Review for TO MCR


(#) MCR_SavedMyLifeX 2007-06-15

MCR so totally saved my life. when i was little [really young], their first CD, Bullets, came out. somehow, it came around to me and i took a listen to them. i was super young [as stated well obviously before], so the lyrics didn't really catch as super-intense, but yet there was something in their music that drove me to feeling safe. but some time after, i started a new school. everyone liked rap, so i pretended to like it too in order to fit in. still, i sat at a different lunch table, all alone. and there was more to that. i made two new friends, though not in my school. i realized after going over their houses that their parents didn't fight, like mine did every minute. their dinners were filled with talking and smiles, unlike the ones at my house because there was nothing anybody could say without sparking my parents off into a big arguement. i found myself cried to sleep because of few friends, my parents conflict, and i felt plain old helpless. i realized that i didn't want my two friends coming over my house because i didn't want them to see that my parents weren't "normal". i felt lost and alone, and every morning i'd wake up with tear-stained cheeks. but soon, MCR came out with their second album, Revenge. i remembered them from Bullets, so i decided to check them out. i took one listen to the first track, Helena, and i immediately felt like i was not alone. i felt like there were five guys who went through being alone, and look where they are now, saving lives. i picked up Bullets again -- instantly obsessed -- and deciphered their lyrics. deep and not afraid of expression. after that day, i wasn't afraid to say i hated rap and loved rock, i didn't like the color pink, my parents fought a ton [they still do actually, but i'm used to it] but that's the way they are.
My Chem saved my life, and i'm 100% sure i'm not the only one. not anymore.