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The king.

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Christmas eve in the Way household.

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After the christmas dinner (and the wine) Mr. Way popped an Elvis record in the stereo system and invited Mrs. Way to rock with him the jailhouse rock (his words not mine).
"God dad. Can you be even more embarrassing?", Mikey laughed, shaking his head.
"In our generation we really knew how to have fun", Mr Way spun Mrs Way around.
"But not like we knew how in our generation", gran winked at us.
We watched Mrs and Mr Way dance for couple of songs when gran invited Mikey to be her partner for 'Love me tender'.
"Oh I love this song", I cooed, clapping my hands together.
Gerard looked at me funny.
"Well kill me for loving Elvis", I shrugged.
Gerard shook his head at his parents who started being all lovey dovey and Mikey who made puking sounds at them.
"Let's dance", I stood up, grabbing his hand.
He chocked on his piece of pie, "I don't do dances".
"Aw come on. You still own me one for the prom", I wailed.
"You didn't want to go either", he pouted.
"Come on, this song is like 2.30 minutes long", I pulled his hand.
"Fine", he put down his fork with the piece of pie still on it.
We moved to the center of the room, I put my arms around his neck and he put his hands on my waist and we swayed on the spot.
First he was stiff but then he loosen up a bit.
It was really nice. I laughed when gran slapped Mikey's mouth after she got tired at the puking sounds he made.
Then Gerard started to sing softly in my ear, 'Love me tender, love me long, take me to your heart, for it's where I belong, and we'll never part"
"So I'm not the only Elvis fan around here", I smiled in his neck.
"My parents just rocked the jailhouse rock, what do you think?", he looked at me and started singing the next verse along with Elvis, 'Love me tender, love me dear, tell me you are mine, I'll be yours through all the years, till the end of time".
I blushed and joined him for the next part, "When at last my dreams come true, darling(Skyling) this I know, happiness will follow you, everywhere you go".
The song ended but I convinced Gerard to dance with me the 'heartbreak hotel' and 'hound dog', he really surprised us all with his hips popping and dance moves.
Mr way ended on the sofa singing 'viva las Vegas'.
Then we all sung the Elvis christmas album and finished the night with another round of red wine.

I helped Mrs Way to clean dished off the table and then was about to head back home when Gerard insisted on joining me.
"You really don't have too", I wore my coat.
"I don't want you to stay alone on christmas night", Gerard put on his gloves.
"I would be sleeping must of it anyway", I giggled.
"And I want to be there watching over you", he stroked my hair gently.
Aw Elvis really brought out the soft side of Gerard, "I'm going to say good night to Mikey".
I went to search for Mikey, the grown ups were sitting in the living room drinking coffee, "Thank you for the evening", I thanked then, cause I'm polite like that.
"Oh dear, thank you!", Mrs way hugged me really tight, "Make sure to come back for christmas breakfast tomorrow".
"Yeah Sky, if you haven't tasted Donna's christmas pancakes or Elena's christmas morning cookies, you don't know what heaven tastes like", Mr. Way winked at me.
Mrs. Way hugged me really tight again and whispered, "Thank you for watching over my boys. I would go nuts if I didn't know you are there for them".
I smiled faintly, if only she knew who's been watching over who lately.
I went to the kitchen and found Mikey going heavy on the pie, "Good night Mikey and happy new year".
"You too Sky", he spitted out some of the pie.
I hugged him, "Thank you for being you Mikey. You mean a lot to me".
"God, Elvis brings out the worst in people", he moaned as I squashed him.
I laughed and hugged him even tighter.
"OK Sky I'm choking", he coughed.
I guess I overdid it, I turned to leave.
"Sky, I love you too but not in the freaky way Gerard does", I heard Mikey behind me.
I turned to smile and then went to the front door that was open, Gerard smoked his cigarette but his head was turned up to the moon, he heard me come out and close the door.
He smiled and stretched out his hand for me to take.
It was cold quiet night, you could hear the party noises come from other houses, it was the best christmas I had in my 18 years, I didn't fight with anyone, I didn't cry, I was happy.
It almost felt unnatural to be happy.
Gerard squeezed my hand, "I know I wasn't there for you lately. I'm sorry but it was hard for me to watch you do that shit to yourself, and honestly most of the time I've been so drunk I couldn't remember my own name".
My smile didn't slipped, nothing could ruin my mood tonight, except for maybe discovering my mother came back.
I hugged Gerard, "We will be OK. I can just feel it".

I mean come on what can ever go wrong? Right? Everything will be perfect like this forever...Just like in Elvis's songs...

Ficwad finally let me post!!! I feel blessed! I know reviewing can suck on this site but please review anyway!!
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