Review for Scrapbook


(#) jerseygirlxx 2007-06-15

This was cute! Stop being so worried! Im not even sure if this would be considered NC-17. It really wasnt that graphic. It was good though. You write slash really well. Dont try to push yourself to write things youre not comfortable with. I know this was written as a one shot buts it got a lot of potential for another chap. I like how you ended it with them kissing infront of everyone. That line about now we wait... Great ending. The only thing im lost on is how the fuck you got that little o to show up in 100 degrees? I dont have a fucking key like that on my keyboard!!! lol!----xoxo

Author's response

Thanks! I'm glad you liked, but i have no idea how to make it a chaptered fic... sorry! lol... i can try if you want, but im pretty sure it wont do any good.

To make the degree sign you have to do it on Word first and copy past it along with your story. Go to Insert, Symbol, and it should be there. It works like all the rest of regular formatted font... Well, at least it does on my computer. =)