbed out of the van into the cold night and followed Gerard, he was smoking not so far away.
When he noticed I was coming over he started walking again. Was he playing?
I called his name several times but he didn't even turn around.
"Gerard fucking Way if you're not stopping this very moment I shall fuck you!", I screamed. Gerard made a few steps but then stopped.
Some driver in a red car chocked on his coffee.
"I didn't mean it like fuck him more like kick his ass", I explained to him.
He nodded, looking funny at me.
"I mean I can fuck him because he's my boyfriend but he's kinda pissed at me right now", I shrugged.
The driver looked me up and down.
God, I must have been really out of it if I explain my problems to a fucking stranger.
I noticed Gerard started walking again, "Will you fucking stop?".
I Said goodbye to the driver and made my way to where Gerard stood.
"Don't be like that", I wailed, this night was getting out of hand and I wasn't in the mood for another fight.
"Like what? Like a loving boyfriend who doesn't want all kinds of motherfuckers to drug his girlfriend?", he took a drag from his cigarette.
"Gerard I think it was sweet of you but he wasn't trying to drug me", I leaned on some car.
"Skyler, I know guys like him. They all nice and sweet and oh you can trust me, then it's let me make you a drink to make you comfortable and then you find yourself in a fucking ditch", Gerard waved his hands around, "And I can't believe you trust him after he helped you cut!".
"I didn't know you hang out with killers", I giggled.
"Don't laugh about it. It's serious shit", he dumped his half finished cigarette and crossed his arms on his chest.
"I seriously doubt Billy is a murderer", I walked over to him.
"Sky you're so naive, we won't be there always to punch motherfuckers faces", he kissed my forehead.
"Gerard I don't want you to be my overprotective dad no matter how hot it is", I signed, hugging his waist, "Just be my friend and I promise I won't find myself in a ditch. I won't get drunk with Billy again", I looked at my watch, it was 10 minutes to midnight.
"What about you don't get drunk at all?", he held me tight.
"Look who's talking", I smirked.
"It's different. You I love", he smiled.
"It's 8 minutes to midnight", I kissed his bruised lip, "Let's go back".
"Oh Ray would give me shit for not seeing green witch tonight", Gerard rolled his eyes.
We walked past the driver I spoke to earlier about my problems, "Everything OK? You can fuck him now?".
Gerard looked startled at me then at the driver, I smiled ,"Yeah".
"Do you want to share something?", Gerard frowned at me.
"Nothing, I was just explaining the situation to him", I shrugged.
We went back to find an empty van.
"These crack heads left the van just like that!", Gerard shook his head, getting in the driver seat.
"Chill they wanted to see their girlfriends", I laughed, imagining them run somewhere in the streets.
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