Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) jerseygirlxx 2007-06-16

AAAHHH! I knew it was gonna be Billy!!! I am so torn over him. I hate him for helping sky cut, but I dont think that he 'drugged' her. And Sky wouldnt have cut if she didnt want too. So thats not really Billys fault... I feel bad he got beat up. I was secretly hoping they'd(sky and Billy) make up too. Gerards gonna be pissed when he finds out shes still friends with him. Maybe she can start calling him Will too and Gee wont know the difference??----xoxo

Oh and I made Rob read this. He totally disagrees with me!!! Says Billy deserved it and if Sky keeps hanging with him she WILL end up in a ditch!lol

Author's response

lol i think i confused the shit out of you. i made him good than bad than good again than really bad and now he's OK again. but i'm not going to say anything about him cause i want you to make your mind about him without me explaining stuff! i hope my last chapter kinda explaines why he's bad sometimes. and he's not gay! he doesn't date anyone because of Linda!
oh you made poor rob read my shit! lol!