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My step brothers.

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Small world in a French resturant.

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We parked in front of a fancy restaurant, I swallowed down the anger and tears and bit down my lip, I touched the ring on my middle finger like I always did when I felt lost, "So Charlie is loaded".
"You listen to me and listen good...", my mother glared at me and warned me to behave, I don't know why.
I was always polite in front of strangers, I was really good with putting a perfect girl act in front of strangers. Practise makes perfect they say, and boy did I had time to practice over the years.

They wasn't even there yet! And she made a big drama about my 10 minutes delay. Fucking witch.
Then her face suddenly lit up, I guess prince charming finally arrived, I looked at the direction she was looking.
He looked like a Charlie! I swear he did!.
He was taller than her and a tiny bit chubby, he had a moustache and almost no hair, a total fucking Charlie!
His 2 boys trailed behind him, one was shorter than his dad but was a spitting image of him only with hair and no face hair.
I gasped when my eyes rested on the other son...It was Billy.
My jaw hung open, he was still covered in bruises.
"Skyler", my mother whispered through gritted teeth, I looked at her like I see her for the first time in my life.
She motioned her head down to Charlie's outstretched hand, I shook it with my eyes still on Billy.
He turned paper white and ignored my looks.
"Nice to finally meet you Skyler", Charlie beamed at me, I stared at him now.
Billy looked nothing like him, he was just normal, Billy was good looking, "Your mother told me all about you".
"Nothing good I'm sure", I wore my fake smile when my mother nudged me. Hard, "Bad I mean".
Charlie giggled, "These are my sons, the youngest is Spencer and my eldest William".
William? I see only 2 guys, the short Charlie double one I assumed to be Spencer and Billy, where's William?
Oh fuck, I was glad I didn't ask that, Billy was William!

I shook Spencer's hand, the little shit bag had his eyes all over my cleavage, did he really want to meet my friendly friends and boyfriend?.
I stretched my hand to 'William' as well but he didn't take it.
His father coughed a little.
"I know her from school", he grunted and I nodded.
We sat at a round table, I had 'William' on my left side and horny Charlie double Spencer on my right.
Charlie began asking about how Billy and I met, I was about to say something like we got drunk and cut together. That was a blast!
Billy answered for me, "We just did dad, drop it".
Awkward silence ruled the table when our parents exchanged looks.
Now it was my mothers turn to go all motherly on Billy and horny Spencer asses.
"So what school do you go to?", she asked Spencer.
he said some schools name.
"There's some serious bruises you've got there William", she cooed at Billy.
He glanced at me before answering, "Yea, just a minor disagreement I had".
"Minor? I almost died when he came over on new years eve. Some punks beat him really bad!", Charlie went red.
They went on and on about how stupid teens are today, none of us kids listened.
Billy had a stupid look on his face and he tapped his fingers on the table, I tried to think of a way to talk to him and horny Spencer was fascinated by my chest, I think he could have poked it with a delightful squeal if he thought he could get away with it.

We finally got to order, I didn't know what I ordered but since it was a French restaurant I just hoped my dish won't move or stare at me.
Our parents went to the salatbar, they held hands, we all made a face.

Billy drank his wine and I lean towards Spencer, "Look honey, you can't poke it no matter how hard you stare at it. Got it? Good".
Spencer went all red and mummbled something, looking down at the table cloth.
One brother down, One more to go.
"Billy, talk to me", I put my hand through my hair.
"We have nothing to talk about Skyler, your friends explained it all to me", he looked hurt.
His jaw was bruised and both of his eyes were black.
"Let me explain", I whined.
"Seriously, I understand. Just stay away from me", he fiddled with his napkin.
"Your friends hit Will?", Spencer shrieked.
For a teenage boy his voice was a bit on the girly side.
But who the hell is Will?? Ah, yeah we're still talking about Billy here.
I didn't say anything to him but Billy glared at the horny kid, "Shut up".
"Billy, I tried to stop them but Ray got me too tight", I explained.
"I said stay away from ME!", his tone was sharp.
"I don't get why are you upset with me? I'm not the one who hit you", I blushed.
"Exactly! You did nothing", he hissed, ripping his napkin apart, "I thought we were friends and you just stood there"
Spencer and I stared at him since the napkin was not paper.
I built up the courage, "I told you, Ray wouldn't let me go!".
"Just fucking drop it!", he began fiddling with another napkin.
Spencer shrugged at me.
"Tell dad, I went to the bathroom", Billy stormed off the table almost knocking off a waiter.
"Don't worry, he'll come around", Spencer squeaked at me.
I watched Billy stump his way to the bathroom and didn't say a thing.
"He always storms off to the bathroom and then comes out of there more relaxed. He probably thinks there", Spencer drank his juice, smiling at me.
Oh fuck, it wasn't thinking he did there.
I know because we 'thought' together more than twice.
I stood up sharply, knocking down the same waiter.
Well, it was his problem he choose to walk around this fucking restaurant, "I'm off to the bathroom".

I knocked on the man's bathroom door, more like banged on it, "Billy come out!".
No answer.
"William please!".
"Come on Billy I didn't mean for you to get hurt like this", I wailed, "Gerard was just upset about me cutting and drinking and held you responsible, and I had no time to explain and Ray won't let me go".
Some man came out of the bathroom, looking funny at me.
"Come on, if you're a true friend you'll be happy that he cares so much for me!", I yelled, kicking the door.
"Fine William, you can't stay there forever and I will be waiting", I kicked the door one more time.
"He Fucking almost broke my nose", came out Billy's muffled voice.
I know I shouldn't have but I smiled. I loved my caveman style Gerard.
"What would you do if you thought someone was drugging your girlfriend?", I folded my arms on my chest.
"But I wasn't!", he exclaimed.
"I know but he thought you were", I put my ear on the door, there was silence.
"I would do the same!", I heard something shuffle inside.
"You see!", I cried.

Billy came out, looking guilty.
Since my conversation with Gerard I decided not to mix drinking and Billy, Gerard scared me with all the you'll find yourself in a ditch talk but it didn't mean we can't be pals...did it?
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